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Egypt in snow

Benjamin Fulford :16th December 2013: Talk of Mass Arrests : Saudi Bush Faction still causing Global trouble : As Holland told No more Euro 2014:

2011 nuclear terror perpetrators in Japan to be included in ongoing Asian purge of cabal flunkies

Reposted from: Benjamin Fulford


The execution last week of North Korean number 2 Jang Song Thaek and the arrest of former China security chief Zhou Yongkang mark the beginning of a purge of cabal influence in Asia, according to Chinese and North Korean sources. The purge has been long planned and will lead to the ouster of over 20,000 people, according to a Chinese government source. The purge will include the faction in Japan that aided and abetted the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder and terror attack, according to Japanese right wing groups.

A similar purge is planned for the United States and Europe, according to military and gnostic illuminati sources. The problem in the US is concentrated in New York and Washington D.C. and it may be necessary to cut off all communications between those cities and the outside world in order to force them to arrest the mass murderers hiding in their midst. We are all growing impatient. For operational security reasons there is a lot we cannot say about this but public arrests of known mass murderers will take place.

In Europe, the P2 freemason lodge is planning to send a top official to Asia in order to try to negotiate an end to the ongoing financial crisis. He will be offered all safety and comfort during his trip to Japan and the Philippines so long as he does not do anything criminal.

Getting back to Asia, the North Korean purge is being carried out according to a detailed plan left by Kim Jong Il before he died, according to Chinese government sources. The plan aims to remove all Rothschild family and other cabal influence from that country. In institutional terms it is the military acting against a group centered on the foreign and financial ministries in North Korea, according to Chinese and North Korean agents in Japan. These groups were cooperating with the Rothschilds and other cabal families in a plan to collapse the North Korean economy in order to remove the Kim dynasty. The official North Korean news agency article about the execution of Jang is worth reading directly:


Take particular note of this sentence: “he schemed to drive the economy of the country and people’s living into an uncontrollable catastrophe.”

The plot to crash the economy described in that article is typical cabal modus operandi: create an economic crisis then appear as a savior by offering a way out. In Japanese it is called Match/Pump. You set a fire with a match and then appear to be a hero by using the water pump to put it out.

In any case, the ongoing purge will almost certainly destroy many lives and remove all Rothschild/Bush influence from East Asia.

This purge is being paralleled in South Korea where Goldman Sachs is being evicted from the financial system they illegally occupied after the engineered Asian financial crisis of 1997.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Bushes etc. are still causing trouble in Japan but some strong action will be taken against their agents here as well. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has repeatedly refused to meet with White Dragon Family representatives and has instead being following cabal orders by trying to provoke war in East Asia. Abe also refused to announce a major humanitarian campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction despite being asked to do so by the Imperial family. A powerful Japanese right wing group is planning to send him a clear warning soon to either fall in line or be removed.

Neil Keenan reports that US Vice President Biden has been in South Korea demanding rights to gold that is there. He will not get it. This writer was once sent on a mission to South Korea to find that gold by a Japanese tycoon who turned out to be an agent of David Rockefeller. The South Koreans saw through this ruse and refused to allow access to ancient imperial Korean dynastic gold hidden in that country.

In China as well, the removal of former security chief Zhou Yongkang is a sign of a purge taking place there of Cabal/Maoist influence, according to a Chinese government source.

In the meanwhile, as time goes on, the situation for cabal controlled regions like Europe and Washington D.C. is getting worse and worse.

Last week UN Secretary General and cabal stooge Ban Ki Moon promised the P2 freemason lodge he would deliver $400 billion to bail out the Italian financial system, according to P2 sources. He came up empty handed. Instead riots are spreading throughout Italy as more and more Italians are waking up to the fascist fraud known as the European Central Bank.

A source in Holland also said last week that Dutch employees at the European Union headquarters had been told their jobs would be terminated at the end of 2014 and the Euro would be dissolved.

In the UK meanwhile, Goldman Sachs threatened to shut down its operations in London if the UK did not go along with the EU fascist plans. Message to Goldman Sachs: “good riddance, we will kick you in the arse on your way out.”

In the United States too there are good signs as well as bad. One good sign is the appearance in the New York Post of an article giving detailed, specific evidence of Saudi Arabian government involvement in the 911 mass murder.


The fact that it appeared in a traditional media outlet is important because they Post is legally responsible for what they write. It means that there is now on the table a legally valid reason for the Pentagon to take military action against the Saudi regime. The Russians also have a similar justification. Taking out the Saudi regime would destroy Bush family financial influence and deal a mortal blow to the Nazi/Zionist faction.

One of the bad signs is a big move by Zionist forces to scuttle the peace deal with Iran. Another is the continued, brazen public appearance of so many criminals known to be associated with the 911 terror attack and other incidents of mass murder of innocent civilians. Why aren’t these people being publicly handcuffed in front of the TV cameras? What is wrong with the United States and its military and law enforcement?

It may be necessary to send military forces into New York and Washington D.C. in order to arrest all the known criminals there. Perhaps the Canadian, British, Japanese, Russian and Chinese governments can issue a joint ultimatum to the American military and justice officials: “arrest the murderers or we will do it for you.”

There will also be a need to shut down all the mega bank computers in order to erase the astronomical (quintillions or more) numbers of fraudulent dollars they contain.


