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Co-Creativo Introduccion:

MIP PERU Co-Creation Outline

                   Funds for the MIP PERU projects will be received through Thomas at  H.U.G.S. (Humans Unifying Global Solutions ), a 501(c)(3)           organization that is registered in Florida, U.S.A.

An Example of HUGS and MIP PERU ‘s Works can be seen in this video of one of our projects here.

MIP PERU is working with a Global Group of Light-workers who are focused on creating a Light-workers hub of the latest technologies open to the world and bring them into practical use in projects in and around the Amazonian forests in Tarapoto, Peru.

Stereo Collective The one on the right is a female and the one on the left is a bald man.

Stereo Collective The one on the right is a female and the one on the left is a bald man.

Since April, 2014, our ground crew in Peru has been working with several local communities’ administrations and the President of the Quechua people around Tarapoto. We are now ready to move into the next phase including design and construction of Self Sustainable Healing Communities, Holistic Education and Meta Physics Centers.

Some of our new technologies include the latest Healing Modalities and Free Energy devices that can be made available and brought to the Project Table. These can be combined with freshly learned ancient devices that have been suppressed from our societies over many thousands of years.

In our global group of Light-workers, we have a combined skill set that have come up with practical solutions for the problems we have so far encountered on the ground. As there are more and more Light-workers who have already started, or are in the process of starting their own self-sustaining schooling and communities in the surrounding area, we seek to be of assistance to these groups as well. We are currently meeting our needs through donations and volunteers, however, this is insufficient.

To learn more of what we offer in MIP PERU go here for more information:


Fema (1)

Cobra : The Jesuit Agenda : Know that they will not be successful:


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Jesuit Agenda:

