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2012 The Crossing Over : New film : Finally it is out : 2012 Dec 21st will be a Normal Day : as Love covers over the Chaos : light will be shining through :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlfYHAV1i8w?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

David Icke : Wembley Arena ; Some of the 15minute videos coming From David’s Epic in Wembley Just last week

New rant from David Icke at

Wembley Oct 2012

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skOkKX7KchE?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Saturn Moon Matrix

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85TnhQI2DpI?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Monsanto agenda 21

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cadrA71hLk?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Non Comply dance

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXsxNndj8qE?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Cancer : “The Forbidden Cures” : Full Movie : : Full History : Full Exposure of the pro-profiteering : Finally why go natural ? Because they work : Yes and that is all of them:

This movie is a further down the line from the work on  Thrive the movie :  here is our link to all our movies; Starting with THRIVE


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/25279346 w=599&h=503]


And for another cancer cure Here is running form the cure How our governments DO NOT WANT A CURE FOR CANCER

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGjC4HReFL0?feature=player_profilepage&w=640&h=360]

Incredible to think that every natural cancer cure, actually does work and should be used to cure our cancers.

We should all play the non conformity card and cure our own people.

People we love.

Remember it was written on our coins .

“We Are One” and “Watch Your Business”

We will not let any one forget

Now who is up for a natural cancer cure? there are dozens that I know and I do not even work in this field.

Colloidal Silver

Hemp Oil


Baking Soda




Graviola Fruit

Nooney fruit


Ginger root

Oh and the list is endless



Light Worker Best Documentaries : Terje Toftenes : Nassim Haramein : David Wilcock : Graham Hancock : Movies THRIVE : The Day Before Disclosure : Crop Circles

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvyUYPbV7mM?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q96T2OJlV7c?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y5bXdx5UrE?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1JDMToJDe0?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4jHeUshoaM?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEyqT2_ricA?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zAMdYC80sE?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kvZSR06lhE?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR-klTa1y54?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Frequency testing meeting results : Lie detection Proven : Grave sites proven : Colloidal Silver pure water Proven : Propaganda in newspapers proven : Famous people exposed to their evil This is a Wowzer

Frequency Testing by Lightworkersxm
21st June 2012
Those Present
Dave Stewart Brett Jerome Erjon Herbie Freeky
The Frequency tester shall remain anonymous for this article  for reasons described at end of article
He shall be known and refered to as Freeky

1:00:01 Open discussion

What can we expect to gain from the meeting?

The first thing to say is that this is not a scientific citation that a crime has been committed or something like that

It is a mere indicator that some thing has been noticed and that some thing may need to be taken more seriously

in a more scientific way to investigate the validity of the claim that the Freeky and his Frequency Tester is highlighting
Open discussions explains how Frequency Testing works
Briefly, Frequency testing is about using small hand held electric vibration generator devices
The connection of the device when switched on would then be set to certain frequencies
Those frequencies would then resonate with the frequency given out by the user, in this case Freeky
Freeky would then set the machine for example 666hz is the frequency of evil and then
Freeky would then test for that frequency in the room
It is important to first understand that these machines are used by the frequency they generate
But they are used in conjunction with the user Freeky and his resonate thought patterns
the user therefore determines the item, the direction, the flow , location and quantity of such item
but his consciousness frequency is used in conjunction with the machines frequencies that are generated on top of his
1:00:02 Example one the search for Fresh water on this Tiny Caribbean Island

Freeky set about by setting the tester to divine water level and then search from the room for natural spring water on Island