3D Printer Series : PART 3 : Materials : Heated Printer heads and bases : Simplistic look at what is needed for Your machine:


Materials : Heated Printing Heads and Bases:

Part 2 Shaping here and Part 1 Scanning here 

Just before we go shopping for our perfect 3D printing machine and all of its accompaniments we should first of all take into consideration what materials we can print with and determine our selection process of the type printer heads that are current and available:

In Part 2 : For The New Light Worker-SXM office in 2014 we  have already determined that we can use Gold and Silver by using a wax type plastic for the mold, no matter how intricate that can be filled with Molten Gold or Silver that can make our new Brand Name Colloidal Silver Water Makers  plus jewellery and essential parts for other applications:


The general science mind set is simple : You place a plastic like filament in Between 1.5mm to 3MM into a Printer head and it heats it up and squeezes out at say 0.5MM on to your base to begin your 3D Printing process: In some instances the material you select may need a heated base plate to take the type structured material you select: This is important to know prior to selecting the type of 3D printer make and model you need.

The Heatable Printer Heads:

Head of printer

Without getting too technical at this stage one can think the same as a standard printer with is preselected and the only time you se the printer head on a standard 2 D printer is when you change the ink cartridge, the only difference with 3D printing is that you need to be in constant control over your 3D printer head or heads as they have now brought out dual heads for mixing materials in printing these days:

Head cones

The above picture gives you an idea that it is not unlike selecting your cream cake decorations You simply pick the head that you want Just add the filament thickness too as they can come in 3mm or 1.5 mm depending on your selection. The heads vary in size down to 0.05mm  if my memory serves me correctly IE: very fine:

Preheated beds or baseplates :


In the 30 Minute video at the foot of this article will be a stand up talk on all aspects of Material selection for you to digest and decide which is the right material for your selection plus it will help in which head and base table you need to accompany your 3D printing machine, Plus it all helps you to ask the right questions prior to deciding on which machine is right for you.

3D printer mats

Nylon PLA ABS HIPS are just some of the selections that are common every day use rolls of feed materials you can select off the shelf and use daily These vary from PLA Plastics to harder plastics like ABS and HIPS being High Impact Polystyrene. Nylon is a very good material used in printing but it tends to only adhere to itself : So a nylon bas covering is required, See more in the video below :

Open Sourcing  and the latest on 3D printing circuit boards: 

Which ever subject in 3D printing that you discuss please do not lose sight of all the various Open Sourcing networks that are available to you : this will keep you upto date in what is the very latest available types of materials and all latest releases.

Here for example is the latest on 3D printing of Electric Circuit boards: 

Should your priorities be like mine and you want the latest on Organic Earth friendly 3D printing materials please see this article too:

The latest in 3D printing ORGANIC  materials :

Which leaves us to a round up video dated just last month of a summary of what you have just been through by Matt Stultz who nervously explains to us what is in and what is out in types of materials for 3D printing.


Here is the link on 3ders

Links to suppliers of materials can be found on the links above:

I hope you enjoyed this zip around what materials are available and I hope you are getting interested in becoming involved in 3d Printing of the future>

In PART 4 Tomorrow we look at the practicalities of having an idea to printing it :

PART 5 will be your shopping list for all you need to get going :

In Light Dave


3D Printer Series : PART 2 : Parametrics : Blending : Shape forming : A fearless way of understanding Digi shapes


Shaping Blending shapes (so called) Parametrics :

 ( 30 minute “build from scratch” tutorial at the end of this article)


I shall be using our new Light Worker -SXM Media Office 3D printer for making Home made Gold And Silver Colloidal Water Makers and Designer bottles and containers for Homemade Medicines, plus our intentions to create our own free energy models will be the forefront of our in house training and  own education in 3D printing.

Garden Gnomes and all kinds of whacky shaped creatures you tend to see these days on 3D printer ads will not be our central focus of attention, however the Garden Gnome I speak of is important part of one’s education which fits into knowing about Shapes and Parametrics and becoming independent with your 3D computer Printer set up.

The cover picture shows a whacky piece shaped almost impossibly : Do not be put off : Today we will make this understandable for you:

In  the last series PART 1; The Scanner and Scanning we looked at how we are going to be scanning our objects so that we can copy them and Print them out on our 3D printer. This is done by a series of grid lines which are all square and at right angles to each other, just like minature boxes.

Back to Part 1 The Scanner here :

Should you need to change shapes or blend shapes or make pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle then this section will look at the beginners level considering the reader to have no experience whatsoever in computer programs and this new technology.

Computer Programs :

People like me who understand working in 3D on an Auto CAD computer it is not daunting but for others they simply switch off and never go back for a second look, but stop right there , look at this picture for one moment. The XYZ axis : ALL OTHER 3D software programs ARE ALL THE SAME:

Planar XYZ Coordinate

Once you know that the basics in every image 3D has this principle and 3D printers are based on this principle and you look at the X axis and the arrow in which way it goes then add the +2 factor it becomes less daunting. All the numbers on this example are + So all you have to do in fact is add a negative factor and that will take you below the chart. The rest the computer does for you.


