3 Years ago I was alarmed to see how many global weather making stations there were scattered across the globe:

ZZZhaarp1 (1)

I was staggered by the amount it has risen too : It appeared that the entire weather of the world was manmade: As I stood close in The Caribbean to one of the biggest HAARP stations of all in Arecibo in Puerto Rico:



Focused on the man-made weather for xmas in Britain and North East Europe I reported all the stations emitting Microwaves to the area and reported last week that Britain was about to be hit:


On closer inspection however I noticed HAARP rings coming out of Martinique So I googled to see what I could find As this is not the first time I could see HAARP signatures on Radar coming out of this new location and BAM There it was: As with the new HAARP and AMISR you only need small ground based antennae now :

Super Darn

A new facility feeding the lower Caribbean Leeward Islands: I noticed these 2 years ago for the first time and since then, strangely most storms now pass South of us and in between St Lucia and Martinique: Here is what i found today off N5 main Road by a place called Riviera Salee,

The exact spot where the Microwave rays where coming from on my radar just 48 hours earlier.

HAARP Martinique

Closer inspection you can see there are fields full of the necessary large array antennae that is all that is needed to link up with Arecibo in Puerto Rico: THEY ARE GOING FOR SMALL ISLANDS NOW: here is the local TV video of the devastation.

It appears that Ralph Gonzalez has just come back from meeting the Pope: The Vatican is by far The most evil establishment in the world has now responded in St Vincent and It can only be assumed that  Ralph Gonzalez knows full well about weather weapons, he has been a cabalist for over 10 years now:


Here is my message to those down on the lower Leeward Islands :


Go here to see how your Corporate Birth Certificate works and how they control you with weather:


Ralph Gonzalez is selling your Birth and death Certificates for profit: Get Wise to the Con:

The Vatican owns all of your Birth certificates and so does London and so does Wall Street


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In Light Dave

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