He would then find the direction of spring water and would first find the direction of that water
Freeky would then zone into the distance away of that water
Once the distance had been established along with the direction he would then
Test for quantity and flow and report that at, for instance, 270deg at 1300meters there was 50 gallons per minute
of fresh drinking water and it would be flowing from north to south
All this was done on a held held device and could be interpreted to be any where else in the world
It was astonishing to see that here on a Tiny Caribbean island that we could detect water
The very fact that the divine rods did not go down for 180 degrees and that is where the caribbean sea was
So by definition the rods only had the other 180 degrees to test for unless some one had put a fresh water line in the sea
Testimony that it registered only where land was and that water indeed was known to be in these areas
Freeky has no paranormal ability he is as human as you or I But his level of research in this field, rates him and his work
The rather unscientific nature in which the test looked to be undertaken was further proof that
This was reading the thoughts of a person and the vibrations it was sighting and connecting those together
The machine alone was not enough to find water It needed Freeky and his divine thought to connect the dots
Freeky influenced the machine to interpret his thoughts to find substance by direction , distance, quantity and flow rate
Freeky further explained that as you get closer you get more accurate that you can zone in and pinpoint the item
Accuracy can be with in inches when zoning in on any object and you get the angle of direction, for example, of where to dig

These are the moments that more modern systems could be brought into effect when indications appear positive
1:00:03 Second test Grave sites

What concluded from this then became quite extraordinary
We asked Freeky if he could look for bones in a grave yard
He said he was commissioned in UK to go find grave sites around an old church many years ago
His scope of works was to determine how many graves over the hundreds of years had lost identity
he was then to map and plot those graves in order for the church to determine the new cemetry boundaries
Bones have energy in them he explained and cremated bones have less energy than buried bones
Freeky then asked the vicar if he needed them to be identified as Cremated dead bodies or buried people
The vicar was perplexed and said “ok tell me what you can, so that we could determine the perimeter of the grave”
Freeky un earthed (from the surface) a footprint of some 60 or more graves and pointed out the cremated bones and listed the burials
From this survey the church could identify the grounds in which to create a new burial site and cemetry without troubling the old grave
Freeky and his machine can detect bones underground and also detect
The energy wave that those bones are still giving out So much so that Freeky can determine the conditions of death ( not the cause)
Freeky further explained that a bone buried would leave black char against the soil but was full of energy
Buried bones that were moved would expose this black energy which could be seen against the soil
This is exceptional in it’s concept and our minds were working over time as to the consequences that could be brought to the table
Here we have a man and machine reading death through the ground and could specifically say how that burial had occurred by man
1:00:04 Deception tests The 4 glasses test

The first deception test we conducted was unsuccessful was 4 glasses of water laid out and one was divinely spoken to
Freeky was then called upon to identify if any one had interfered with the water
the conclusion was that this room offered too much interferrence for this test to be possible to continue
It was recommended a large hall or room with no obstructions be sought next time for this test
So for the record we are drawing a failure notice to this test until further research is properly conducted and witnessed
1:00:05 Deception test Colloidal Silver water test
Colloidal Silver water was made from one of Lightworkersxm Silver water makers and place amongst others on the table
The frequency for divine drinking water was then set
The divine rods clearly shot towards the Colloidal Silver Water every time, no matter where in the room Freeky
Tested from, no matter which angle Freeky was in relation to the other glasses of normal water
There is clear indication that the freshest water in the room was Colloidal Silver water and the exact location
Could be pinpointed even if we put the water in unviewable locations
This is astonishing to see and was proven positive by both electric pulsing tester and handheld
LightWorkers have now made 70 or more Colloidal Silver Water makers and got the proof it needed
This proved that Colloidal Silver water is the best water for your health disregarding all the down playing
Health instititions and other negative enterprises throw at this subject
We now will be continuing our research on Colloidal Silver and will now extend our machines
To Colloidal Gold And Colloidal Copper water making machines for Anti-inflammatory gold and pain killing copper
Colloidal Silver is used by many Light workerSXM followers to great benefit in Health
Freeky even has his own Colloidal Silver Water maker and uses it every day
Distilled Drinking water was disgussed and a worthy point of note :
Colloidal Silver Water makers does not function when doused in distilled drinking water it fails to colloid
However a little drop of salt or anything will activate the machine as distilled water is totally mineral free
Colloidal Silver water is now a proven Antibiotic and I personally use it to cure my abscess in my teeth
1:00:06 Deception test Theft
This test proved to be the most humourous but profound test we conducted
We Suggested Freeky to place 4 items on the table of personal belongings
We asked Freeky to leave the room and on leaving one of us would take an item and hold it on their posession
What Freeky did not know was Erjon reached over to pick up a pair of sunglasses and pass them to Herbie
Herbie then secured the item up his shirt and behind his back
Freeky was then called into the room to find out which item was missing and then conduct a search of all of us
Freeky then said ” ok some one in this room has taken my sunglasses off the table, Which one of you has done that?
he passed the divine rod over me, never moved
Freeky passed by Brett and then Erjon Herbie and Gerome
It was interesting to note that the divine rods went mental when he passed Herbie
Freeky then did something else
he passed Erjon and then zoned in more slowly
Freeky detected correctly that Herbie was in possession of the glasses but something else far more staggering occurred
He then implicated that Erjon had something to do with the exercise Now remember Erjon passed over the glasses to Herbie
This is so remarkable and nearly difficult to explain that this detection process came out to do more than expected
It is clear that when you are in a negative vibration state there is nothing one can do to hide your involvement in a crime
It is clear from this experiment that your brain and consciousness gives off clear resonate signals to others of your guilt
You brain holds this vision and gives out a level of consciousness which cannot be held back, this sign was what we found
Freeky proved beyond any doubt that no matter how small your involvement is , it will be detected
1:00:07 The Great Deception test Newspaper articles Television programs
We used the Miami Herald as we know this newspaper is governed by the cabal and Illuminati
we put 4 articles out in the open
One article was about a diver found dead in the water here on the Island recently

