Sunday 19th January 2014

1:00 PM EST  

2:00 PM Caribbean Time:

8:00 PM Croatia : 

7:00 PM Italy :

Rest of western  Europe 

6:00 PM GMT

Speaking with Vince Martin and India Merkerson:

Dave And Darko Piecing together some Rather unknown aspects of your own health and making sense out of Spiritual Self Healing Techniques Adapted at E-Clinic International :

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For an Introduction To Germanic New Medicine Please watch the first 10 Minute Video Here :

The first discussion will introduce why Germanic New Medicine is Banned through out the world especially in Germany:

For those who wish to know all about Germanic New Medicine use top tab:


We will touch on the basics of The 5 Biological Laws of Germanic New Medicine:


Human Design System 1 minute Introduction:

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We will Lead on Human Design System and how to reclaim TOOLS you already have when it comes to your own Spirituality and what to expect when you take your first steps in learning about Human Design System:


We will discuss how to look at your chart and look for what is white in your chart : and How to break down some of your most important details:


Finally in the Show will be a chance to catch up with Dr Darko Velcek and how Natural Healing really works:


A deeper look into what to expect if you go for treatment from Darko and an insight into how Internet healing is now the real deal:


Your treatment begins with an open mind:

Healing awareness_n

About Dave Stewart

*He set about to link energy health and wellness in the clinic he designed for the future:
*The over whelming proof that all things good for us are being suppressed and used primarily on military only helped him to delve in to Free energy, health and wellness
*He realized that the truth [no matter how deeply hidden] can be found and used to the benefit of all.
*The accidental meeting of E-Clinic Doctors proved that a clinic of the future needs no more than knowledge.
*That Knowledge turned out to be GNM [Germanic New Medicine], Human Design System (HDS) and the workings of Quantum Physicians :
*All healing becomes possible with basic knowledge and understanding of how we work as a matrix Biologically , Mentally and physically.
*Everyone has the ability to become a self healer with some basic knowledge.

About Dr. Darko Velcek:

* Darko Velcek studied medicine in Zagreb, Croatia
* He became involved in his M.D. brother’s scientific work on impotency in men in the early 1980’s
* After accidentally discovering a missing link in the cellular osmotic pressure mechanism, Velcek continued his research in the field of cellular medicine
*He followed his personal interests and became a certified interior designer in the late 1980’s and a certified boat master captain in the 1990’s
*resides in Venezuela and in the Caribbean Islands treating animals and people
*provides advice and counseling remotely to patients around the world

****He concludes: “If you do not understand the way the cell functions, you cannot help the body heal at the cellular level. If you cannot help the cell, you cannot help the body. Cure the cell, and the body will be healed.”

We look forward to seeing you there: 2:pm EST Sunday 18th January 2014:

In Light Dave