We are pleased to announce our new offices in Tarapoto starting Saturday 5th March 2016.


These new large premises will be home to MAGGRAV TARAPOTO PERU.

Upper floor view

Our Mantra will be


We shall be learning more about Keshe Technologies and experimenting and implementing new Car, Home and New Plasma Power Reactors that can be delivered to the people of this region for use in home and for personal health purposes.

Keshe PenWe will need the support of our followers as we move in this week and look forward to recieve donations to continue our success in the fields of working MAGGRAV Power Reactors in order to make more available working units.

Our current working Plasma reactor in Zener Electrical is still in the commissioning period but recieves raving reports by the technical support team at the  Keshe Institute.


We do expect to have 5 more working units by the end of next week which can be viewed by interested parties and vistitors to MAGGRAV Tarapoto Peru.

Carlos finding zero power ,,is good?

Carlos finding zero power ,,is good?

Our New Venue will be the first place to recieve a working unit and will be in the commissioning period for the next 3 months and will be on show to the public.

Our New Contract will be for 3 months until we have established a New Business selling and mass production of Working Power reactors for Home and Car.

New offices Vestibule rest area

New offices Vestibule rest area

We will also be offering Health Pens and Cannons and pain relief for People open to this new Technology.

Here is a short list of things we are short of and need for the new offices.

  1. An Office Printer $250
  2. Mattresses $150
  3. 12 tea shirts with MAGGRAV TARAPOTO PERU $120
  4. Cooker stove $120
  5. Circular saw to make the Power reactor frames $100
  6. Plywood to make the board room table. $200
  7. Tables and chairs for the new working staff. $250

Each of the items cost approximately Between $100 and $200 so any donations to help make MAGGRAV TARAPOTO PERU a reality and a successful venture would be appreciated and you can donate any amount on the donate button on Paypal on the top right of this page on this website.

Where all the international action will happen in the board room.

Where all the international action will happen in the board room.

Thank you for being a part of the success in creating Free energy and a better health for all.

In Light Dave and the Mipperu team.