You are invited to a zoom room special recording from Tarapoto Peru with the Mission Possible Peru Team and a Bunch of engineers from the LG electric workshops live.

Mehran Keshe with Alexz who has the machines working

Mehran Keshe with Alexz who has the machines working

We will be making the copper sector of the Keshe <power reactor with the owner of the store to see what implications will be needed to mass produce our Power Reactors for an up and coming new giant redevelopment Project in South Americas.


Dr Dan Ecklund of the GGTrust will be with us and will reléase some details of this Project if not all depending on how he feels about security.

So those of you who wish to contribute to this practical workshop live or those who wish to see the recording  contact us at mipperu4@gmail.com

Our Colombian Gans expert Sergio will be on hand to expalin how this works

We will have some special guests too to explain how it all Works


So until 9 pm Sunday 8th november or if you get a chance visit our new radio show friday night at 4pm Peru time.

You never know Keshe may send one of his spanish and english speaking engineers too. They are most welcome.

MIPPeru look set to join the new gigantic Project in South America’s as it is unveiled to us and make these units in Peru with the experts who know.

PS revisit here if you want to get to see the recording of the live show. We shall post it below.