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The Magic of The Moringa Tree : A supermarket on a tree : Just what is all this about : Just how Magic is it : why is it kept quiet ?


Wholesale Oil, capsules and tea can be purchased here from our Barbados supplies : http://www.moringabarbados.com/wholesale.html

You can eat every part of the Moringa Tree and the seeds and  the beans are delicious n spicy, you can eat the buds and the stems and the leaves too, below is a much needed meal for any passer by.


Amazingly it does not need much water to thrive too and often walked passed in the desert desregarded as a nothing tree: However you had just walked passed a supermarket in the tree:

Healing Moringa

What is so sensational about Moringa ? :

Please watch this for one minute about cleaning and purifying water DIRTY WATER it is so easy and natural:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hZ5ixwcKno?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

I will let the pictures do the story telling of this gift :

If you every wanted to thank Mother Earth for the gifts she gives us all, Thank her for The Moringa Tree:

This knowledge knows no boundaries:

Here are the seeds :


Here are the beans :

moringa_tree beans_thHere are the qualities :

Wonders of Moringa

Moringa health n


And here are the molucules :


And here is where is grows naturally :



And Castro knows all about it too:

Castro & moringa

And yes we sell it at E-Clinic in Oil or Capsules or Tea which ever way you want it Wholesale :



For more about Moringa Tree and planting them or placing orders:

Please ask in the Comments section at the top of this post or click on the links above:

Here is why it is supressed : Part 1 of 6 :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWXZ47P_2BY?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]




POOF : Office of Poofness ; More on The up and coming RV : PP’s and More Qu & A’s : Regarding the restructuring of finiance : Once The Cabal are reduced to and annoying Moskito bite : READ SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY:


European Union, Moody’s & Standards and Poor Credit : They are ripping you off : Listen to exposures from the inside : It’s Trousers down time as they are Caught in Action :


  1. Colin R. Stewart

    This is part of an article in SKEPTIC Magazine by Michael Shermer, the king of logical, skeptical thought…………………………..

    Steve Jobs’s Reality Distortion Field unquestionably contributed to his success in revolutionizing no fewer than six industries: personal computers, animated films, digital music, cell phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. He started a business in his parents’ garage that became the world’s most valuable company. He changed the world, and to that end his reality distortion field served him well.

    There was, however, one reality his distortion field could not bend to his will: cancer. In 2003 Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which further tests revealed to be an islet cell or pancreatic neuroendrocrine tumor that is treatable with surgical removal, which Jobs refused. “I really didn’t want them to open up my body, so I tried to see if a few other things would work,” he later admitted to Isaacson with regret. Those other things included consuming large quantities of carrot and fruit juices, fasting, bowel cleansings, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and herbal remedies, a vegan diet, and, says Isaacson, “a few other treatments he found on the Internet or by consulting people around the country, including a psychic.” They didn’t work, and in the process we find the alternative medicine question, “What’s the harm?,” answered in the form of an irreplaceable loss to humanity.

    • Please consult the current 26 people who are currently ungoing various stages of therapy in E-Clinic Of natural Self Healing Protocol Please do so by personal request.Every one of them has improvd and they are prepared to tell you about our protocol with our new Naturaopractors, Quote : Ann from UK “with in one hour of consultation with E-Clinic ‘s Dr Darko I have learned more about my cancer than counteless seesion with so called specialists and it has only cost me $210 Ann is expected to complete her treatment in 6 more weeks and have a succssful recovery after countless dangerous Chemo useless therapy seesions> Please see our testimonials on other illensses including Morgellons MS and total paralysed body’s and brains. We at E-Clinic have gone for funding to heal 2000 Morgellons patients in Belgium and Europe where Chemtrails are more prevelant. and the dis( ease) is rife : Quote from our own Dr Jeremy Ayres from NZ and Barbados . If there is life there is rejuvination” Please enjoy in our great success shared at E-Clinic and see the films “Thrive” with Royal Raymond Rife and “run from the cure” on this site. Namaste Dave

      • Colin R. Stewart

        Some illnesses are more easily treated than others and before you once again claim to have all the cures for “Cancer” you’d better look at these 2 websites…………………




      • Thanks Col Really Appreciate your interest in our work , that is fascinating : Also I do appreciate you warning me of diving in the deep end and cover all angles, I must just advise you that I am merely the receptionist of an ever growing group of practitionrs who do the work healing the cancers all over the world, It is me who got them all together and I feel proud to have assembled this group of Naturopractors who are doing this fantastic work, The results speak for them selves I have over 100 cancer cure films and specialists on this site and use some of those film makers advice for curing all forms of desease, Cannabis and hemp has been most usefull but Spirituality seems to help most activating th PINEAL gland is what I am in to personally and have had great results in visions in Yoga and personal and group meditation these days, The other thing that is linked that we are doing is building and designing Aquaponic food garden systems here in the tropics which offer all kinds of cures in home grown food again we have assembled a team of environmental tropical food exprts plus my building skills to create these farms and gardens, http://xi4.com/2013/07/10/lowlands-community-gardens-now-live-crowd-funding-with-indiegogo-and-fix-the-world-project-rv-people-wanted/ So you can see the link now ,,having stopped taking anything these days, to poisin my mind It is great to see my Kundelini and all my chakras open ,,This is my target and I teach schools how to do it ,,Please take a quick look at our Human Design System ( top tab on the site) and even do your own chart ( Brith date time and location needed) and have a go at thee videos for lesson one on my site ,,You and Marge and many others will benefit in knowing which Chakras you own and operate from. You never know you might like it and use the information gained form your chart ,, any way just ask if you do want to know more. Lots of Love Namaste Dave

      • Colin R. Stewart

        Who the hell is Marge?

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