From good Political and IMF sources we have just been advised that the IMF are contesting to stop both Dinar and Dong deals, on the grounds that it will represent a vast distribution of unearned wealth to the undeserving US Public. Simple reality, they feel that no Americans should be allowed to cash in on the deaths of millions and destruction of nations. So, as this is still as yet unclarified, will the IMF now attempt to introduce a new currency bypassing all the Speculators? Clearly, a Political battle will rage now. A ravaging and mercenary Pentagon hoard will be far from happy if now denied their vast, ill gotten war crimes gains. Nothing is decided but clearly its a new spoke in the wheels. Morally of course, the IMF are right. But, Politicians don’t do moral values. So what chicanery now?

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Keenan Update :

From the intimate setting of his living room, Neil Keenan invites and informs us about the higher level movements and machinations of the Cabal. Updates and deeper explanations of their inner workings and initiatives taken on by Group K to stop them are included in this heartfelt New Year’s message from NFK.

Additionally, he includes a formal, diplomatic letter sent to Chancellor Merkel of Germany. The current Government of Germany is the first domino in taking down the cabal. As it falls, so will the City of London, the European Union, NATO, and the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Germany stole well over 17,000 tonnes of American gold in the 1930s, and now has the gall to demand an additional 300 tonnes today. Neil stands up to say,”Enough!”

This letter which follows Neil’s video below is a formal, legal communication, and therefore must be appreciated in that context. Only the most diplomatic and pertinent legal language is appropriately relevant in this type of communication. Suffice it to say that the moral and/or ethical aspects of the misappropriation and the circumvention of the American public are well understood and known by Neil and the NFK Team.

There may be questions from you pertaining to terminology and content in this diplomatic/legal document, but you can rest assured that all such questions have been carefully weighed.

Please enjoy this post, and we welcome your responses.