Keshe Session from Keshe Fundacion Peru ( MIPPERU) in Tarapoto Live and recorded  in Zoom Room.

We are pleased to announce a new initiative of Teaching of the Building of Power Reactors, Health Pens and Cannons and Pain baggies.

Lilliana The fiorst Peruvian girl to make a complete Power reactor

Lilliana The first Peruvian girl to make a complete Power reactor.

All of this is to be done live and recorded with our old team MIPPERU and all of the technical and practical knowhow from those of us who have all gone over to the Keshe Foundation in Italy.


The first sessions start next week where we will assist in the making of Keshe Foundation Egypt with the education of two top medical engineers from Cairo.

Here is the agenda , Each will be 2 hour sessions with our team in a live zoom room.

Session 1) Materials and tools needed Plus All Keshe Blueprints.

Session 2) Nano Coating copper coils.

Session 3) Making Gans CUO CO2 and CH3 with Silver, Aluminium and Brass.

Session 4) The Power Reactor  and how to build it.

Session 5) The making and presenting of the GANS for the power reactor.

Session 6) The Capacitors and the frame

Session 7) Assembly and operating tutorial.

Session 8) Health Pens Cannons and Pain Pads.

We will also explain what this is.

Keshe Peru Health Cannon Toroidal field captured in Ice.

Keshe Peru Health Cannon Toroidal field captured in Ice.

The cost is $500 for all 8 sessions over a two week period for each Power Reactor made.

Please fill the form in below if you wish to be in the Cairo Group Zoom Room sessions which starts early next week. You can also request to be apart of the Thailand teachings in July.

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