Suddenly everything you see on this complex house detail becomes simple and understandable knowing it is done in 3 Grids XYZ:

So shapes become more understandable now too The only difference is the grids XYZ go tighter the more curves you have in order to read the image with any degree of accuracy.



Here you see a twist cap of some kind and soon you would be able to make this on the 3D software without too much tuition on the program. The next stage it to work out thicknesses of printable zones which are clearly in colour in this sketch above.


Most Parametric parts are already shaped for you and all you have to do is select it and change its size and shape by scaling your work to what you need, however again, in 3D printing the size of your printable machine is already programmed, so that is already done for you.

3D Parametric parts by 3Doers: In this link Parametrics Tuition is for Beginners level and it is an enjoyable visit:

The Automatic support facility:


The next thing you do need to know is that your shape you chose is not necessarily going to stand up on its own when it is built, here we use an open support program that can be added to your software and will help the 3D printer determine what is throw away and what is for instance to be Gold in this example of Jewellery rings.

Our Gold/Silversmith at Light Worker SXM is called Alex and he can transfer all these items for us into Gold or Silver or anything else you mention, he will be assist in us making our first colloidal silver machines with 999 Silver, using plugs we make for him on our Parametrics program with our 3D printer, these will be our own invention and design.


Internet Open Sourcing: Deciding on which software only when purchasing your hardware:

The internet is a great way to share your inventions or ideas it is also the best place for self tutorials : Open sourcing is a way of putting your creation on the internet in a readable format so that you can discuss your ideas with others who may be more experienced in 3D printing design than you and is OPTION A for growth in your quest for independence in 3D Printing.

One of the best tips for those interested in becoming 3D printer independent is to start visiting all forms of Open Source sites so that you can keep up with what you can do at home and what you can do with more skilled applications. The need to involve Open Source or backup printouts of special materials is never ending just now and once they see your graphics they can better advise you.

This goes without saying that you wait until the last minute when you are ready to purchase your scanner and 3D printer before you commit to which software you use for your hook up to your computer, some come as part of the kit and that is advisable to keep the whole system compatible so that there is no disappointment at the time of purchasing.

Visit a very good Open Source site Here :

And Finally 2 great Videos on Parametrics designing:

As we close on Parametrics here are 2 videos that create a mug out of thin air or a fresh piece of paper that will guide you through how far you can go with design. This is early learning and not particularly complicated but it sure shows you how to build and add objects and design more freely.



Play the music to soothe you as you find out how you can help us change the planet:

Nahko Bear “Medicine for the People” Aloha Ha Akua:

The Peoples Fund:

Overview for the first 1 Billion Dollars :

December 2013 Campaign: Soft Launch Administrative Costs.

For the month of December the Peoples Fund Administrative Team will be processing the submissions of media and project budgets. This soft launch has been set up to allow for donations to flow through to test the system and also to assist the Administrative Team in preparing for the hard Launch which is planned for January.

This fund will be running monthly campaigns on Indegogo for the next 13 months.

This campaign is for the month of December 2013. 

For a full schedule of campaigns please see thepeoplesfundtochangetheplanet.com 

The Peoples Fund to Change the Planet Overview

It’s time we take the matter of our own future into our hands. It’s time to stop the unspeakable suffering in this world and create a better world for ourselves and our children. It’s time for change. While the banks waste trillions, we can change the entire planet with just a billion dollars, and we don’t have to wait for someone else to pay for it or do it for us. We can do it ourselves. Here’s how.

What is The People’s Fund to Change the Planet?
The People’s Fund to Change the Planet is intended to be the biggest crowdfunding campaign in history.

There is a dynamic collection of key figures and projects across the globe that have the evidence, knowledge and ability to positively change the planet, virtually overnight. The biggest common obstacle that is preventing all of this from going forward is one key factor: lack of funding.

The many reasons behind this obstacle range from lack of organization to outright corruption and suppression. Regardless of attempts to receive funding from various promises of prosperity, it is time we face the facts. We have received no results from these promises. Humanity is now at a choice point.  No one else is going to do this for us. It is time for us to reclaim our sovereignty and take action ourselves to make this happen.

This crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity for people across the planet to choose freedom by collectively pooling our own resources, each in amounts we can currently afford, to create a giant fertile seed of our own abundance, thus, triggering a well-defined focused strategy that will break through our current state of desolate stagnation, and ignite the engines of paradigm changing platforms and projects that have been waiting, dormant for decades.

The strategy behind this fund is to unify the efforts of hundreds of key figures in the alternative media, and new paradigm wayshowers, to deliver one clear message to millions with one voice, one hand, one heart. The message of this fund is to bring forth a powerful combination of cost effective and carefully selected projects, many of which have been in extreme development for decades and are ready to implement. These projects will create immediate drastic change for good, immediately effect the everyday lives of the global population, create a wave of awakened mass consciousness, and change the paradigm.

This fund is only the beginning of what it will bring forth. And it is a beginning that we desperately need to happen NOW.  We’ve been waiting a long time for this. We now realize WE ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are done waiting.

Please see thepeoplesfundtochangetheplanet.com for a full overview.

With your help this needs to be global and go VIRAL: 

We are talking about the filtering into our new world 



contribute now

Here is how The Peoples Fund intend to see the first 13 months out in US Dollars:

Funding details


Bucky fuller obsolete



3D Printer Series : PART 1 : The Scanner and the Scanning : Primary steps in 3D Printing Independence :

 3D printing Series PART 1 :

For PART  2 go here: PARAMETRICS:

The Scanner and the Scanning:

Our new Light Worker Media Centre in 2014  will be holding Skype tuition for scanners and 3d printing in the near future.

One of the first aspects in being independent with your 3D printer office arrangement is to pick up on how to replicate an object in an understandable digital manner in order for your computer to replay your images in a concise format:

Like all subjects related to 3 D Printing You can find one for $200,000 or you can purchase one for $200 and you can even make your own Just like in the cover photo with some basic off the shelf purchases and adaptions:

The most important reason to have your own scanner is for the open source network which can receive your scans and convert it for printing in just about any material you can imagine, especially should you need a material that is not yet being formatted for basic office and home based  3D printing machines.

In this Home made version they have  quite a complicated set up in my view, but you can get the picture easily of what you are to achieve By projecting lines and boxes and sections you are scanning the article in a format that the computer can read and sectionalize:

Here is a complete DIY version and all you need to know : Use this as an info log even if you buy one as it has tremendous knowledge attached to it :

I can hear the sigh of relief now as I show you a basic one that you can purchase in the Maker Bot :

This machine is about $1200 so you can get one for about $250 nowadays if you ebay it:

Here is the Matterform : nice and easily transportable for those impossible jobs:

And the Photon 3 D Scanner   : just the same $450 :

I hope you enjoyed this first insight into 3D scanners and hope that is could inspire you to do your own research in making your quest for independence.

Remember when you can build anything You will need & want for nothing: you will have it all :

Tomorrow we go into design on the computer and how to deal with the Computer graphics and eventually design and make any thing yourself:

Stay here for PART 2 Parametrics:

In Light Dave



3D Printing : New Series : Introduction : Parts 1 to 5 : The basic needs for a complete 3D printing workshop:


Welcome to the new 5 Part series of 3D printing :

We will be holding 3D printing Tuition at our new Light Worker-SXM  Office on Skype when we open in Jan 2014:

Our First Acquisition will be to make Colloidal Silver and Gold Makers on a 3D printer:

In this section we will cover all you need to know about the up and coming series all this week on 3D printing:

Today will be an insight into the series and what to expect from 3D printing using your wildest imagination possible:

Keeping upto speed with what’s on the market can be like driving a fast car past all the best deals in a sale and still not keeping up with what is new.

The 3D printing market is simply that fast:

Our introduction leads to the  5 sections to enable successful 3D printing :

We shall be Building an article on every subject so that when grouped together you can further your own research in respect to what is the correct 3D Printer for you.

Also with what hardware and what digitizer and what printing materials are on the market and updated information as it comes available.

 PARTS 1-5 of the 3D printing series of Articles this week:

Part 1) The Digital Scanner : This section covers the methodology of replicating any object in still format or operating format : When you see an object that needs replicating one of the first tasks in 3D printing is to replicate that object so that your 3 D Printing computer program understands what it is that you wish to replicate and convert it into micro layers ( 0.5mm -0.05mm)  for the printer So that it can build your replacement:


Part 2) The Parametrics: This section kick  starts the wild imagination process of changing shapes parametrically and leads to the most advanced techniques in computer 3D design : Imagine a glass bowl changing shape on a 3 D graphic becoming distorted to suit your crazy imagination: you can elongate it, stretch it, twist it, deform it in any way shape or form that you can possibly dream up : This ability in design could never be matched by the most zany artist: This really is the world of 3D imagination.


Part 3) Digital formatting: It goes without saying that you are at some point going to need to convert your imagery in to the version that the printer will understand to the highest degree possible to get you to the perfect model print out: STP files etc are files that can be sourced on the internet and in this section we discuss the best formatting possible :

3dprinter set

Part 4) The Material Selection: Some of you may already know that combining the printer head section with the type of material selection is vital in replicating your chosen object : This section looks at what materials are available and for what printer and what printer head you can select: Again we stress that new materials are hitting the desktop 3D printer these days that it is hard to keep up with, however this is the best section also to introduce open sourcing where you can send your designs off to be printed by others and shipped next day to you. This covers virtually every feild of material known to man.

3D printer mats

Part 5) The 3D Printer: Selecting the printer for you : Once you have a firm understanding of the above 4 sections you will be well on your way to selecting the printer which is right for you :  I will be discussing open conversations and feed back from various manufacturers and give the best possible leads for you to further your research.