Another article was about the Icelandic banking upheaval

and another about the greece banking and monetary disgrace
the fourth was about the governement here and one was world news about Syria
All the cabal articles about the world were showing evil in the message and picked up on the Evil Frequency
the story about the dead diver proved to be positive and real

So too did the Icelandic Banking article prove genuine
Further to this we placed the bible in front of the articles about Syria and the other negative articles
We know that the Old Testament is the truth no matter the level of your religious beliefs
in fact it is proven that the New testament has been doctored some what and the Old testament registers to be more pure
So our frequency tester shows the old testament to be exactly that, most pure
All books in the room gave off a resonate frequency of goodness except those of ill intent
Moreover the Illuminati Covenant was held up and immediately was seen to be evil
The astonishing thing here was that the bible cancelled out the evil newspaper articles and books
This was done by holding the newspaper article that was corrupted in its making by the Miami Herald
and the gateway Closed in the divine rods
We then passed the bible infront of the offending article and it opened the gateway to the rods thus
cancelling out the evil protrayed in the newspaper article
Now it does not get better than that
You now can read a newspaper article and find out if it is propaganda or not
this test clearly identifies the energy good or bad given off by the written word even if it has 500 pages
the fact that we know the herald to be governed by Rothschild’s Rockerfeller media control did not matter or change anything
The very fact that we know this did nothing more than to help us identify the test to be conducted
The frequency that Freeky put out was simply 666hz evil and then asked of himself is this book or article of evil intent
the passing of the bible in front of evil articles and seeing the divine rods gateway open in front of our eyes is special
It clearly passes on a message here, newspapers give out messages that if with bad intent, can be quashed by good intentions
This means that on Television or in a courthouse you could determine that articles are written with ill intentions to deceive the public

The fact that we could indicate this in our tests, rose eye brows in the room as it was the first time we had conducted this to test.

We firmly believe that this could be used as an initial test service for journalists in the future over the internet

