People do not even need to look up in the sky for signs of weather wars these days :

In their own gardens in USA they now have Plastic Smelley noncombustible Frankensnow:

Take a look for your self : It goes black when you burn it and stincks of plastic.

Message to the People of USA Take your samples to a Bio-test Lab: What is it doing to the kids?

Snow in the fireplace does not burn just goes black in Georgia:


I used to eat snow as a kid, I would not recommend eating this Frankensnow:

Here a guy even tries with a cig lighter and blow torch and even ice from his fridge as a comparison:

Here is it on the stove:

Dont forget The Super Bowl is on next Monday and they have bombs planted in the Stadium says this article:

So maybe there is a false flag coming :

Just be aware thats all : Here is a guy who does all kinds of tests:

Message to the Cabal : Your finished Game over: We know your game now : Gotchya:

More here at Intellihub :

In Light :