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Often I hear that 3D Printing is called the “New Industrial Revolution” and one half of me has faith in that:

However my other half has to consider The raping of society that the 2 D Printing only contributed to.

In order for the 3D Printing industry to stay away from the 2D Printing Industry where the corporations ripped us off blindly for the ink at $30 a sachet and the entire printer was a mere $100 One has to be active in the materials and filaments field which are the building blocks for 3D printing.

It cannot be stressed enough how important this “Wake up Industry” is about to be and why YOU should consider joining our network in bringing your own 3D Printing station to your own desktop or even just keeping up with the RepRap Community:

This can only be achieved by keeping up to speed with the industry even if it means YOU being a little imaginary, inventive and scientifically knowledgeable:

Here is a short account of where The 3D printing Industry stands just now in terms of Materials and Filaments available from a Biological perspective:

An outstanding account of how we are headed in the recycling of products for the 3D Printer and how Bio-Mimicry and all forms of life provide us with our clues for our own future :

Protective shells in nature can be replicated by a 3D Printer Now:


Biologist Janine Benyus :

If Fernando Vossa has Bio-Mimicry and Sacred Geometry as the forefront of architectural design in his HAIAH Project ?


Do you think that Vossa notices that in Nature, our Body does actually replicate nature as standard?

And Do you think that Vossamedia’s message is that we should also be considering our newly constructs, to be energy based Buildings ?

How about the building itself benefits from our inner energy just as our buildings should be designed and  constructed to feed off and enhance our energy within our own human fields?

3D Printing and our new Apprenticeship in Science: 

3D Printing is the chance for our education to take a leap into Nature and understand that self sustainability is in built as standard in Nature.

3D Printing Builds layer by layer and thus, as in nature it builds with no waste in mind:

Our Aim must be to use our own waste materials scattered around our daily lives and  otherwise discarded:

Here is a Video where in Holland they show a 3D Printing station using waste plastic bottles and making it into useable 3D Printer filaments: All we will need in our office is a shredder for plastic bottles if you really think about it.

So what can you Print with 3D Printer?

In Germany They have invented a new very lightweight polymer that is lighter than but stronger than steel.

Here is the latest news in Our 3D Printing Energy Network Set up Centres:

Costa Rica have shown their own Impetus and are looking into which machine to purchase and what returns they can claw back for the initial outlay.

We have also new interest shown from Sweden, Holland, Belize, Peru, Malta, NZ, Australia, USA and Canada.

We are working tirelessly with all of those potential stations ensuring they are in tune with the best knowledge of what is on offer within the RepRap community.

Operator/owners of these potential  stations should contact me on skype for configuration details and discussions regarding the values of their own stations in terms of expense and return.

Who we are appealing to?

We are appealing to other inventors to come forward and offer their designs for us to convert them into working projects for our new network stations.

So far We have Daniel and Erica Nunez, Dan Winters, Laser Hacker and Jay Harman and our very own Dalek called Romain and Tony Kilvert to help us release technology Specifications for 3D Printing who openly share their inventions.

Whilst this relatively new industry (to the public)  offers Potential for Owners and active users and participants  at these new stations the most important aspect and benefit globally appears in the education and training of others with small reasonable return offered to those who are about to conjoin their station with an Eco-Village project  of their own.

The Reprap community has inbuilt in its foundation the protection of the integrity of this industry to ensure that it gets into your home for each and very one of YOU and it is YOU I appeal to, to answer the wake up call by joining in on the activity of our New Network Stations Globally.

As we at 3D Printing Energy Global Stations Network encourage working within ( But not held to) the 3D Printing of Free energy field, We can now confirm the latest Projects that may be of benefit to any new Eco- Project development or Station operator.

List of Projects:

1) Make another 3D Printer ( Rep-Rap): Replicate the frame and the connectors and pulley wheels for a new machine:


2) Atmospheric Generator ( Laser Hacker) : Update : Awaiting NEW 3D printer specific Project.


3) POE Coils ( Daniel and Erica Nunez) Update : Awaiting STL files.


4) Mini Motor ( Laser Hacker) Update : Awaiting specification and files: and new details ;

5) Water Imploders ( Dan Winters) Update : Awaiting specification details :


6) Aquaponics Siphons ( ( Dave Stewart invention) Update : In the design stage:

7) Solar Panels : ( Unknown inventors) Update : Expected April 2014 : Upgrade of extruder heads necessary:


8) Gears and Pulley systems : Awaiting Update : Awaiting STL files of numerous gears to make :


9) The Jay Harman Water Vortex impeller Prop: Awaiting Discussion with Inventor;




10) A titanium Bicycle made from Printed new and recycled parts:




11) Sacred Geometric Home decorated lampshades and furniture:


What about projects in the making ?

There are many projects that our dedicated team of enthusiasts, engineers and scientist/inventors are looking out for and are currently under discussion in our private skype room which will be released to our network in good time.

Expect announcements and full printable details as and when we get them or create them.


How to get involved ?

Please follow the signing in form at thee foot of this article should you understand it:

In Light Dave