Tomorrow : lets look deeper into this and report our findings :

Here at lightworker-SXM we expect to be opening an Alternative Media Office in Jan 2014 which will merge with our open workshop work,  reporting news as and when we create it :

A 3D printer will be first and foremost in that intelligence gathering showing what we build and how we do it:

Because we are also into self health and general natural wellness one of our first acquisitions will be to design and build our own Colloidal Silver & Gold Water Makers and Brand bottles of purest Colloidal Silver & Gold Water for curing all manner of dis-ease:

 That means working with pure edible grade  Gold and Silver with our new 3D Printer:

Watch This space if you do not think it possible:

Please contact us if you would like to be included in Skype tuition of the 3D printer process;

In Light Dave

Pyramids reborn

Cobra : THE EVENT : Please vote on The Event Now : A) Yes The Event Now : or B) Maybe Later To save lives : It is your call :

Cobra is asking you to vote on his website  for the Event and you have just  11 days to do more of your own research and vote to  make your mind up and vote on his site here :


Please go to Portal 2012 site in link above to cast your vote at the  top Right slot of his site:

A) That you Want the event to happen now and take the risk :

B) or the second choice is to delay it for safety for other peoples sakes: 

My comments :  

Critical mass in Dec 2012 was 144,000

The Oneness University in India has the following count of Global awareness today: 

People awakened stands now at 1,516,000

People Living in the Presence 1,910,000

People in awakened states is now 710,000,000

People in the presence now 910,000,000


The Event could trigger world wide chaos from those persons who hove no idea about the event and  that do not understand it which could have an effect which could cost lives due to Global panic and violence from the upheaval:

So on a safer view one would delay the event to prevent bringing certain death to many people globally due to the low percentage of people who have woken and understand the desperate con game we are all apart of:


My point for going for the event now is because Just like the Philippines as a great example : They bomb the place with dirty weather weapons and send GMO’s in there and Vaccinations to kill more people and start a land grab :


This despicable behavior by the Illuminati Jesuit faction of the Sabbatean mafia that rule over our finances  must stop but it continues unabated and again The local people are oblivious to the crime been perpetrated on them by a thug rule satanic system of secret agendas.

Princess Diana

By indicating the event to go now could mean violence in the streets but not on a scale of what is happening in Mali, Pakistan, India, Syria, Lebanon and many many more countries.

Meanwhile in the West we are constantly bombarded by our own Chem-trail weapons: Lines in the sky and the persistent mass slaughter globally of Whales, Dolphins, Birds, Fish and Cattle which are literally been fried alive in a giant Microwave called HAARP which has been around for more than 22 years now all over the globe and out in space:


Should the event happen now ?:

The Royal Peadophile Households and governments of our worlds plus all religious indoctrinated institutes would cease trading in Drugs and Kids immediately and the saving in Snatched children by the Social Services who are run by these Royal Thugs would cease almost immediately.

 Kloven hoof poof

Whilst every Royal Household and Rothschild Investments group and The Oppenheimer’s  own all the Gold, Oil and Drug corporations  in the world who bail out the Vatican Banks so that they can pay the Jesuit Bloodline Global Mafia Families like the Breakspear’s Aldobraldini’s Percy’s and Borge’s and Farnese & Orsini’s etc:  You can see that free energy will never be released, as there is simply no profit in it or open  incentives.

Bush windsor

My final reason for wanting the Event now : It to shutdown all the other Satanic places of worship that breeds Mind Control :


Then we would get some decent news for a change:

The TV’s run all the illegal Charities like Save the children fund which is behind child snatching (Jimmy  Savile was a patron)

Plus Greanpeace The Red Cross and WWF which are all Royal Run Scams that use the money to fuel wars:

Plus we have to eat GMO’s and fluoridated Water and poison in our Pharmaceuticals.


Dont forget They even have death squads in Hospitals now  which are actively closing out peoples lives to save on pension payouts:

Plus we have HAARP and Fracking :


Victory of the light NOW: 

Cast your vote for the Event here :  YOU HAVE 11 days from the 9th of December 2013:


In Light 


Welcome golden age



Cobra: Financial reset : The Event update: Orsini Family : Chigi Family : In Trouble as Farnese Family Considers surrender : Black Nobility Crumbles:


Monday, December 9, 2013 from Cobra :  Portal 2012 :

Please go over to Cobra’s Site to vote Yes for The Event  now :


Financial Reset and Event Update:

There are drastic changes happening behind the scenes.A battle continues for the control of the new financial system, which is being created now with full speed. The Eastern Alliance is building the new financial system to support the coming Event:

On the other hand, the Jesuits have infiltrated many agents inside the Eastern Alliance to hijack the process, hoping to create a global centralized financial system after the dollar collapses as a world reserve currency and the Illuminazi faction is removed:
They are entertaining an idea of including Bitcoin in the new centralized system as well.
The Jesuits are hoping to somehow survive the Event untouched by putting the friendly face of master manipulator Pope Francis as their frontman and portraying themselves as the good guys.
To further their goal of a new centralized banking system, the Jesuits have silently teamed up with the Rothschilds in their efforts:
The Rothschilds are doing whatever they can to be as silent and invisible as possible in hopes that people will not remember them when the Event comes. They will try to portray themselves as people who collect art and love good wines and have an investment fund or two by the way.
Meanwhile, the world is preparing for the financial reset. The fact that dollar will lose world reserve currency status and that a new financial system is coming is becoming common knowledge, although interpretations having the Cabal as their intel source might not always be correct:
The collapse of the current financial system is inevitable after the Resistance removed the vast majority of physical gold from the Cabal in early 2012. That gold was underwriting the financial system and after it was gone, a countdown clock for the complete system meltdown was triggered and its collapse is expected soon. Some people expect this to happen as late as 2015:
Some other people much sooner:
It am not at liberty yet to disclose any timeline for those events. The only thing I can say is that the moment of total meltdown of the current financial system is the last possible moment for the Event to occur, regardless of everything.
There have been some drastic developments regarding the Event during the last weekend. Special task force of the Resistance, codenamed RM2m, was within 45 minutes of triggering the Event on Saturday after the Archons (physical and non-physical) went a little bit too far with some of their actions. The Archons backed off at the last moment to prevent the Event from being triggered and were forced to negotiate their own safety and survival. In order to survive a little bit longer, they  were forced to deconstruct Dom33, their plan of retaliation when the Event happens.They were also forced to surrender full protection of the top level people within the Cabal, who were until now able to conduct their deeds with physical Archons covering their backs. As the physical Archons are now more concerned with their own safety than with safety of the Cabal, the Cabal might find out that if they do something negative, strange things might begin happening to them. The old order that worked in their favor for thousands of years has been severely disrupted.

