With Our illustrious Panel and Host India Irie:

It really is all about this 68 year old frail old Cancer ridden Lady Who is just about to get better with MIP on Dr Darko’s Protocol:

Simply Known to us as Mama:

Please can we ask for a collective heart from you all to help her Heal herself:

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5th September Friday Night Show 8:00PM EST 7:00PM Peru:

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Dr Darko's Protocol With MIP Peru. Mama now has a 2 treatment per day every day and Sea salt Noni Juice Graviola Coconut Oil and The Robert Beck Pulsar.

Dr Darko’s Protocol With MIP Peru. Mama now has a 2 treatment per day every day and Sea salt, Noni /EM Elixir Plus Graviola & Coconut Oil and The Robert Beck Pulsar.

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And here is all the rest of the pics from today’s treatment: Please hold the space for Mama:

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3 Generations of Mama Family live in hope for a healthy Granma.

3 Generations of Mama Family live in hope for a healthy Granma.

Now Once we have your love for Mama we can move on To Ashley’s Project:

Ashley’s Project :

Tucked away in the Mountains North West of Tarapoto by 30 miles and north of Lamas Here is a map of our Journey:

Ashley;s Ceremonial Retreat location

Ashley’s Ceremonial Retreat location.

And here is The Clemson University Ram Pump Ready for installation:

On Route to Ashleys The Clemson University Ram Pump:

On Route to Ashley’s The Clemson University Ram Pump:

And Now for all the Movies :

Water is the first priority and Ashleys retreat is full of it So our Job is to pump it 120 meters up hill with a Ram Pump:

Water by the river:

And the Location of the house and walk to the river and Newly constructed Maloka.

And the pump location and beautiful river Shibimiyacu: Stay with this to get a full impression of the size and Beauty of this whole Jungle arena:

Now Ashley resting By the River.

Now To the Maloka

Once we get established here at Ashley’s we then go do the same for all the villagers as we now begin negotiations to turn these Quechuan Peoples Lives into a more self Sustainable life format:

And Finally the site of the 12 new Resting Residences where you will be staying for your Ayahuasca Ceremonies or San Pedro, Reiki or anything else you care to mention.

Last but not least The Transparent butterfly landing Tristian’s foot at the riverside:

Beautiful Breed of Butterfly on Tristian's Foot at Ashleys Place Diwn By the river.Shibimyacu

Beautiful Breed of Butterfly on Tristian’s Foot at Ashleys Place Down By the river Shibimiyacu.

Here are the costs in Peruvian Soles for Ashleys work by MIP PERU:

Mission I’m Possible Peru:
Ashley’s Riverside Ceremonial retreat Project:
North East of Tarapoto.
2nd September 2014.
See google earth for locations from Tarapoto Lamas and Pamashto.
All price in Soles (2.7 per USD). Soles
Building Projects. $5,730
Phase 1
1) The Ram pump $1,380
$780 for parts and exps $600 for labor and Visitations & Supervisory Aid
2) The  Tanking System
$279 Drinking & $470 for water tanks $220 for shower and $250 Supervision $1,320
3) The New Toilet System
Tanks $1530 Toilet sink and all belongings $350 Supervision $250 $2,130
4) The EM-1 Work
$225 EM-1 and Molasses and Buckets $275 spray machine Labour $100 $600
5) Bio-char/Bokashi System
Bin $100  Combination EM-1 Work  Education Demonstrations & Labour $200 $300
6) The New Kitchen
To Be arranged
7) Permaculture system or Aquaponics system
To be arranged
8) Phase 2 New Building Huts self sustainable works
To Be arranged

 $600 soles Paid 20th Aug 2014

$2000 Soles needed IN September for items 1 & 2 & 4 & 5 as highlighted

That is how we work in MIP Peru TRANSPARENTLY:

In Light From Dave and the MIP team group.