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A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

Month: April 2014


Breaking QEG/Peru News . Peru gets the QEG and Project Planeta Libre Bags the First Contract Proposal. The Coordination Centre of Planetary Unification Project Funds

Project Planeta Libre in Peru Just got news today.

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1) Funding for the QEG has now been confirmed,


This means that we shall be building the QEG in Peru with our team of experts and Hope Girl team in June 2014.

Mass Production of the QEG is now possible in South Americas.

Wait for announcements of Fix the World team Coming to Peru in June.

2) Mayor of Aguano Muyuna Confirms allotments for Project Planeta Libre Boots on the ground team.

Straight talk Mayor of Aguano Muyuna Plus govenor Pascal & Dave and Mario

Straight talk Mayor of Aguano Muyuna Plus govenor Pascal & Dave and Mario

3) New Plan For “The Coordination Centre of Planetary Unification”.

The Logistics of Crossing the Ferocious Amazonian river yet to be solved.

river (2)

4) This paves the way for the main Project development “The Center of Mass Creation”.

 Designed by Fernando Vossa And Alosha Linov who could be on the way to Planeta Libre Peru.

All this to be discussed on Mission 9 On Friday Night Show on Expanding U Radio 8PM EST.

5) Proyecto Planeta Libre enter for $4M funds to Build the new Community Center and the New Project of Planetary Coordination and Unification.

Accomodation-unit (2)

32 Bed Community Village with 2 Communal Kitchens and wash areas and Independent jungle satellite system.

Class Jungle Cottages for Planeta Libre team.

Jamil estylo_n

Jungle class as  the Fairy tale continues Industrial HEMP Now being grown here.

community (2)

No Cars No Bikes No Pollution, Here is the high street Aguano Muyuna.

Soon To be A Giant Aquaponics Garden in geodesic domes of Sacred geometry.

Geodesic domes poly carbonate

Which Should look Like Lowlands Community Gardens in Saint Martin in the Caribbean.


Peru is on the make ‘big time’ Through Collective Consciousness.

Dont Miss Friday Radio Show 8 PM EST ExpandingU radio.

Be a part of the progress and be the world you want to believe in.

In Light Dave



Mission I’m Possible 8. Peru Arrival . Live on Expanding U . THE QEG LATEST Plus Updates on arrivals and Planeta Libre. Aguano Muyuno Peru.

MISSION 8 on Expanding U Radio Friday 8.00PM EST.

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It all seems a long time now since Mission I’mPossible 4 .

Jasmin Jamil and Nelson on location Aguanana Muyuna Peru.

Jazmin Jamil and Nelson on location Aguanana Muyuna Peru.

When Jamil Eqb from Planeta Libre  put a call out to 3D Printing Free Energy to come to join the team in Peru

It’s all happening like Light-en-ing in Peru.

Expanding U Radio Live from Americas Literally North and South Americas

Live Friday 11th April 8PM EST.

To bring the latest developments on the formation of The Center of Mass Creation.

With Planeta Libre ( Free Planet) in San Martin Peru.

The arrival of The New Family who have come to Peru to meet their galactic family.

Mario Mateja and Jonaton and Zala's Arrival at Aquano Muyuna.

Mario Mateja and Jonatan and Zala’s Arrival at Aquano Muyuna.

Today Mateja (Pronounced mateya) Provided us with a whole bag of Heirloom HEMP seeds. 

These will be cultivated here in Aguano Muyuno as part of the building program.

We have already started planting Moringa Trees here.

This subject will be covered on a separate radio show ( maybe Mission 9).

Other exciting news.

Paul Doucette with 3D Printing Free Energy Group Gets his Papers signed by Township Mayor and gets his ticket for Aquano Muyuna.

This is substantial enough to get Paul 180 maximum stay in order to be  part of the Proyecto Planeta Libre here.

Paul Doucette

Plus . Discussion over land with the project team Participants start with immediate effect.

The Center of Mass Creation now in full swing as we search for the perfect location.

Straight talk Mayor of Aguano Muyuna Plus govenor Pascal & Dave and Mario

Straight talk Mayor of Aguano Muyuna Plus Governor Pascal & Dave and Mario

Land is in abundance for Humanitarian reasons in the poorest of Peruvian and Amazonian Rain Forest villages.

It is our intention to go for funding next week for a prototype village lot and project which can begin with immediate effect here in Aguano Muyuna.

The QEG Free Energy Machine Latest> To be built at University of Tarapoto.

It is happening so fast in Peru on the ground we nearly forgot about the QEG

We can confirm That all efforts are being made to bring the QEG to Peru and

With our Professional team at 3 D Printing Free Energy We can now confirm .

Negotiations with the Government and the University here in near by City of Tarapoto,

The University has offered their facilities as  a potential venue to build and assemble The QEG.

Here is the latest of Part 2 From Hope Girl on the QEG as they travel to UK.


Here is the latest video of the QEG. Friday 11th April 2014 Test results.

Mission I’M Possible 8 promises to be a great show please be there.

Love and Light Live on Radio

Dave From The Jungle town of Aguano Muyuna in San Martin in Peru.




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