There is a significant number of agents of the Resistance on the surface of the planet now, doing »various things«.
The Archons did not handle those changes easily. An unconfirmed source stated that one senior member of the Orsini family committed suicide in his apartment in Rome this Saturday, while the Farnese are seriously considering their surrender. Also the Eastern Alliance has allegedly made a trading attack on Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, disrupting Jesuit financial machinations. That bank is one of the most important banks in the current Jesuit-controlled banking system. It is owned by the Chigi family, a main black nobility family from Siena.

Most importantly, the RM2m special task force has proposed a plan to trigger the Event before the non-physical planes are totally cleared. They feel that this wait is simply taking too long to be tolerated and that some risks need to be taken. They are now aligning their plan with the non-terrestrial Light forces.
However, for this plan to be successful, they need our cooperation.
Triggering the Event before the non-physical planes are cleared may result in some additional loss of human lives as some people will become dysfunctional, unable to handle the Event and resort to violence. The Cabal is not so much of a problem as they will be either arrested or stardusted in the first few hours and even initially they will not be able to do that much damage now that their Doom33 plan has been compromised. The Illuminazi faction is now hastily devising their own retaliation plan after they lost support of the Archons for Doom33, but that plan would pose far lesser threat than former Doom33. Here I might need to add that all Jesuit and Illuminazi agents which have infiltrated various militias in the last few decades will be stardusted also if the try anything nasty.
The problem lies within the general population. Some people might get violent in their home situations and their families, old resentments suddenly being triggered and coming out to the surface. Also, violent street gangs might be formed briefly in the initial hours and maybe even days after the Event in some more remote areas without proper law enforcement being present. So I would suggest everybody to avoid violent confrontations in the first hours and days after the Event, regardless of the situation.
The RM2m special task force has asked if we can conduct a poll to determine what the opinion of the surface population is about their plan. The results of that poll will not determine the course of their actions, but will give them priceless feedback for them to be able to adjust their plan to accommodate the needs of the surface population more.
The first option is to trigger the Event as soon as possible, although this might pose a remote but potentially grave risk to life / physical safety of yourself and your loved ones.
The second option is to wait for the safest moment for the Event to occur, even if that means a significantly longer wait.
You can vote on the upper left corner of this blog and I hope that many other blogs and websites will help spreading the word.
The RM2m special task force will give more updates in the near future as the situation unfolds.

Benjamin Fulford : 10th Dec 2013 : Occult handshakes : Means US is now Under Asia : As Cameron and Biden’s Balls appear in B.R.I.C.S firm handshake:

Behind Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and US Ambassador

Kennedy’s freemason handshake

Posted by benjamin
December 10, 2013

Kennedy & Abe

High level negotiations over starting the new financial system and restoring the Republic of the United States of America are proceeding smoothly but there are still a few cockroaches to deal with first.

A hint about how negotiations are progressing came out last week in the form of a Freemason handshake between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Here is the picture as shown on the official web page of the office of the Prime Minister:


For reference, see here some pictures of freemason handshakes:

According to MI5 and books about Freemasonry, the particular handshake shown in the photo is likely to be something known as the Tubal-cain (two balled cane). The handshake has a multilayered meaning but in this case the message it seems to be conveying is likely to be in the phrase usually associated with this handshake:

mason handshakes

The Mason must “follow in the footsteps of his forefather, Tubal-Cain, who with the mighty strength of the war god hammered his sword into a plowshare.”


Also, according to MI5 the handshake as shown puts the Prime Minister in the ascendancy over Kennedy. There is also a sexual connotation in the two-balled cane meaning.
Furthermore, this handshake is associated with the Pagan god Vulcan. Vulcan is associated with Thunder, Lightning and Fire. In ancient times, tributes to Vulcan included human sacrifices.
Pastor Paolo Izumi, who runs the Tachikawa Church and who helped shelter a member of the Japanese self-defense forces who unwittingly participated in the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan alerted this writer to the handshake and noted Japanese national TV broadcasts made a point of zooming in on it.
So, the likely interpretation to this is that the US government is showing itself to be under Asian influence as the passive partner but that it is strong and ready to sacrifice human lives if necessary.
The publication of this photograph follows a week of intensive negotiations in Asia by US Vice President Biden and a visit to China by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.
A CIA source in Asia says Biden returned home from China empty-handed after begging for money. However, the official Chinese Xinhua news agency reported a whole series of deals involving the oil industry and oil extracting technology. In other words, the US government was only able to get money for keeping itself going in exchange for handing over much of its oil business. China also got promises of more US high tech and more opportunities for Chinese companies to operate inside the US.
The main sticking point is that China wants the US to start arresting the people who were behind plans to kill billions of people, notably the Neocon authors of the Project for a New American Century.
Here is what Nelson Mandela, the great man who passed away last week, had to say about the US:
“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings,” Mandela said.

