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2 Minute video and a 5 minute video below : covers the difference in Scenar types and applications:

Dr Vera Payne an Australian Certified Scenar Practitioner treated Bill Ballard who was the first person to speak to me about using one of The Ritm Scenar for real, on an injury which he stated would otherwise set him back months: It was just days later he was back mobile and fit and healthy again and as for pain well that goes instantaneously, set at the correct frequency:

He said ” I have never seen my body like that ever”.


Brief History :

30 years ago a group of Russian scientists, doctors, engineers and physicians from Special Construction Bureau “RITM”, began  developing the SCENAR or  the Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator invented by A. Karasev and A. Revenko. Their goal was to develop an energy efficient, multi-applicable, portable, non-invasive regulator of bodily function, perhaps even suitable to accompany cosmonauts into space.

 It was a great relief to me to see that this forward motion in medicine is now available for home use as well as professionally applied:


Dr Vera Payne  informs me that there are professional models and home models  and 2 sports models:


  I am again left to understand why every single house and boat and camp site has not got one and why every single working doctors office has not been trained to use The Scenar as standard practice : Here is a short video showing some basic facts and models and uses in sport applications:

The medical Industry has got a consciousness and it is time WE show them about healing for real:

Show them we do not need their drugs and demand this treatment and ask why they do not use it:


Pricing  for Ritm Scenar: As mentioned in the video above Starting prices  from $600 up to the Household best model and kit of attachments of $1000 to sports models and professional models at $5000: It is important to get advice from a Certified Scenar Technician or Practitioner prior to any purchase: Please leave a message in the comments tab, top of page should you have any inquires :


Although I have not researched this issue  Scenar Blankets Socks Head scarf are of great interest and feed back would be beneficial if embarking on their use.

Click on Photo for more:Scenar blanket


You can buy household models of Ritm Scenar and you can buy advanced kits to with all the available attachments for eyes and awkward areas: You can educate your self how to use the frequencies to benefit your damaged areas:

It can be used for spiritual stimulation too :


Having spoken to one of the Scenar Certified Practitioner Dr Vera  Payne whose recommendations to all of those in Practice or at home wanting to find ones own health is best advised to start with the smaller models  as that is indeed how she  started:


All other knowledge and technology and back up support groups are all on the internet for you to reclaim your own health and Spirituality :

I asked Dr Vera what she thinks this Scenar can do for the individual or family, her answer was simple :

“Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual”.

Ok that seems to have sorted all of my problems out then:

See here for the website in Australia:

You can even educate your self on how to use it at home or on holiday:

Our New Lightworker and Media Office Proposals include the use of this technology for our E-Clinic Holistic Doctors and should be a natural part of day to day general health care:

New Mantra : You cannot beat Suppressed Technology ; The lies and suppression naturally elevate it:

Expect more articles on this subject of the Scenar Pulsar as and when we get access to them:

In Light Dave:

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