Live on ExpandingU Radio Tonight Friday 26th Sept 2014: 8:00PM EST.

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Up for Discussion:

1) THE NEW OFFICE, Is it fully functioning?

2) Shimiyacu Amazon Lodge Project and How it is all going with Simone.

3) Ashleys Jungle Ayahuasca Retreat and How that Project is going.

4) The latest On The Q.E.G. PERU:

5) The Latest on The Dome Aquaponics Project.

6) Karl Moltzan When How and Where is he?

7) Paul Exall Will he Make it to Peru?

8) The Latest From Chazuta Ceramics for EM-1 works.

Here are the latest Videos of Bokashi, Bio Char, Holistic Fence and Wall construction (Peruvian Style).

And Of Course BIO- GAS :

The all new free energy in Peru.

More Shite From MIP Peru. Hilarity & Commentary By Mario Pisano.

And even Simone’s Own Brand EM-1.

Just in case You missed it Here is the New office Video. (The sound does self Correct itself after 1 Minute).

Please help us make YOUR  visitation to Peru a reality and a Comfortable Transition to 5D.

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Jungle Consciousness is here, When You take from the Jungle all that it provides you, One Can do so by Replacing the riches you need with EM-1  or Bokashi or Bio-char.

In Light From Dave and all at MIP, Tarapoto, Peru.

Pic of the week Goes to Rebecca from Bogota, Colombia. “See you soon In Tarapoto”.

Thank You To Rebecca from Colombia for sending this Lovely aspect of Sacred Geometry.

Thank You To Rebecca from Colombia for sending this Lovely aspect of Sacred Geometry.



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