The Jesuit agenda is to infiltrate the Eastern Alliance with its agents and hijack the process of creating the new financial system. Needless to say, top people within the Eastern Alliance are aware of this and will not let it happen. Also, top members of the White Dragon Society have learned their lesson after their predecessors were fooled decades ago when they surrendered much of their gold to Jesuit agents for worthless pieces of paper (US government bonds). The White Dragons are much more careful now, especially as the Jesuits are trying to infiltrate them through Te-Wu, the Chinese secret intelligence agency.
The Jesuit plan is to let the Light forces purge the Illuminazi faction (Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Cheney & Co.) and then secretly team up with the Rothschilds to take over the process of creating the new financial system. Their agents are present on endless negotiations for the surrender of the Cabal and they are trying to steer the agreements closer to the Jesuit agenda. This is the source of proposals to make the Pope the new M1 (monetary controller). This is the reason why the new Jesuit Pope is promoting the idea of a central world bank. They are also seriously considering the idea of allowing a worldwide debt jubilee so that they would be portrayed as saviors of humanity under the wings of »benevolent« Catholic church. They would then promote the Catholic cult in a renewed, more publicly appealing way, and gradually absorb other religions into it (starting with Buddhism) until they would reach their goal of a global religious mind programming cult, at the same time keeping all past atrocities of the Catholic church under the carpet.
Through special compartmentalized CIA programs they have infiltrated the truther movement to the point that about 70% of intel in alternative media is disinformation coming directly or indirectly from Jesuit sources. I have a list of people and groups inside the truther / liberation movement that are either under direct Jesuit control or are manipulated by the Jesuits and it may or may not be released in the near future.
The Jesuits are working under the command of the Archons to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth. It is good to know that the Jesuit organization is a 16th century creation of the Farnese family, which is one of the most powerful papal Black Nobility families in Italy.
One of the reasons the Jesuits have created WW2 was to orchestrate a wordlwide gold grab to finance their black budget programs to maintain the quarantine status of our planet (secret space program, deep underground military bases). Operation Golden Lily was a Jesuit operation and general Yamashita was a puppet in the hands of the Jesuits:
It is good now to mention the role of the Positive Templars in the Jesuit downfall. Through a strategically brilliant move they temporarily sided with their arch-enemies Rothschilds and together they triggered the March revolution in 1848 and 1849 through Memphis-Misraim Egyptian freemasonry groups in Italy, France and Hungary. These were the only main freemasonry groups that were not infiltrated by Jesuits by then.
The March revolution in Europe has significantly lessened the power of the Jesuits as it decreased the influence of the Black Nobility, removed feudalism and accelerated the slavery abolition process worldwide. The living conditions for many humans started to improve. Also, the focus of humanity started to shift from emotionally based Jesuit religious control into the mind, which was further promoted with advance of science and universal education.
Needles to say, the temporary alliance between the Positive Templars and the Rothschilds was over as soon as the March revolution has ended.
It is interesting to note that the March revolution was financed with gold bullion which would now be worth only about $10 million. Organizing a drastic world change does not need to be very expensive.
Now the Positive Templars are creating a much more powerful alliance with another, much more positive group and together they will eradicate the Jesuit power from the surface of this planet forever.
Currently the Jesuits are the main operational task force for the Archons to maintain the quarantine status for planet Earth.
Their previous superior general Hans Peter Kolvenbach is instrumental in keeping the fear vibration among humanity on the surface of this planet. He is the mastermind behind the 911 (Twin Towers) and 311 (Fukushima) false flag attacks and the main engineering force behind the Syria conflict. He is conveniently living in Lebanon, very close to Syrian border.
Papal adviser Heinz (Henry) Kissinger created PI-40, a clandestine group which is now the main Jesuit-controlled force for preventing positive ET contact:
The real reason why the Jesuits created CIA, NSA, NRO and NGA was to monitor and evaluate the threat that positive ET races pose to the their empire.
Main purpose of CIA is to install Jesuit-friendly political regimes throughout the planet and especially to dictate their policy regarding positive ETs. The main programming center of the Jesuits is Georgetown university in Washington:
It might be interesting to note that many CIA directors went through Jesuit programming there. George Tenet, who was a CIA director at the time of the 911 false flag, was a Georgetown university graduate. David Petraues, who was a CIA director a few years ago, completed a military fellowship at Georgetown university. Previous CIA director Michael Morell is a Georgetown post-graduate. Current CIA director John O. Brennan received a B.A. from Fordham university, another major Jesuit programming center.
Also secretaries of defense like to visit Georgetown a lot. Donald Rumsfeld, who was a secretary of defense during the 911 false flag, attended Georgetown (he was not good at school though). Robert Gates, who was a secretary of defense between 2006 and 2011, achieved his Ph. D. at Georgetown. Chuck Hagel, the current secretary of defense, was a professor at Georgetown. The role of secretaries of defense is to strengthen the negative military under Jesuit control. Until 2004 their role was also to oversee the process of creation of deep underground military bases. After 2004, all those bases were cleared by the Resistance.
The main purpose of NSA is to monitor ALL electronic communications on the planet without exceptions and intercept, analyze and evaluate all messages that would indicate a contact with benevolent ET intelligence or with the Resistance as any trace of that contact would pose a perceived threat to the Jesuit empire.
The main purpose of NRO is to constantly monitor the surface of our planet and its vicinity for any trace of positive ET contact. If any such contact occurs, the NRO then notifies the negative military which then removes that positive ET contact one way or another as it perceives it as threat to the Jesuit empire.
The main purpose of NGA is to map the surface of the planet in detail as to control it completely.
The power structure of the Jesuits in the USA looks like this:
Apart from people mentioned above I would like to mention Leon Panetta, who was both a secretary of defense and CIA director and was programmed at the Santa Clara Jesuit university.
Janet Napolitano, who was a head of DHS until recently, graduated from the same Jesuit university.
You might also want to look at the map of 10 FEMA regions within the United States:

And compare it to the map of 10 Jesuit provinces within the US:

To clarify, I did not reveal the Jesuit agenda to install fear, but to inform and bring awareness to the situation. There are Light forces at work and they will NOT allow the Jesuit agenda to be successful.
Victory of the Light is near!
Posted by at 

Jordon Maxwell : Roman Civil law : Short video : UCC Uniform Commercial Code : Across the globe : The Bible of Business Law : The truth about the Roman Empire : Even your Birth Certificate is Money and on the stock exchange :

Brilliant Plenty of Information here ; Your Birth certificate is on the Stock Exchange : SEE below :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVpso2ewo18?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

All you need to know about your parents being robbed of their minors : 

Just sign here please :

Rather annoying but factual video The Second Half rocks :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfnJ1rOFK7o?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Letter To ITCCS – OPPT – Lightworkersxm : UCC Historically is a Jesuit Law : The basis of Maritime Law : The Vatican and Royal connections exposed : Time to find out what is International Common Law: What are they hiding by Law?

Dear Kevin, Obi, KP, Heather, Caleb, Randal and Lightworkersxm.