1:00:08 The great deception test Famous people
George Bush The Queen of UK Queen Beatrix Al Gore and our govenor here on the Island all proved to be evil
No matter what we did to Ron Paul’s image he comes out as clean every time even in the light of his switch recently
Obama Cameron and Sarkozy made the rods spin so bad they are now confirmed as really evil
There appeared to be no one in the world we could not test and get positive or negative results from
Freeky then set the frequency to 666 and 777 and 788 and went about the room
None of the rods moved when testing those present in the room on the deception levels 666 & 777
We all resonated with 788hz but anyone holding a picture of the queen Elizabeth or any other evil spirit
this would be detected
Incidentally Lady Diana came out clean as a whistle
It appears very clear that from this test we could not only check that the company we keep was all good
But we could also test for anyone infiltrating our group would come out loud and clear and would be detected
We were all witness to this feat and were astonished that no matter whose name we put in to the company
A name of a Corporation or CEO was all that is needed to find ill intent in these tests
So if you congeal the tests from Newspaper reports and high people in high places one can conclude
Nothing or nobody escapes their own frequency wether it be just a photograph or a written email
Their own frequency is there visible for the tester to read and determine the intentions
Just as if I were to send you a blasphemous email You certainly would feel the intention in my words
1:00:09 Food tests and miscellaneaous others
Monsanto round up has frequencies in all of it’s evil products and Freeky has listed them all one by one
therefore if any new food is tabled it can be tested for poisins
Chemtrails are dumped on us daily and have aluminium nano particles amongst others like Barium
These all carry certain frequencies that differ from all others and therefor can be tested
Our foods on this Island come from Both France and Guadaloupe and also USA
the foods from USA generally like Chicken Eggs kellogs corn flakes and Bread test for positive with poison
the French produce is generaly sound but not in all cases
Water melon with white seeds are GMO and poisonous Black seeds are the only genuine Melons
Noneseeded water melons could not be identified but deemed to be suspicious and should be not eaten
It is interesting to note that barcodes have frequencies and Freeky pointed out that on barcodes
the second number in , should that be an 8, then that produce is poison
There is no summary to these tests as basically food is either poisoned or it is not, no half way measures
1:01:01 Health matters
One of the Visitors Gerome has indicated  recently he has been diagnosed with Celiac Desease
Ailments of this rare desease are Shortage of breath, Bloating in the stomach and intestines depression and tiredness
In the meeting Gerome complained of Bloating and blocked bowels just generally down in himself
We asked gerome if he minded being the guinee pig and consume some of the Colloidal Silver we had made
He devoured a glass of colloidal Silver and the discussion moved on to MMS if coloidal silver did not work
Remarkably This morning he contacted us to say that later that evening, he felt movement in his stomach
an hour after the meeting he then said that his feeling of relief and feeling of blockedness had all but gone
Since last August Gerome has not felt well with this desease and was absolutely amazed by his new feeling
The relief he is feeling right now is such that is it no more than a huge surprise and says that his mother
Has the same desease so I think we have more news to hear from this miracle cure
Remember Colloidal Silver and White powder Gold are all covered in ancient texts as the fountain of Youth and the bread of life
2:00:01 Frequency testing History and future
Freeky’s frequency testing is based on the Historical figure and genius of the thirties Royal Raymond Rife
A short clip of him can be seen on The THRIVE movie but his cancer cures were suppressed by his financiers in the thirties
Raymond Rife was destroyed in the same evil manner as the late and great Nichola Tesla was by J P Morgan
he basically reached a frequency of the cancer and matched a natural antidote to cancel the progression of the desease
All of his frequencies of illness can be found by researching Rife’s work
Even the machines used by Freeky can be sought in his work and are over the counter items
Freeky has all of those resonate frequencies listed in a manual he has created over years of research of Rife’s Work
Freeky’s work and further research is based on this resonate frequency finding technique and is used in the same manner
Any one seriously interested in this work can freely do the same as Freeky
The machines alone will not solve any mystery it is the understanding that Freeky has achieved by his research
and understanding of methods and tests and how to coordinate the resonate frequencies
It is that very combination of resonate energy forces given out by both man and machine Provide the most incredulous results
We know the Vatican and House of Windsor and Bohemian Grove all carry our ritual sacrifices
And yes we would be able to prove this and find the dead and buried with out even entering the premises, from miles away
The management of the testing also would be important to determine what tests should be carried out and for what aim
