Have you seen the Black Robed Bio-Hazard Visitors to predominant Football games recently ?

What is the Message? What are they doing? Who Knows about it ?



Here are just  a few known  facts  that I can find:

1) These Groups  turn up to MAJOR soccer stadiums and sit in a line of 10 or more during September and October  Not so much as speaking to each other: They have very well made back up films which all talk of Alien visitors.

Their crazy theme is that “Winner takes Earth” as if some threat from Outer Earth forms is upon us:

They are coming to earth

2) They are of freaky appearance and have the same uniforms ( if you can call it that) and have a Black triangle and a Bio-Hazard Hashtag:


3) They manage to get a row of seats for each predominant game ( have you tried to get seats for a premiership football game?)


4) They appear to have backup by The Football Association as they have famous people supporting this strange behavior.

Franz Beckenbauer has done a support video : This is where it gets weird:

Lack of sincerity on both sides leaps to mind.


5) They appear not to speak to one an other but they appear to act in team format and cheer and salute with open arms or clenched fists: ( always a give away).


6) The weird messages have now appeared in all major cities and even mysterious circles appeared in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Hackney Marshes, London, and Times Square, New York.

Here is a like for like Famous Star Wars figure:


Ok Straight to conclusions:

Notice They have a Bio-hazard with four Petals ?

Here is a normal Bio-hazard with 3 petals  : And here is a genuine Mayan based crop circle with five petals.


On thing for sure is They picked the worst actor in the world with Franz Beckenbauer.

He sold it as a spoof and so did the interviewer:


The second thing is the website is owned by SAMSUNG who have just bought out APPLE: 

images (3)

The third thing is That the world cup in Brazil is receiving negative talk because No one in Brazil wants the world cup to take place due to austerity measures and cities being wiped out at the expense of the venues.


The fourth thing that springs to mind is a hilarious tactless plan to bring Project Blue Beam into our lives and guess what No body is buying it:

The other thing to note is The coded messages and planned confusion Plus the actors are all in it by collusion:


This kind of publicity in the picture above is staged and as you can see quite a lot of money is forwarded to the its production and not only that, quite high levels of integrity are used in the fabrication of stage settings such as these.

You do not get 11 tickets in a row for Premiership Football matches unless you know someone at the very top and You do not enter stadiums unchecked dressed like that unless you have pre-authorized clearances.

This is a FIFA Spoof ; Guess where the head office of FIFA is ? Switzerland Home of Fake Banksters : I can guarantee that the bank that houses funding by FIFA is the same bank that houses SAMSUNG AND APPLE ACCOUNTS: Who in turn funded this giant fiasco.



Who ever paid for this advertising and who ever came up with Korean like codes had a large project bank balance the likes of which normally can only come from a corrupt organization with a corrupt bank account:

FIFA and Football are run by the Illuminati and they rig games and they are sent here to suppress us, and the more we fall for it the more suppressed we become. 

This tact is a Project Blue Beam Primer for those daft enough to fall for it, it is beyond normal thinking to see that they have picked the supporters of Football to show signs of a Mind control introduction.

Financial backing, world reknown stars and Stupidity that Football would be the place where Alien life forms would be disclosed to WE the people:

If this is controlled disclosure then we do not want it and should not accept it:



The Cabal are now showing visual signs of desperation and this article is raw proof: 

I will leave the last word with Montague Keen for your enjoyment :

For those of you who do not know what Project Blue Beam is all about then Just look at this : 

Blue beam

Message from Montague Keen – November 10, 2013

We talked about Project Bluebeam some time ago. Governments are now making decisions as to whether to go ahead with it. They are trying to buy time but I can assure you, it will backfire on them. The majority of people are aware of Project Bluebeam and they will see through it, no matter how impressive they make it. The way the governments see it, desperate situations require desperate measures.


In light