3D printing Series PART 1 :

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The Scanner and the Scanning:

Our new Light Worker Media Centre in 2014  will be holding Skype tuition for scanners and 3d printing in the near future.

One of the first aspects in being independent with your 3D printer office arrangement is to pick up on how to replicate an object in an understandable digital manner in order for your computer to replay your images in a concise format:

Like all subjects related to 3 D Printing You can find one for $200,000 or you can purchase one for $200 and you can even make your own Just like in the cover photo with some basic off the shelf purchases and adaptions:

The most important reason to have your own scanner is for the open source network which can receive your scans and convert it for printing in just about any material you can imagine, especially should you need a material that is not yet being formatted for basic office and home based  3D printing machines.

In this Home made version they have  quite a complicated set up in my view, but you can get the picture easily of what you are to achieve By projecting lines and boxes and sections you are scanning the article in a format that the computer can read and sectionalize:

Here is a complete DIY version and all you need to know : Use this as an info log even if you buy one as it has tremendous knowledge attached to it :

I can hear the sigh of relief now as I show you a basic one that you can purchase in the Maker Bot :

This machine is about $1200 so you can get one for about $250 nowadays if you ebay it:

Here is the Matterform : nice and easily transportable for those impossible jobs:

And the Photon 3 D Scanner   : just the same $450 :

I hope you enjoyed this first insight into 3D scanners and hope that is could inspire you to do your own research in making your quest for independence.

Remember when you can build anything You will need & want for nothing: you will have it all :

Tomorrow we go into design on the computer and how to deal with the Computer graphics and eventually design and make any thing yourself:

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In Light Dave