When Boyan Slat first hit the stage earlier in the year  on a Ted Talk showing us the way to clean up oceans, How many of us thought : “Yet another great idea that has no benefit to the military, Nothing will ever come of it”?

For those who missed Dutch Ocean Scrub Ace Boyan Slat in the fabulous TED talk please see here : 

Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin more famous for Scaring it’s holiday tribes with haircuts from Giant Planes or lazy balmy hot steamy beaches  as seen here : Had a special visitor this week:

Air france110

Heres some good news at long last :

Boyan Slat’s Engineers from Delft University of Technology  are on a major feasibility study with other sidelined 50 team members in a desperate open minded research to see if what at all he spoke of in his Ted Talk could in all actuality be  a  reality:

Hyke Brugman from Delft University in Amsterdam turns up and meets our own Martin Kreulen for beers and a chat as he lands in SXM, which gave us a chance to ask some impertinent questions:

 Hyke Brugman

Hyke goes on to say : The ship sets sail tomorrow from Sint Maarten ( SXM) as we intend to explore the top 5 meters of sea surface for debris and unknowns”. En route in the good ship Pelagia to The Azores, the 2 week mission intends to gather otherwise unknown data for further assessment of the Ocean scrub mechanism. ( my words) 

The Good ship Palagia_n

On route to The Azores they will be recording all that they find as part of a giant undertaking to see if at all ‘The Ocean cleanup’  can be done as part of an early phase testing arena.

When visiting Boyan Slat’s site they will tell you not to get your knickers in a twist though : Fair Warning :

 Boyan Slat Ocean scrub up 

Ocean scrubber


The last couple of months several (spontaneous) articles have been published, claiming The Ocean Cleanup Array is a ‘feasible method’ of extracting plastic from the gyres.
This is an incorrect statement; we are currently only at about halfway our feasibility study. Only after finishing that study, we believe such statements should be made. Although the preliminary results look promising, and our team of about 50 engineers, modellers, external experts and students is making good progress, we had and have no intention of presenting a concept as a feasible solution while still being in investigative phase.
Please stay tuned for this study, which will be published online in several months’ time.
We kindly request the press to refrain from any further publication, until all assumptions of this concept have been confirmed. We expect the feasibility study to be ready for publication around the end of this year. Thank you.

Hyke Brugman told Martin and I that if you really want to become interested then please follow us on Facebook:

Please do not pester Boyan as he is a busy man just now, just follow what we are doing here :

The OceanCleanup on Facebook :

Ocean clean up

Self proclaimed Spiritual Apprentice and 26 year old  Hyke Brugman had a chance to have his first lesson with us on Human Design at Lightworkersxm ( as seen on top tab of this site) and said:

“Hey that is very interesting, it is clarity and it goes deep” and shared his knowledge of his own spirituality that led him to Boyan’s team  at Delft University of Technology  as potential oceanic technological cleaning pioneers on

” Grouper” The Super Dooper Pooper Scooper: ( Aka: LWSXM named) 


When pressed by myself what The team intended to do with the prize waste material ?

Hyke gave a very thoughtful explanation:

Recycled plastics that we expect to find have already degraded to some extent that they become an inferior grade of plastic due to exposure to the sun:

He went on to explain that they are and have considered the use for more advanced technologies like 3D printing materials for an instance but expects at the end of the day for the inferior material to be used in many other select industries:

Dave says : ” Damn, I thought I was going to get a free supply of material for my 3D printer : I suppose I will have to use my Weed Wacker thread now”.

So nothing will go to waste I expect:

 Spirit in the sky

Hykes own posting on his Facebook site indicates that he is a ‘spirit in the sky’, any one wishing to follow in the success of the mission can do so on Facebook with the links above.

Confirmed today Hyke is now on the Pelagia as ‘Spirit of the Sea’ and is spending xmas on route to the Azores:

Good luck to you and the team and a happy xmas to All that sails with you “Pelagia:

Love and Light from Martin and Dave at LightworkerSXM and all of us in SXM: