John Carl Anderson .Dr Dan Ecklund MD and Dave Stewart will be live on air

With Martin Farrel of The Peoples Internet Radio from Ireland.

Click on the picture on this site at the time of the show.

4PM Peru this Friday evening 6th Nov or 9PM Ireland time.

Peoples internet radio

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As Open Source experts of new plasma energy systems and new EM Ceramics systems and ancient forgotten technologies we are adapting for Quechuan Communities here in Tarapoto Peru and Beyond.

 We will be discussing ground breaking news of what are the latest releases and expect some new news for once.

All of this will be for open discussion with those that really are creating change on the planet.

From Our Boots on the ground team in Peru, we welcome you aboard for our new discussion with The Peoples Internet Radio this evening.

We will also Cover our Volunteers program on where you can come over and join us as a skillset swap in return we will teach you about the following.

1) Human Design System and how the Metaphysics really does work on you personally and The Who You Think You Are?

Human Design System and the DNA Meta Physics of YOU

Human Design System and the DNA Meta Physics of YOU

2) Ancient Macchu Piccu Technology in Bio Char and how to make it and use it to neutralize Pee and Pooh and sanitize the jungles soil for the next thirty years.

3) Effective Microorganisms and how it cleanses the planet from radiation and cleanses the soil , even Indigenous EM’s. in all languages

4) EM Ceramics and Colloidal Silver and how to mass produce the best type made in your own home and why it is the Best Natural Anti Biotic on the planet.

Enjoy the show.

In Light from the MIPPERU Team.