I have a very important question for you all.
I have posted it on my website without email addresses so that others can be educated about this element of works as it unfolds under new transparency rules, we so advocate.
UCC files appear to date back to the 1300’s and The only thing running the panel then was the Roman Catholic Church ( Bank and Cosmic Science Lab) ) and they were run by The Jesuits, The European Royals infiltratated these realms in both social and Bloodline circles.
Primarily, The OPPT’s great cause was/is to go back to Prime.
Prime in my understanding is at a time when no laws were in place which could have a detrimental effects on the human race in a dark capacity, which could be the entry point for our new golden age to introduce Natures law and Common law..
Please see video : However Alfred Webre has backed this up with encyclopedia after encyclopedia on the subject :
There is only a need to see the first video at this point. http://xi4.com/?s=UCC
Whilst I see light in the work of OPPT and it’s current rise in global progress, I seek clarity that Prime means Prime. Natures Law and Common Law appear to be the only way forward.
The video clearly states and has good backing that The UCC files were set up to conquer and promote the Maritime & Commercial Law of the Roman Empirical Ruling at that time with all backing of Royalty and had no backbone to support Common Law. This is classic Conquer by Colonialism in Law.
The Invention of Law in those days ( Maritime Law ) is extremely dubious considering  that English alphabet and words were concocted to suit these very Laws which were so complicated that the average common man would have no understanding of them whatsoever, A form of modern day Bullshit cast on society with a heavy penalty to pay, should ignorance get the better of you..
Going back to Prime, this cannot be 1776 in any case as the law books in those days encouraged the rampaging of civil rights of indigineous lands in the Americas continent, celebrated still to this day by ‘the head in the sand typoes” in thanksgivings day.
This is as good as an indigenous cannibal feast and a celebration of the land grab and genocidal war.
To me it has no other purpose and can be likened to the masses of ignoraneous celebrations globally unwittingly correographed as in  easter and xmas.
Even worse and dating further back would be the rise in Spanish colonialism and the similar distruction of ancient prophetic works and local indigenous folk. I could mention more but feel no need at this juncture.
Can you see a picture emerging that looks very familiar, may I suggest to all that we can see that UCC law could have created the very set of circumstances that promotes supression of our own spiritual intelligence let alone ill health.
All crimes related to it link to the fact that the Vatcian has contrived and held a policy of concealed ancient artifacts and the secrets of life in it’s vaults which are Property of the Common people.
It is a fact that it exposes all so called warriors or conquerers of those days who carried out these rules and promoted the dirty work for their dark rulers and we seek to overturn that element of the rule book and deception.
It is by no means common beleif, but the knowledge that the Vatican owns all predominant and hi tech telescopes of today is related, furthermore their control extends to Mars.
The Vatican have even renamed all areas of Mars (1998 I do believe) to suit their secretive agenda, a manipulation of their own making of ‘off Planetary control’ without consultation ( secret society decisions).
Guess which establishment I would not wish to invite our Anciient Galactic Ancestry should they come knocking on my door.
The work of the ITCCS is making profound inroads to expose this and more and is ensuring that any secret society which wrote the rule book all those years ago must now conform to Natures Law and return it under International Common Law to  those it was drawn up to enslave, impoverish and suppress.
I am poised for your answers and assistance on this most concerning observation, I for one will not be representing or backreferencing any Jesuit law. The very thing that we seek to foreclose on.
In Love and Light and anticipation of your assistance.

UCC Early History : 1302 approx : Regulated Maritime Law: Cannon law : All Royalty endorsed it : Swareing to the Sovereign’s Interest : Swareing allegiance to the Pope: Banksters were all in collaboration with UCC and are all above the Law:

UCC Universal Commercial Code is a Vatican Roman Emporium Religious Secret Scam:

A suggestion to OPPT is to go back to prime is to go back to a period in time when the UCC does not exist,

IE: Natures Law and Common Law:

The Earliest  History of UCC Universal Commercial Code PART 1 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa6Tay-5l4k?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

The Latest History of UCC Universal Commercial Code PART 2

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksxfO-_RiR8?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Heather Tucci-jarraf : Highlights of her Broadcast : What does this all Mean ? : The People’s Trust : What can you now do?

Here Is the Highlights of Heather’s Conversation with Brian From American Kabuki and Dee From Removing the shackles, all links below.

I can hardly believe some of the things I am going to be saying here, but I have read all the reams of Legal paperwork, Heather and her team of experts have presented and looked at the time frames too and it all Correlates to all the Bankster mass resignations, arrests and  deflections from society last year.

Basically it means the People of the world ( YOU ) are free,  So now is the time to  act free, behave free and free your self from slavery of the old paradigm: No More Central Rothschild bank pillaging the people.

