Mission Possible Water Project Update 7th September 2015.

Featured image of Sophia from Argentina cooking on top of the Bio Char oven.

Sophie of Argentina cooking

The making of Bio Char and then using it correctly has been a real eye opener in San Roque and we have now cleaned out dirty sewers, roadside sewers and even toilets and dry toilets. But most impressive is the the use in Neutralizing pee and any any impurities that water contains. Bio char made correctly is a naturally nano coated neutralizer and we will cover more on this in our series of Plasma reactors and GANS (Gas at Nano status).

Wow 4 meters of heat around our giant Bio Char bin in San Roque de Cumbaza

Wow 4 meters of heat around our giant Bio Char bin in San Roque de Cumbaza

It literally does return water to crystal status. So next week we activate our own Homemade Bio char into EM ( Effective Microorganisms) activated and we place a series of filters inside our tanks.

The Water Project is ongoing and in fact we have been asked to change everything to the other side of the building taking a month more then expected, a seperate film and notice will be generated towards the end of this month when it is near completion.

Here is the new location.

This is the location of the new water center San Roque

This is the location of the new water center San Roque

The use of Effective Microorganisms and Bio Char for cleansing the water and Special tank cleansing and purification process is now in effect using Colloidal silver technology.

Please standby for update and film of the new processes of filtration and purification.


We are pleased to announce the start of 2 new Projects.

They can be seen in this short video The Model Dome is on the table of the volunteer center at the end of the 3 minutes.

Firstly the Volunteers House Owner Richard Player has accepted MIP PERU request to supervise some urgent projects that need to take place to save the house from jungle damage, overgrowth and contamination and we are pleased to announce that we are now costing up the works and getting the right staff on board to carry out these works.

The List includes .

1) 4 of 30 foot Trees at the back end of the house need cutting before they collapse on the house and roof following the collapsed of a neighhbours wall. These trees have 6 foot of exposed roots on one side lending itself to a dramatic fall if nothing is done urgently. Estimated Cost for labour, and machine hire and materials  and a dry wood store for bio char should house all the cut logs. $120 or $oles 350

2) The Roof Drains have wrotted and need replacing with Plastic hard gutters and spouts need inserting right through the building in 2 locations. There will be several areas of masonary disturbed when creating the correct falls and some works to cut roof members to allow the 8 inch pipe cut in half to be levelled and sited correctly. This includes all pipe stop ends and spout inlays ready for rain water collection systems to be added later. We will need a cutting tool for these jobs Estimated cost Labour Carpenter and helper per day for one week is $350 soles materials is $oles520 total $oles870

3) Waste water from other houses cascades the house terrace and needs controlling. we need to dig out the garden to the front right of the house from the road and steer  a further channel to the rear of the property and fill with Bio Carbon as the first prototype works very well and now does not smell , in fact this new system makes great soil thus converting a disaster into good news for the owner and those that live in. A large collection pit filled with stones is needed at the far end as the water joins the main natural sewer at the road level below. This project will be showing San Roque how we can send clean water to the river Cumbaza Naturally.

This is labour intensive project for volunteers and one paid helper at $35 soles per day for 4 days $soles140

4) All holes in roofing need cutting and repairing to save the deluge of water in rainy season. we have a specialist for this there is a need for rubber inserts where light is evident in the hips and valleys and much rain can enter, I have listed over 15 areas needing attention from inside. cost of labour (no materials really to speak of ) $350 for one week and helper

5) All the water tanks and the biodegestor needs servicing and cleansing and reinstating, there are 3 tanks in all. I will need to do this with one other paid helper and test the micro count of the water. My charge for this work $100 $soles 320 plus $180 for helper total Soles480

6) All the repairs of the walls floors and masonary and paintwork will be needed following these works. one mason for a week with helper $soles 350

7) The sand pit and cement station need cleaning filtering and moving to new location.$soles 350

8) Generally repair holes and cracking  in external patio One week mason and helper $soles 350

9) The moskito netting and curtains need changing as they are all permanently damaged from mould and over growth. The windows need a clean up and scrape and repaint with the 2 cans of varnish found on site Estimated cost of materials for green nylon moskito netting  and labour to change and clean each window of growth one week $520Soles

10) This includes the special purchases and deliveries from Tarapoto to San Roque of $350. sand stone cement wood and all other materials.

11) The Tree right at the beginning of the film center to patio is filled with red acid stinging ants and needs removal with care , it is a shame as the tree offers great sun shade however 2 times a day it is covered in these ants and they are eating through from center to outside and it is very hollow.

I have asked the owner for $1400 or S/4110 soles to carry out these works over September 2015.

The exact price for these works will fluctuate but not by much,  depending what we uncover when we carry out the works and the Owner has asked me to be FAIR with him so that will be our intent in this mission on this new Project.

The October report should conclude this works


Second Project in San Roque with Spanish Couple Juan and Barbara

This Dome is made structurally out of 6 pentagons and 10 hexagons and 6 half hexagons

Juan y Barbara,s Dome is made structurally out of 6 pentagons and 10 hexagons and 6 half hexagons

THE DOME a 10 meter 5.5 meters high and is a  2 storey Dome in wood. Construction is expected to start very soon ,all land sales details are finished and we are working closely on the Model.

Juan being very Arty Farty, has Sacred Geometry all over the place and John Carl our engineer technical advisor at Mission Possible has us making a dome out of just hexagon sections and Pentagon sections. thus the picture.

Juan wants a Quarter  Moon Floor for his upstair art studio and Barbara wants the kitchen to be open full dome and the living quarters will be below the new floor.

Juan and Barbara have another lot of Land below this upper lot and this other site will be the River front Project on the lovely Cumbaza river and expect a film on this very soon.

That is the latest update from San Roque Projects . Should you wish to volunteer and come to Tarapoto and San Roque to be a part of the projects then fill in the form below.

It is $70 a week to stay at the center and that money goes to the project materials.

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