A scope of works would need to be determined as to what purpose the test should uncover
An engineer could be used or an artist for example could then relay the events discovered and map the objectives
Then precise uncovering could be determined and carried out with guidance from further zoning in techniques during the process
Checks would be needed and second opinions from other frequency testers and other equipment could be used as a back up
For instance I have used the ground scan radar for my Hotel developments in large areas where we can detect anything under ground
However this cost thousands if not hundreds of Thaousands of Dollars So we may be able to offer prescreening services
Remember that when searching for something suspected of being there is always a long shot but this method could cut to the chase
2:00:02 Overall Summary
If we were asked to perform a search for an indication of mass graves around churches then yes this could be done
however the test management would have to be thus that no doubt remained that the information received
Was so thoroughly checked before major un earthing works could be commenced
This applies to wrecks at sea and evil people infiltrating the room plus liars
But then again I thought that all liars are evil people and we are run by them and I hope we can play apart
in exposing them for what they are and what they have done and what they will do further, if we do nothing about it
The fact is that Galactic Channeling could be tested for and all manner of new phenomena
Evil is Evil and it is clearly seen on Frequency tests
Good is good and that too is clearly visible infact as said earlier that power of good overrides the power of evil
So if we can find a guilty person in a room full of people
plus test for an infiltrator of evil
plus find if anyone has cocaine on their possession
find gold anywhere plus water and poisins
find dead bodies and tell you how they died ( cremated of buried)
and do this from great distances and zone in nearer ,ending up right on the point of search
Determine a person who has ill intentions to others
I quite honestly do not know why our team is not flying around the world unearthing all manner of treasure and ancient works Or checking the newspapers and TV presentors each day for rogue journalism
There appears no limits to our search and indications of recovery works
This just needs some one to sponsor it and take it to new limits
What I have learned in the passed 6 months of meeting with Lightworker Freeky, is quite difficult to table
But one thing I do know , all of us can now clarify whose right and whose of ill intent with out confusion
We have just swept this planet clean of all Bullshit
We are seeking an organzation of University college that wishes to delve deeper into this subject
take us on board and move us into the correct direction as this technology sees no boundaries
Basically Freeky is saying that he can go to court and test to find if the Judges are evil or not, prior to the court case
3:00:01 Seeing into The Future of Frequency Testing
There is no doubt that this technology like Free energy ( after all this is exactly what this is) and other technologies have been supressed
It is possible to test an entire bank and it’s main intention, and a Bank manager or even some one with a duff cheque
Where I see a flaw in it’s use commercially or shall I say in the future, is that it is open to individual interpretation
So that is a lot of pressure on Freeky and lightworkersxm should they for instance be held to expose a certain persons genocide
So if we were to consider using this for all manner of truth exposure
One would have to consider using several independent Frequency tester outfits or the opening of education
this would ensure that Freeky and Lightworkersxm would not be the only people to find the hidden treasure or grave or poisin
The very fact that it couldindicate the location of the Arc of the Covenant from a great distance and then hone in on it to the exact spot
is almost a terrifying thought but a real one too
if used for the correct intention it has no limits and must not get into the wrong hands
At the moment our frequency levels at lightworkersxm are set at 788hz and have no intention of climbing down the scale
What frequency are you, the reader, on?
Can you help us move this to the intended destination and clear the planet of evil, poisin, lies, secrecy and corruption
4:00:01 Freekly wishes to remain anonymous
Anonymity by the user is still needed in todays sicked out society, due to the fact that governments do not like this exposure
Freeky has asked to remain anonymous for this article due to the fact that he did once serve time for exposing crime by a government
Especially in the Police department he uncovered that both the government and the police worked in cahoots to transport
vast quanitities of drugs and had them stored in their buildings , this was easily found by Freeky, then his troubles began
So please bare this in mind when reporting this article or passing it on
Freeky is human and he is merely defending himself from the evil sick society of today who have their cards marked
Every single one of them should be tested by this method in my view, it will sever Bullshit and get to the point and save time
If 100,000 people are to be arrested in the next 6 months then I am positive in mind that we could help to section this losing ruling elite
All information gathered and witnessed and composed by
Dave Stewart xi4.com

