Here is a 50 minute video of all you need to know to get involved in the most High tech business of all :
A 3D printer is a replicator lets all be sure about that:

Scott Summit, probably the most updated guy on the block walks you through how to get involved in this outer space technology in an easy understandable manner : with years of Prosthetic’s works it looks like they even print with Metals now:

3D printing has 4 sections of skill and mindset a) scanning an object or model or life b) Creating layers and twisting blending the mechanics : c) entering it to the computer d) ( Most important for me) base materials and what can be used as raw materials:

This opens up a brand new thought process where we can use recycle machinery to create pellets for future 3D machines:

Please consider using the following medium for 3D printers as Steve guides you eloquently through the process:
HEMP: Plastic Bottles and bags : Wood pulp : recycled metals: all recycled polymers:

I hope you enjoyed that and Yes it is 2013 We should see great changes in this field in the next few months alone and we should all be part of that demand process by our own artistic license:

Please help people keep ahead of this game and see how we can all do our part in inventing our own future to make the old paradigms Obsolete:

Think what you can build with HEMP in one of these : A car ?
Here is one that is not only built out of HEMP but runs on hemp oil:
Hemp car

I rest my case :
In Light