Quote of Mandela ” “If you look at those matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace.”
This quote came in reaction to the Iraq invasion by George Bush Jr. who has announced he will go to Mandela’s funeral. Perhaps Bush is hoping for a Mandela inspired peace and reconciliation process instead of the death penalty he deserves. It may be too late for that.
Getting back to Asian diplomacy, the UK Prime Minister’s visit was on the surface all about business. However, Cameron was also told to start arresting UK criminals named as being behind the 311 mass murder, according to MI6 sources. Cameron also visited the central city of Chengdu with James Sassoon on undisclosed business.
The Chinese also sent an agent to visit the White Dragon Society last week. The meeting was friendly and harmonious. An agreement was reached to have complete transparency of information in communications, to promote mutually beneficial relations and to allow both sides freedom to take necessary action. If this sounds vague, that is because it is mean to be vague.
There was also communications between the P2 Freemason lodge and the White Dragon Society last week. According a P2 source, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon had promised last week to hand over $400 billion to save the Italian financial system but that he was unable to produce the money. Also, the P2 want former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconni to return $100 billion of Italian money he has hidden in offshore bank accounts.
If it is true that Ban Ki Moon no longer has access to money, that is big news. Ban Ki Moon’s name came up in the investigation of the Chiasso incident of June 2009 in which two Japanese diplomats were illegally detained and had $134.5 billion dollars’ worth of bonds stolen from them. Moon and the UN then offered the Asians $100 million in exchange for giving ending attempts to cash historical Asian bonds. The Chinese have said in the past they do not trust Moon because his words and actions show he is a cabal stooge. It looks like somebody chucked a Moon.
Also, there are signs the dollar based financial system is headed for some sort of monumental crash.
The situation is one in which impossibly large sums of debt inside the Western central bank computers hang over a world GDP only a tiny fraction of that amount. As the P2 source put it: “The algorithms are broken and it is impossible to restore the old financial system.”
The White Dragon Society has long insisted that the only solution will be to unplug the central and mega bank computers, delete all the funny money and re-input based on paper receipts.
A lobby within the military industrial complex also contacted the WDS last week insisting that China was getting too arrogant and needed to be taught a lesson. The answer given was that China is not the country that has killed tens of millions of people and been constantly at war for the past 60 years.
The best move a hardline nationalist US faction could take would be to declare bankruptcy, repudiate US foreign debt and start issuing a new government controlled currency. The problem with taking such an action is that it would then become impossible to maintain the US international military presence.
The WDS has proposed to the rest of the world that a better alternative would be to hire the US military industrial complex to do good. US special forces could then do things like protect endangered species from poachers instead of stealing oil for robber barons. The freemason handshake mentioned above may be a sign the military industrial complex agrees. In that case, it appears the ball is now in China and the BRICs alliances court.

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Dr Jeremy Ayres : Interview Transcripted: Chris Hales and special Guest Hope Girl : The Medical Industry is about to have a Global overhaul in Consciousness: Here’s How:

Dr Jeremy Ayres Interview with Chris Hales and special guest  Hope Girl from :


The 2 hour  Interview shortened transcript is below :

 Dr Jeremy Ayres Explains to Chris Hales and Hope Girl how the medicine profession has been corrupted at a Cabalistic level beyond our conscious belief and offers solutions as to how we can become part of the solution instead of remaining part of the problem and in  easy understandable  and in such simplistic terms,

  ” We were not meant to be sick “.

But also explains why in  modern day ” Your Not Sick: Your Tox-Sick”. 

Here is the 3 minute by three minute transcript : Please use as a guide only, as it is not perfect word for word : 

Jeremy is speaking unless stated: 

3:00 Mary Croft Book changed my life:

6:00 : I soon realized the banksters were the problem:

9:00 Nobody gets turned away for treatment

12:00 In New Zealand I had 1000 people out of 5000 small village coming to me for treatment

15:00 Chris Hales : “your facing not only other doctors who see you as competition your facing the entire medical industry who see you as a threat”:

18:00 Solution is to open the cells : dis-ease is a blessing in disguise: Every one can become part of the solution with their own bodies.


21:00 Peace and harmony can be brought to the cells by your own divine assistance : despite the darkside who have tried to do anything in their powers to poison those cells:

24:00 Jeremy’s Blog “The Remedy” A note of forgiveness: ( available upon request in comments)

27:00 Your note of forgiveness for everything is the starting point,  Energetic signatures under attack by the darkside ; they know very well about this:

30:00 When we bring ourselves in to our own health  sync with our selves we focus energy on being the solution and forgiveness is the only path.

33:00 Chris Hales The crowd-sourcing funding system is with a crowd of people that are in fear of us: Raw food and energetic eating: Homeopathic medicine that can be for every single person on the planet: Urine therapy : Not so popular

36:00  : Urine registers the energy of what is wrong with you by tipping it onto your lymph gland under your tongue : Naturally better project core details: to bring in the best minds of ancient knowledge: To simplify this knowledge.