This is not an American thing, This is truly GLOBAL.

As part of the People’s Trust, Heather Tucci-jarraf explains how she has Brought the entire banking system back to Prime Based on a slave system of elite corporate greed and corruption.

Prime means a completely non debunkable peoples system of taking back a financial system From the Rothschild’s Which has enslaved the entire world including all fake Control Banking systm IE; IMF, The UN The Central Banks BIS et al: The World Bank and all other Rothschild owned financial corruption centers, These property’s are now being handed back for the people by the poeple.

The Controllers which means all of them Royalty Rothschild’s Rockefellers Bush Clintons Factions You name it The P2 lodge The Vatican.

All of these illegal groups of secret society’s have been informed that the people have taken all their property back and are about to hand it back to the people.

The closure of these Groups has not been broadcast yet on mainstream news because The Peoples Trust have decided not to use Mainstream media for obvious bias purposes as they too are owned by the Cabal or Illuminati.

The allowcation of $500,000,000 has been registered by the people for a new Government for the USA for a new peoples Governance which is to be formed by the people Organically. That figure can change but Heather thought it was necessary to at least put up some value on it, it is up to YOU to change this if YOU think it needs more or less.

$15 Trillion has been levied for the people for the entire planets people , This is a sum of money that has been set aside and backed up in gold and earth object Silver etc: throughout the world.

Heather has counted and seen all the worlds gold and not the fake gold made by the cabal which has gold wrapped tungsten bars.

This Triggered The Queen of UK to go inspect here stash just last week  which IS ALL Gold wrapped Tungsten bars.

This going back to PRIME means that this system of foreclosure by the people and release of funds means that You cannot owe any money to the old system.

One day the cabal woke up and found that they had no gold in their possession, the gold is now the property of the peoples people.

You now do not need to apply the state taxes or bills as all corportations have been foreclosed upon for being a part of the Cabal system this means no Federal Reserve, It simply does not exist. Any thing that was connected to the Bloodline families has been forclosed upon and is now in the process of being returned to the people.

Should you receive any forclosure notice now is dunbunked, as that corporation issuing you with any notice is not valid, Heather used her own house as a foreclosure example so that she could trace the illegal network back to Prime. It was found that they never actually did an act of lending money used in the loan , this means the loan had no maney attached to it , which means you owe nothing to anyone .

From now on NO Corporation has any power over the people as they all have been forclosed upon, This even means the Television Corporations, and all those Pharmaceutical companies they own and Insurance companies, The Corporation of London, The Vatican, The Royal families and all their Corporations and Power companies The JOb Lot.

They have been foreclosed legally by the people and they have been handing back these corporations to the people and this will take time.

But even though this is not on Mainstream TV It does not mean that all of this is not true. Heather has helped with the framework and calls their organisation a trustee as If you elected her as being in temporary responsibility, She knows everyone wants to see action.

That action is done by the people, when she met the banksters who created the Occupy Walls street Rally’s yes it was sped up by the Wallstreet banksters, she spoke to them and they admitted that Occupy Wall street was manifested decades ago and they were shocked with the result of people power Today, this got them really scared, and this helped bring them to conform to their foreclosure Notices which can be found and read in full at the Peoples Trust.


I strongly urge every citizen to spend valuable time on this site looking into your new paradigm and new way of life.

What does all mean for the future, You are free I am free, So behave like your Free, Act like you are free, Do not conform to any requests from Corporations Just inform them that and quote the People trust has given back to the people any thing a corporation owns IE Hospitals Insurances Schools Universities et al. All those officials Police Immigration and any other law even the Bar Association have been foreclosed on and are currently in a stuation of being or are  to be put back into the peoples hands from the people to the people on the basis of Common Law ” Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.

There is no need to protest any more it is all done You are free, the people in power will get to know this all and just be nice if confronted Ask there name and number and ask them to write it down who they are and move on.

Free energy is foremost in release to the people and all the technology that has been militarized and all the patents that have been stolen will be self sustaining and brought into the people, many groups are working behind the scenes frantically trying to bring these things out publically , this is where you will SEE change.

Food and medication will change and the system of Hospitals doctors and Nursing has been foreclosed on as it was found to be completly manipulated by the Cabal, the system may not change much but the framework of how it was set up will change.

Disclosure will now happen by the people, There are no dates but 25th December is the official date of total Corporation foreclosure date.

The only people who know about the total collapse of the Cabal is the Cabal itself.

