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Morse code

Crop Circle Sensational Hoax ; Updated : 30 people seen in the fields working with GPS: Chualar People In CA will pay for Con:

Residents of Canyon Road Chualar CA. should be looking at who organised 30 people the weeks before with GPS’s and night workers to prepare this elaborate hoax crop circle whilst the Farmer just so happened to be away for that week with no one protecting his crops but immediately hired the services of Echelon Security Co the moment he noticed this circle in his field.

Firstly what does a True Crop Circles Look like this :


Individually they look like this:


Normally with Sacred Geometry and  Binary Code messages and so complex that one would have difficulty drawing on paper let alone in a huge field:

Here is how they get made: Balls of white light : Energized Orbs we call them:

Sorry about the poor selection of video there are numerous more like this but the principle is the same:

Here is a fabricated story of how they were made and many questions arise:

Here are the reasons for The Chualar Canyon Road Crop Circle was being a False flag:

False flags have certain criteria and here is a list of those :

1) Confusion

2) People seen working in same area before the event.

3) Total removal of evidence with 24-48 hours of reporting.

4) Impressionable Mainstream Media foreknowledge and privelidges to film.

5) Coincidences with owners of the establishment.

All above queries have been answered in just one 3 minute video:


But more yet : All Above queries have been answered by the locals them selves in Crop Circle Connectors report:


Here are a few snippets relating to each and every item :

1+5) It is funny that a company owner who has a contract for security cannot find who the owner is But I can:

The field’s property owner, farmer Scott Anthony, 58, of King City,

The owner Scott Anthony was out of town on vacation when the incident happened. Anthony had planted barley between cash crop harvests to add nutrients to the soil, and the circle creator did not damage anything, he told CNN. Anthony ordered a crew to plow the entire field back into the earth Tuesday. By 1:30 p.m., the circle was destroyed — but not its mystery.


A representative from local Echelon Security Co. told the San Jose Mercury News he was hired to protect the land from rowdiness, but could not provide the identity of the landowner. A spokesperson for Echelon declined to provide further comment to ABC News


2+ 3) People seen working in the event area weeks before and destroying of evidence :

Jim Gillott, of Chualar, said he saw extension ladders and a crew of 30 people in the field last week.
“Every time I drove by I saw them walking around,” Chualar resident Jake Gavin said. “It looked like they had little GPS’s or something.”

4) Mainstream media coverage: BBC CNN NBC all covered this and mentioned alien visitation as part of an orchestrated cover up:

No videos included in this article as you can find them yourself ; They simply do not deserve the energy quite frankly:

The local TV KSBW.com  should be Commended for their vigilance and great open minded coverage revealing the hoax:

Here is more proof of the False flag and cover up of Knowledge:

Look how damaged the field is down the center line from the telegraph post and a stake in the ground for a line as if someone had been walking on stilts right through the centre.


Why Use Braile and Morse code when Genuine crop circles use Sacred Geometry and Binary codes?

Morse code


And finally to out it all to bed : If genuine crop circles are known to give off energy to thrill seekers and awakened people,

1) why Mow down the field when people would gladly pay you for the privilege of  using your field Which would have contributed to the vast bill for security and :

2) Who told them to do so?

3) And what would we have found if we have gone there?

4) And why are local people not asking the 30 people who worked on the field days before the incident and finding out who foots this large bill plus the bill for security?

Please do your best to expose people in so called power who abuse their privileges,

These are not the people we want running our world.

Thank you for several hundred people who helped correlate this quite blatant plot to deceive us.

Truth is knowledge Knowledge is power.

In Light and a Happy New Year


In Light Dave


CROP CIRCLE SENSATION : As Lightworkers & Starseeds Study all the Form : Clueless Main Stream Media make it a blockbuster: Lets get Cracking:


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  1. Joe Malone

    I don’t understand any negativity about this crop circle. One should not be so magnificent as to assume they have the ultimate judicial decision, unless they do. Whether human or not is not really the issue. It’s about meaning, and if all this means to people is looking to blame these alleged gps bearing souls, then everyone is wasting time. Hey Mr. Sensational Hoax – know it all, can you make it rain instead of spreading negativity please?

    • lightworkersxm

      Observations of our current system of corruption and deception are similar to this corrupt Crop circle: this diagnosis was conducted by no less than 50 online people who all started off with positive attitudes about this design until we all started looking deeper. Your personal attack is not necessary as you are attacking many who were in the team. This post’s intention is positive and fully researched please read the details of False flag diagnostics. Thank you for your energies. In Light Dave

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