Mission Possible Peru is now looking for Specialist Volunteers.

There has developed a special need for Volunteers who want to get away from it all and stay in the jungle and contribute their time on matters which involve ultimately the cleansing of Amazonia.

The Cordillera Escalera is a lush 900,000 hectares of protected Rainforest and The Village of San Roque de Cumbaza sits 22 kms North of The City of Tarapoto.

Cordillera Escalera ,,It is truly breathtaking out here.

Cordillera Escalera ,,It is truly breathtaking out here.

You generally will fly to Lima and then onto Tarapoto City where we can provide you with a hospedaje where you can stay and warm to the lovely city before you venture to the village of 1200 Quechuan people.

Mission Possible Peru have orchestrated this project following 15 months work with these villagers and we now are negotiating an office in San Roque Municiple Building  where we can use internet, we also have a room with 3 beds that has electricity.

The volunteers house in unfinished and there is much to do in the garden with Bio Char and EM Ceramics and Effective Micro Organisms work.

See just how dirty this huge house was when I got there 2 weeks ago, in the video below.

The house is large and has 2 bathrooms with Cold water.

There is no power so we cook with wood in Specially made Bio Char bins.

The Rain Water Project is a large roof provided by the Municiple to Mission Possible Peru, so that we can install a 9 filter system of rainwater collection. This water will be sold and will replace the toxic Cokacola water on sale in the shops.

This is the laboratory for making the EM Ceramics and Colloidal Silver and also the place where we are building the rain water project.

This is the laboratory for making the EM Ceramics and Colloidal Silver and also the place where we are building the Rain Water Project at the Alberge Building in San Roque de Cumbaza.

This is simply the best water on the planet and we can prove it with our TDS Micro Counters. San Roque Own Brand Mountain Jungle water is now a reality.

As a volunteer, when you come you will pay $10 per night for 2 weeks or a month or even 3-6 months at a time and half of this money will go to the project food needs and the other half will pay for all the Plumbing, Carpentry EM-1 and Ceramics needed for the water projects, there will be small fees for local transport systems too but hardly much worth speaking about.

Once we show the towns people what clean rain water really is Mission Possible Peru will then go about cleaning the main 30,000 gallon water tanks with Colloidal Silver and EM-1 and EM Ceramics .

The cleansing of this one small village will begin to show the cleansing of the Cumbaza River and Amazonia has truly begun.

No Doubt you will learn from our technologies but please bring your skills with you and help in anyway you think you would like to, as there is a set Protocol of Technology to follow and then the rest is down to what you can make of it.

This is real work in the jungle, your first job will be to buy or make your own bed just like we have done here. Mine for instance is a pyramid bed and matress is very comfy for $100 no more. We also bought a 3 man hammock for $40  and made a flat 3 man hammock for sun bathing and meditation as it is hot in Tarapoto and San Roque, or alternatively put it inside and snooze on it out of the sun, this is delightful.

Please be aware of cooler nights in San Roque as it does go chilly for 6 months it is nice to have some warm clothes and some bedsheets or a duvet.

In the house there are over 2000 bricks here that can easily be made into something, I built the base for the main table just yesterday as everything you build is removeable.

So welcome to Mission Possible Peru Volunteers, You have an office,

a House ( albeit unfinished)

and Some New Paradigm Projects to enjoy with these most delightful Quechuan people.

Is this your cuppa tea?

My name is Dave with 35 years of Construction experience on large engineering projects or Hotels in England Spain and The Caribbean. I am an Ocean Yachtmaster 2002 and a Master Builder designer 1995 and 1998 and a master Carpenter 1981.

We will be working on the GANS ( Gas at Nano status ) work and making energy and health systems very soon, this is most excellent investigatative work.

For the past 5 years I have been studying Meta Physics and The Human Design System and would love to share this knowledge with you when you come here Please go to Human Design tab at top of the site www.xi4.com

Please fill in the form below if you are about to buy your air ticket and ask for any assistance you require on the form.
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