So That is the end of the beginning, now is the beginning of Your beginning.

Be free Act Free and Be free ALL OF YOU

The Positive Military where told that they were foreclosed on July The 4th last year and the response has been positive  and they too know they are being freed too .

Change needs to be by You the People You need to recognize all of this.

This is happening now.

This is the most brilliant news and needs to be followed up on by You and me.

This report has been done with out Prejudice and unconditional Love

Please keep in touch with the latest news at American Kabuki and Kauilapele and Removing the shackles sites below:




If you have read all the documentation and have any questions then please put your questions to the peoples trust by mail here.

Please do not write to them if you have not read everything and do not waste their time, They are working for you.


We have been in Converse ( by email) with Heather and her group as all this unfolds, and I can tell you she sounds delightful beyond normal. One can only imagine how hard they have worked in the dark and with the dark, for over 2 years on this, in every country on the planet, How trully exhausting it must have been, Our Thanks extend to all of your team and any one wanting to post this blog as it is all transparent now.

So initially can we suggest you  post questions on comments section at the head of this blog, before going to the Peoples trust, we are in the process of getting all Lightworkers for a group meeting once we are all informed of these changes. keep you posted.



Enjoy learning more about your freedom:

Rev Kevin D Annett : Video of his penultimatum : It is about to start : Also UNREPENTANT the Full Movie: This needs all hands across the ponds of earth to be successful

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl0GCZQ2ThE?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]


Here is Kevin D Annett’s Classic if rather disturbing Documentary  UNREPENTANT.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfuY9t3VhCo?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Gaia Portal : Transfer of Energy successful : Energy aligned to Light Workers Intent : House of Cards to fall :Plus Solar weather and 2 minute news for the day:

Gaia Containment Dome Enables Alignments to Proceed…

by ÉirePort

Energetic containment dome, yet in the flexible 4-grid conformation, has been successful in reflecting energies back to senders. Dark thoughts and emotions begets destructive energies in the sender and all related institutions.

Houses of cards fall rapidly.

Flexible 4-grid channels Higher D energies into alignment with Light Workers intent.

Houses of Light rise and are seen by all.

And here is your solar weather and 2 minute news for the day

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjhrMBFubOM?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]



John Lennon: Occupy SXM at Buccaneer Bar John Lennon gets the message across Thank you all


Thank you all for turning up

The benefits for all that showed up are being weighed up

I met 5 people who wish to make free energy machines with all my Patents

Cheers all

Wish us well





We are pleased to announce our new offices in Tarapoto starting Saturday 5th March 2016.


These new large premises will be home to MAGGRAV TARAPOTO PERU.

Upper floor view

Our Mantra will be


We shall be learning more about Keshe Technologies and experimenting and implementing new Car, Home and New Plasma Power Reactors that can be delivered to the people of this region for use in home and for personal health purposes.

Keshe PenWe will need the support of our followers as we move in this week and look forward to recieve donations to continue our success in the fields of working MAGGRAV Power Reactors in order to make more available working units.

Our current working Plasma reactor in Zener Electrical is still in the commissioning period but recieves raving reports by the technical support team at the  Keshe Institute.


We do expect to have 5 more working units by the end of next week which can be viewed by interested parties and vistitors to MAGGRAV Tarapoto Peru.

Carlos finding zero power ,,is good?

Carlos finding zero power ,,is good?

Our New Venue will be the first place to recieve a working unit and will be in the commissioning period for the next 3 months and will be on show to the public.

Our New Contract will be for 3 months until we have established a New Business selling and mass production of Working Power reactors for Home and Car.

New offices Vestibule rest area

New offices Vestibule rest area

We will also be offering Health Pens and Cannons and pain relief for People open to this new Technology.

Here is a short list of things we are short of and need for the new offices.

  1. An Office Printer $250
  2. Mattresses $150
  3. 12 tea shirts with MAGGRAV TARAPOTO PERU $120
  4. Cooker stove $120
  5. Circular saw to make the Power reactor frames $100
  6. Plywood to make the board room table. $200
  7. Tables and chairs for the new working staff. $250

Each of the items cost approximately Between $100 and $200 so any donations to help make MAGGRAV TARAPOTO PERU a reality and a successful venture would be appreciated and you can donate any amount on the donate button on Paypal on the top right of this page on this website.

Where all the international action will happen in the board room.

Where all the international action will happen in the board room.

Thank you for being a part of the success in creating Free energy and a better health for all.

In Light Dave and the Mipperu team.


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