Mainstream Media and Propaganda specialists History Channel and National Geographic would like you to shudder when even the mention of the words Canary Islands Volcano Tsunami:

Take a look how The Weather Channel and the Weather Underground sites fake reports below LIVE:

(Incidentally these sites were  Bought out in  2012+2013 by The Rothschilds).

So here is a typical Picture of what the Rothschilds would like you to think of when considering Canary Islands:

tsunami shark

Far too often Disinformation surrounds this particular volcano in The Canary Islands :  El Hierro: It is of course by design and part of a great plan which is covered in the movies and now we see on the US Dollar new bills: See video below:

More often than not when exercises have been increased in this field ( just like this week) there is a shut down of International information on this too, sketchy details are available from independent sources and actually are more reliable than anything the media comes up with : Here is the latest from 27th Dec Friday ‘s Earthquake taken by locals:

Mainstream media pride themselves on this As It is not a case of If but When? scare mongering campaign in a very extensive documentary about this section of rock That would fall into the sea to create the Monster cataclysmic event :


This sort of mind control is Common:  To sow the seed of doubt in your mind as mentioned earlier the very mention of it will have your head immediately turn to the wave over New York City on various movie sets:

4ebca0e3bda95_underwater volcano 6

 The Rock That the Cabal would like to drop into the sea to create an Atlantic wide Tsunamis is called La Restinga: at the Southern Tip:

The Cabal have it printed on Dollar Bill notes : There intentions are in plain sight:

The recent historical facts behind how they are desperately trying repeatdly to set off El Hierro are probably more scary that the intended event itself should it actually happen:

Normal seismograph:


Just on th 27th dec Friday there was a clear Nuke style detonation on the siesmagraph that is not normal when it comes to normal volcanoes or earthquakes, it was e replicated Nuke bomb signature:


It is part of the Cabals apocalypse program and they do want to drop this Island in the sea to create a global catastrophe on a grand scale thus Problem Reaction Solution : which would enforce Martial Law in USA Canada the Caribbean Brazil and Africa and European West facing nations Such as Portugal France and Britain and Ireland:

I have to admit at first glance it looks very convincincing but the closer you look the better it gets:

Please trust me as an ‘Auld Sea Captian and celestial navigator Plus  Living on the shoreline in The Eastern most Caribbean Island  I would like to say I got this one correct:

Firstly I look for weather radar HAARP Microwave signatures in the area IE: and for the latest here :

A blow up live version of this picture is showing signs of microwave activity in this area on links above:



To prove my point Just look at todays report on both of these channels on these two links that are reporting evacuations and disasters in El Hierro and the Island : Then look closer at the real Volcano they speak of:

It is alarming that they can create such headline and leave it on for days giving many thousands of people a chance  to be drawn into the conclusions with out reading closely that this is not the correct volcano information on 2 sites that I used to use for international travel navigation material: Talk about a complete loss of credibility:


For Trustworthy sources of data I would guide you to these two sites :

One from Iceland :

And One from Spain:

So many people ask “what shall I believe, what shall I do  ?” the answer is imprinted in recent events:

Syria : Was a focal point for World War 3 and so was Iran previously and Pakistan and Now they fail in Somalia etc etc:

The Cabal are defeated they have failed time and time again : In fact the more they try the more they awaken the people who are less fortunate to have  not yet picked up The Great Con:

The fact that they could not create the Nuclear disaster they planned on 8th October in Charleston Harbour, suggests that they now do not have the military commanders trust any longer and have to rely on deceptive covert means to get people to do the dirty work for their depopulation plans:

Good news for any truth seekers ; Stay away from national TV stations and get your answers from alternative media and you will  be less likely to fall for the intended fear factor:

Conclusion : This whole catastrophic disaster will not occur : in full as intended IMHO:

In Light Dave