Here is the basis of your needs to build a Power Reactor and makeĀ  GANS and conduct Nanocoating plus the making of Health Pens, Cannons and Healing Baggies.

Please note that this will be updated following MIPPERU /Keshe Fundacion Peru Zoom Room Meeting next week.

Basic Materials needed.

  1. 100 meters of 14 guage copper wire ( No insulation or covering Bear wire)
  2. Sea salt 3kgs
  3. Distilled water 3 gallons
  4. 3 x 10 litre containers or smaller
  5. Box of rubber latex gloves
  6. Copper plate 10cms x 10cms x 1mm or copper strip 30mm x 10cm by 3mm
  7. Zinc plate 10cms x 10cms x 1mm
  8. Steel nails minimum 4inch 3 off
  9. Selection of glass jars.
  10. 5 kgs Caustic soda
  11. Medical paper filter 5 x 1m2 ( coffee filters will do).
  12. Colour tabs stickons.
  13. selection of test tubes
  14. Selection of LED lights 1.5 volts
  15. Extention cable with multiple sockets
  16. Vairiable voltage 12Volts to 1,5 volt
  17. Airater for fishtank
  18. Bag maker and plastic bags
  19. Frame discussion needed depending on selection.
  20. Copper stripper if needed
  21. Selection of Wire connection tools and cutters
  22. Selection of Drills all sizes
  23. 6mm galvanized mesh 1m2
  24. Wire cutters
  25. Selection of Nano coating plastic boxes with lids
  26. Selection of large plastic buckets
  27. Selection of zip ties
  28. Small gans containers (TBD)
  29. Copper cleaner
  30. Selection of syringes
  31. Power Drill.
  32. Blueprints for Power Reactor (all Blueprints provide by MIPPERU/KFPeru
  33. Blueprints for Cannon and Healing Wands
  34. Blueprints for Car Power Reactor
  35. Blueprints for Plasma Energy
  36. Blueprints for Keshe Baggies
  37. Blueprints forĀ  The Truth ( how plasma works)
  38. Blueprints for Operating Manual.