This is a network of individuals and groups around the world  who are starting setting up their own 3D Printing networking stations dedicated to Free Energy Items:

As we press forward to commit to ordering all the needs for the first 3D Printing Energy Network center in the Caribbean, Plus the setting up in February of all the other networks listed below :

Today we announce the addition to our Current 8 Free energy Projects by adding the Vortex Device:

See list of Open Source Energy  Projects Here:

Here is a short view on what uses a vortex can be used for in your small Eco project:

Here is More on the Subject : This demonstrates how we select new projects This Impeller could also be added to the project list:

Here is a mind Blowing look into Biomimicry by DR Janine Benyus and why we should be more conscious our surroundings that mimic the best of all that is natural.

The latest Groups keen on Beginning Global 3D Printing Energy Networks are as Follows :


Quebec, Canada.  Specification of  requirements Stage:

Heredia, Costa Rica : Specification and discussion stage :

Prince Edward Island, Canada : Specification of requirements stage:

North Belize : Awaiting Funding :

USA New Hampshire : Specification stage:

South Island, NZ : 3 weeks Crowd Funding stage:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Station Discussion stage:

Sussex, UK : Crowd Funding Stage :

For Those wishing to get into 3D Printing Energy Global Networks Please use top Navigation tabs at the head of this post:

Or Go here :

Some Previous links on this site explaining how the system works:

3D printing network PARTS 1,2,3&4


Getting started: Two amazing latest videos on the potential of 3D printing:

FOR THOSE WHO WISH TO REGISTER or look into creating a new station of 3D Printing Energy Network: