The All new look,

Mission I’m Possible, Peru.

New Radio show announcement and link expected here in 24 hours.

Tentatively Booked for Saturday 4th October 2014.

2PM EST, 1PM Peru, 7PM UK and 8PM Swedish Time.

When you revisit this site tomorrow There will be a logo link to the new paradigm radio show here.

About the New show.

The new radio show will have an interview with one of the world leaders in New Paradigm Material in what ever subject that fits the bill.

This could go as far as finding out what our mentors are doing,

This Broad range of topics could be in Politics, New Medicine, Space technologies, Self-Sustainable Environmental Friendly Buildings and Communities or simply Free Energy and all of the different types on offer today.

Big names Like Alfred Webre or  Kevin Annett, Ralph Ring,  Clive de Carle or Fernando Vossa plus maybe even surprise guests like  Cobra and the White Dragon Society are listed as contenders to pack the shows to the gunnels.

We have been advised that Cobra will be holding a Portal Activation Conference here in Tarapoto, Peru, early in 2015 which will be something challenging to look forward to.

All of these people are instrumental in their own field in bringing in The New Paradigm.

We may even have exclusives “one on ones too”.

What also to expect and who do we seek as captive audiences?

Just to offer some clarity on details and what to expect from the new shows we will list an itinary for you in advance of New Paradigm Projects expected to be built at the new MIP Peru HQ Offices in Bande de Shilcayo, Tarapoto, Peru.

We will be offering holidays to Those from US Canada Plus  Scandinavia and Europe who wish to involve themselves in some way in our new campaign to0 clean up the Amazonia Rivers, Jungles and Villages.

Technology is abundant these days once you lose the main stream media and go it alone on the internet, so we do not need more technology.

We do need however, is to get the imformation of what technology does exist today and how to implement that technology on the new Projects of tomorrow.

The White Dragon Society called us Open Source Experts when they visited us in Tarapoto in July 2014.


Here is a starter for ten as we demonstrate on this 7 minute Video What we mean by Open Sourcing New and Combined Ancient technologies in to modern Day Projects.

Just look at how simple it is to merge all of these technologies into one 7 minute video.

Who are we appealing to?

We seek to expand our knowledge database to include all new and ancient natural medicine, energy and cleansing technologies for water, electricity, rivers jungles and the  Wellness of naturally interested Light Beings.

We would like to be ready for the great Paradigm shift to enable us to Open Source all of our material for when “the shit really hits the fan” when People Like Cameron and The Bushes, Clintons, Blairs and Kissenger type people really do become a thing of the past.

We seek to promote our wears and inventions and mass produce or mass open source our collective technologies to help kick start those who are ready for the leap into the new world of holistical living back in tune with Mother nature.

The time for preparation is Now and for  living in the now.

The Time to open source and show these technologies that actually do work, is Now.

We seek those who would support our projects to offer funding for each specific project by donation and then as a reward come over and see for your selves this technology at work and people benfitting from its function.

We shall show updated HD videos of your project choice as it gets built.

Our moto has not changed since Buckminster Fuller said all those years ago in the fifties.



And be sure we will be inventing this new system if we have not already.

Be sure to contact us should you feel it appropriate and worthy for both parties and for humanitarian purposes.

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In Light from Dave and the rest of the MIP Peru team here on the ground and those internationally where ever you are.