Weather Warning for UK : Especially Scotland, Ireland and Northern UK as Frankinstorms enter your region:

Seldom seen before and Record Breaking Gulf Streams Pressures on Route that could be devastating:


UK weather is coordinated from Alaska in USA but through the Welsh NERC site in Wales HAARP UK : It is generally Controlled by the massive one in Norway in Tromsk called EISCAT :

Expect The Unexpected: Tornadoes & Hurricane like conditions Blizzards and structural damage and road and airport closures and unprecedented delays:   Expect some small change in this in the next 48 hours:

Don’t forget also there is vast sums of profit in energy companies for damage, disruption and delays:


The current Earthquake mode for UK is Quiet:


When we have super Hurricanes in The Caribbean they seldom come below 940 millibars unless they are categorized Hurricanes:

In this picture you will see an unprecedented Gulf stream :

Super Cells UK

The HAARP graph shows the weather Microwave pulsing generating the storm here:


HAARP can be seen in UK in Brecon Beacons and Lancashire, Known as EISCAT or NERC: it is much the same: Here are some interesting links for you :

Don’t Forget They have sea based machines helping the Gulf Stream along as well:


This is of course how they steered Frankenstorm Sandy to create mass chaos and profitable damage to the West coast of USA:


It looks highly likely The Queen has planned to keep you glued to your Mind controlled TV sets this xmas  In UK:

This is of course all tied into the vast recent hike in fuel bills:

Dont forget that HAARP is owned by the Biggest Energy group in the world Atlantic Richfield Company which is ARCO and the main share holder is BP and the Queen Lizzie now firmly implicated in Japan 3/11 man-made disaster By Scientific and financial implication scientist and researcher Lauren Monet in the Recent Alfred Webre Interview:

Ask for more in comments section should you require these details:

So will she announce her abdication? and William WILL I AM  her successor? As seen in the recent interview with Peter Kling and again with Alfred Webre, it is all planned already: Please ask for details of interview in Comments section or by direct email should you need too be kept up to date:


I doubt she will be announcing it this year, you will have to wait until next xmas for that: William is set to rule the New World Order in 2015 from Jerusalem when he is 33 years old and can be a 33rd degree mason and take over as the Knights Templar, Black Knights of Malta which all boils down to the Black Nobility Satanic mobsters who rule and preside over us:


This latest weather is a mere test for Martial street rule in the UK to see what issues of dissent they will encounter next year:

With Bad weather they do not expect you to take to the streets when they are planning some False flag, weather and Frankenstorms work very well as seen all over the world this year and last:

Remember when Doing your Research: NERC HAARP Wales: and EISCAT HAARP Norway :


I wish you a merry xmas in UK and please be on your look out in the sky and keep your self well wrapped up and try not to get caught out in long journeys:

In Light