39:00 Chris Hales : Urine has or gives the mind the remedy of what is wrong the body :

42:00 The minute you get into urine therapy is a turn off for many people : so if we use the sample of urine which is normal in modern day therapy and maybe less off putting to others.

45:00 Hope Girl : please explain the toxins going in and out the cell and the cycles of the planets : Rhythms 24 hour rhythms and there is 28 day lunar cycles; Barbara  Wren is my mentor for healing: the moon has a gravitational pull on the cells.


48:00 The Cell cleansing cycles of the moon, toxins in the cells is sodium and potassium are in the cells. Strongest detoxification of the year is the Equinoxes. All cancers are as Plato said are sharing the toxicity, we should understand the cancer and not cut, burn and poison it.

51:00 The liver cleanses at between one and 3 o’clock in the morning as in Chinese medicine It is detoxing which can awaken the person as it creates discomfort.

54:00 Hope Girl getting your gut and and self ready for it: Detoxing getting in rhythm and keeping your healing simple and getting the message for all can understand.

57:00 Chris Hales : re-purposing  will make sure the old medical system will become obsolete; Free energy has been brought out before and went to the wrong places like universities which have higher corrupt intent , this should go to the engineers.

1: 00:00 Hope Girl : Testimonies : and Natalie ‘s story ( Jeremy’s Wife) who had terminal breast cancer who had heard of drinking water , lots and lots.

1:03:00 So important we understand the rhythms and the reasons we got there in all illness : I am helping higher societal figures and quotes  “you have completely changed my consciousness”.


1:06:00 Chris Hales : The formula for your work : Cellular function cycles and consciousness affects peoples energy : Religion is the single biggest mind control mechanism today. It is important to remove fear first and foremost.

1:09:00 Don’t believe a word I say : try the information for your self : Your process is one of facilitation. I do include osteopathic physical work to speed the release process.

1:12:00 When people hear cancer they hear Death : Incurable means In-Cure-able there is no such thing : Boy came to me with inoperable brain tumor: who was drinking diet coke which is full of aspartame.

1:15:00 13 months of the year : everything is distorted : The whole plot needs to be exposed as to the length of deception that has been waged against us. When you change the rhythm of the natural cycles of the moon this is dehydrating to the water cycles of the body which has a massive effect on the body.

1:18:00 Getting back into Resonating with nature: The greatest stress to any human body is not being in them selves:

1:21:00 Chris Hales and Poisons like Cigarettes we are subjected to every day :  How challenging is it when we enter something to the body ; We are 70% water just the same as water is on the planet:So one should be asking the question this way, what message are you putting into our water  by entering known poisons into the human body?

In search of peace

1:24:00 Understanding to be realistic : 100% is best but not possible in this day n age: get back to falling in love with cooking and eating: Get the social back into the the land and connecting with farming  and the life on earth.

1: 27:00 Smoking : full explanation of what the body goes through when smoking ; The corporations know about this knowledge and they purposefully design cigarettes around our addictive tendencies. Drinking the same.

1:30:00 Eating : it is just not possible to eat the quality food just yet that we will be able to in the near future: We can energetically change our food from our own thoughts: Yes we can affect our foods energetically.

1:33:00 Chris Hales : The vibration energy of truth : Elevating everything to the energetic level and natural level: JA: Imagine the body is a pond of dirty water and you throw a pebble in the lake it ripples slowly : However if you clean and dilute the pond you will have a better ripple effect.

1:36:00 Become a manifesting Amplifier of your consciousness. We have to understand the process in the cell that started many years ago : When we get back to the way we should be we can manifest our own reality and getting back to sync with nature>

World of tools

1:39:00 When we do achieve our synchronicity it will not be a question of Sovereignty it will be more a resonance: The darkside have been here all of our lives they are that bad, which is a blessing for us to learn about our selves and become an abundant peaceful loving being:

1:42:00 You can count the amounts of seeds in an apple but you cannot count the trees in an apple:

1:45:00 Barbados is high vibration place and the local Bajans are open to it all and are very bright people : It was a choice that suited both Natalie and my self :

1:48:00 Promotions : We are trying to get some basic equipment to carry on practicing and We will be working with Fix the World with Hope Girl : With the intentions of new health clinics for the future for these new clinics in the Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsular in Mexico.

1:51:00 We are reaching out to the existing doctors and nurses : There are amazing people in the medical profession that can understand this and would like to come to a clearer consciousness:

1:54:00 No one wants to know they are wrong : This is not a fight : They have genuinely been deceived in the old profession: I absolutely believe that their are genuine people within medicine that want change>

1:57:00  The commentary will be made of this conversation as many lightworkers are now experiencing the beginning now :

2:00:00 Hope Girl : To confirm that a tag will be formed that communication can be maintained and we get this information out to the masses:


2:03:00 We are launching an on line E-Clinic Natural health service with skype consultations

: Jeremy  also has a crowd funding campaign :  Any one who cares to contribute separately should to Jeremy’s small crowd funding campaign:


Any one wishing immediate skype consultations with Jeremy please contact him here : 


Please support Dr Jeremy Ayres Campaign to replace previous removed practice items here :  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-the-doctor-that-can-help-you-heal

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