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Comet incoming

CROP CIRCLE SENSATION : As Lightworkers & Starseeds Study all the Form : Clueless Main Stream Media make it a blockbuster: Lets get Cracking:

David Wilcock, Nassim Haramein, Graham Hancock & David Childress:


Please confirm what we have established up to now:

As this crop circle indicates the coming of The New Golden Age : 

Is this something very very special with a deep inner meaning for all of us:

Or is it a Mainstream Media Propaganda ruse for controlled disclosure?


The Sacred Geometry Square /Circle:


The Camera Lense in the dead center of the circle :


The Circuit Board : A CCD chip perhaps or a motherboard? :


The Pyramid but maybe not ‘any auld’ Pyramid:



The Incoming Comet :

Just take a closer look at the comet depicted as Burnt grass entering the circle  on the right:

Comet incoming

People yelled Hey what do YOU make of this ?

So we set out to find it on Google Earth the exact spot of land where this was taken and we found it :

Chualer Canyon Road

What is significant in this picture is the telegraph pole and the shadow bottom left as above:

and top left of the picture below :


What is important to note is the crop-circle is dead centrally located to the telegraph communications beacon by the side of the road, Indicating the crop circle makers wish for us to focus on the communication aspect of this feature on New years EVE:

So back to the Pyramid and circuit/mother board :

Which other famous landmark resembles a microchip?

Here perhaps?


Teotihuacan in Mexico:


This crop circle has a special message and it refers to Communication and specifically wants us to photograph something special:


Now lets take a good look at the star or planets and the incoming comet in the Crop circle:

Comet incoming

Is that Venus, Earth, Moon and incoming energies &  Comet dust?


What are the 3 bands around the neck of the incoming comet?

What is the box that it has targeted by the comet and why has that box  linked by a cord leading to the inner square ( pyramid)?

The coding  in Braile: Most all other crop circles are in Binary Code?

Chualar I Ching

1st line #192 #192

2nd Line B#192 #1

3rd Line #192 #192

What could this mean?

Is this a diversion tactic by the cabal ?

Why is it on BBC, CNN, SKY and all other mainstream media outlets and why are they talking about aliens?

Why Too is the Vatican talking about their visitor from outer space?

Use the comments tab please on the top right of the feature photo for your suggestions and any good leads on what this could signify?

The Venus Goddess Energy is upon us here on earth and your global communication leads to oneness.


In Light



Benjamin Fulford : 31st Dec 2013: Russia tops dawn of a new age for Humanity in 2014 : As Slave Politicians remain in Washington, London, Tokyo, France and Isreal


Crop Circle Sensational Hoax ; Updated : 30 people seen in the fields working with GPS: Chualar People In CA will pay for Con:


  1. Arjan

    The Centre of the cropcircle is not braille, but works like a programme in a Dutch barrel-organ

    • lightworkersxm

      Arjan have you any comparative Pics of what you suggest to back your theory so that I can add it to our facebook groups who are all combining efforts to research this intelligence or detour?

    • Arjan

      rotation is in cropcircle and square is in topview a circle or a cilinder

    • Why would they destroy it so soon..?

      • lightworkersxm

        Dodie I am with quite a lot of people keeping an eye out for this : Something not right with this : I shall update as soon as i get some hard facts: Yes why do they get the biggest TV recording first then destroy immediatley:?

      • Could be a hoax designed by the media to prepare the public for upcoming disclosure. Maybe they wanted to maintain the mystery and not let scientists get in there to verify facts.

      • lightworkersxm

        Bernadette :There is no doubt about that IMHO ,
        FYI it appears that 192 days is June 22nd or something like that and 192 hours is 8th january:
        In Light Dave

  2. David G. Kramer

    Since I have photographed their orbs and revealed their faces, some with helmets and a few ship designs, the camera can freeze their messages which are contained in the flashes of light.
    My video on You Tube proves these points. (Search: The Secrets of the UFOS and Orbs on Face Book under my name: David G. Kramer…if you are in a hurry go to the 6 minute mark and get ready to visualize their world.
    If you want to understand how crystals store history-then start from the beginning-
    With this crop circle-they can input themselves via our cameras when we slow them down and enlarge the format to pixel size enhancing with contrast and other refinements. Not everyone can do this yet, only those who have acquired the new energy can achieve communication now, but their message is that all will see and hear on this day on convergence.

    • lightworkersxm

      David I will look you out thanks for your connection and information. I am aware of sacred powers of seeing the other dimensions with interpersonal self skills.
      The light worker group films is a good example of this Seeing what we all think is otherwise unsen sky events etc:
      Sylphs and Orbs I can often se very clearly now> It is a matter of self inner belief IMHO.

      • David G. Kramer

        To further expand on this crop circle: it is Fractal enlightenment- The Fibonacci sequence Temple-the voice of life-harmonic design-the joining of the minds-the invisible laws of life.

  3. Using numerology 1st line #192 #192=1+9+2=12.1+9+2=12…..12+12=24..2+4=6

    2nd Line B#192 #1 B=2….so 2+1+9+2+1=15….1+5=6

    3rd Line #192 #192.as 1st line=6 1st line =6 2nd line =6 3rd line =6……………………666

    • lightworkersxm

      I wish I had recived this post to include it to our updated version called the Hoax please try to see the new post where a group of us have got together and come up with as your suspicions have now been confirmed : Thank you for your energy: In light Dave

  4. The ProtonResonance of 5.667752×10^22 Hz was found by Nassim Haramein.
    My main-competence has to do with Frequencies.
    And what i found is the following thing!:
    The Frequence of the Proton is an multiplied octave from the chemical Element Hydrogen called the comptonwave of 192.16 Hz.
    5.667752×10^22 = 56.677.520. Hertz
    ÷ 2^68 = 192.0309732 Hz. In any biological System it is a fact, that also the “best” or nature-identic Frequencies would be oscillate without an bandwidth spectrum it would be leads into the death of it’s System. But if we have an scaling invariance oscillating wave around the “perfect” middest frequence, so a little bit over and a little bit under it, than it creates a LIVING Zeropoint Energy. I, Andreas Koerber, call it the Biological Free Energy. Therefor I’m talking in my own Sciense about the middle 192 Hz. This frequence, I think, is the importantst Frequence I’ve ever found for Everything, that has to do with ENERGY!!! Evan matter in Tecnology, Spirituallity or Quantum Physics!!!
    Is that understandable? For me it is clear and very easy.
    Sorry about my English.
    It would be nice if anyone wants to connect my about this, when you could do it in my mother-language German.

    Many blessings
    Andreas Körber
    Mobile: +4915201741112

    • lightworkersxm

      Our Doctor on E-Clinic is Quantum Physician and understands what you speak of in terms of Frequency and vibration You can contact him Dr Darko Velcek in the top Tap E-Clinic top of Page: Thank you for your energy: In Light Dave

  5. Too many coincidences here, thought I would share. The braille is in three lines, each line depicts the number 192. Iridium is atomic number 77; atomic mass 192, Iridium is used to make brain implant chips, supposedly only tested on animals and effective brain control. There is a group of satellites called Iridium 192 which service all types of transceivers such as satellite phones, pagers, in other words chips. Witnesses claim about 40 people had been around the field in the day preceding with ladders and equipment. Could these BE conscious insiders trying to share a message, or the Cabal putting it out there.

    • lightworkersxm

      Pamela you will see our update thank you for your contributions In light Dave

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