With the help of All Light Workers SXM

Mass Arrests : What is really going on? Are they happening or Will they Happen Or not? : Full report here

Here is a full report about the The Great Expectation of all time

Mass Arrests of the global Elite ( Cabal, illuminati, luciferian worshippers, Satanic Freemasons

1) White Hats Report #40

Dr Michael Herzog and Sir Joseph Birch Arrested by German police

here is the details


This will almost certainly lead to the arrest of Jeb Bush Mitt Romney Bush Senior and Tony Blair and chief of Vatican and J P Morgan

As these are disclosing illicit corruption in the western governments at top level

2) Lord Blackheath exposes $15Trillion in House of Lords

Ramifications HSBC. RBS. Citi Bank. Credit Suisse. Federal Reserve. J P Morgan, all implicated but no arrests because the perpetrators are all covered by the National Securities Act

Here is the video


However the money all $15 Trillion of it is still missing and the story is on going

Please read White Hats Report #41


Plus Davos The Financial Forums of World banksters exposed in $16 trillion or more going missing stolen from Italy The owner of these gold bonds  is from Indonesia Soekarno in the Neil Keenen Law suite on Financial Tyranny on David Wilcocks

Divine Cosmos Site here


3) British Arrestees and the phone tapping scandal

The Murdoch Family court case was revealing and produced arrests 60 in all and some high level police commissioners plus many top journalists and politicians

The latest being Rebecca Brooks and her Husband Charlie the Racehorse trainer plus 2 other s (policemen ) and 3 more ex News of the  world staff


4) 12 Branches of the Federal Reserve Liens and on ALL G7 Central Banks

All G7 Central banks have now also being in receipt of liens

Even Curacao here in the Caribbean has a lien on it which affects Nederlands Antilles


BIS ( Bank of International Settlements) and All other Central Banks Have liens place on their doorstep

No Arrests associated with these liens as of yet ( however it does lead to Bankster defections and arrests see next point)

5) Bankster Resignations Arrests and defections

American Kabuki have reported this to 611 total count as from the beginning of May

That complete list is Here


If you scour the list you will see the list contains a wealth of top people in major named banks which are household names in our sports and on our high streets globally and no country is missed from the list either

But we also know there is more than the current list

6) Vatican Butler/Bankster Exposed in Corruption is Arrested just yesterday 25th May


This is not the only scandal to rock the royal religious robbers of the 21st century

They are also wanted for crimes against humanity and sex scandals and children theft and killings in Ireland Belgium Holland Canada Spain and Italy


7) Whistleblowers turned spokesmen

Benjamin Fulford Nigel Farage Lord Blackheath Laura Eisenhower The Grand daughter  and illuminati Clone of the late President Eisenhower all speaking out with many many more

Here is Laura Eisenhower with the Man Alfred L Webre who found George Bush and Tony Blair Guilty of war crimes talking about Laura’s Experiences with the Cloning and time travel and the Illuminati

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peep23d_coI?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Plus more whistleblowers exposing the banks they work for and explaining about commonplace banking corruption and how they cannot abide their methods of corporate stealing from clients as in JP Morgan’s Greg Smith and Andrew McGuire


8) Todays new heroes

Here is the Benjamin Fulford & Nigel Farage blurb at the 10000 imminent arrests

This is what it is all about

If it wasn’t for people like these we would all be in the dark


9) Convictions in the International War Crimes Tribunal

HRH Queen of England

Ratzinger the Pope

Bush Blair Cheney Rumsfeld to mention a few

all found here in the side posts


10) Aliens ( not Liens ) and backworked corporate technology for ill gotten war gain and profit not for the people

If you donot see that these people who enslave us are not going to be arrested then you can kiss my little sweet spot


If they make anything of any value they use it on weaponry and war for profit

Rothschilds Rockefellers Royalty Dutch British Spanish Swedish German Are all in this together and must be toppled

This is what they are up to today in space form the last space X launch


So as soon as we start these arrests and it looks likely the wheels are in motion already then we can listen to DRAKE

on Freedom Reigns radio here and pass on his information on how to best be prepared for the take down of the evil rulers

http://freedomreigns.us/ALERTS.html as at the moment this site has little activity except some banter leading to the mass arrests

But it is meaningless as predictions made are not bearing any fruit at all

11) The New Golden Age as in the Mayan Calender and the message in the great Pyramids of Gisa

Then we can literally go into the next dimension and into the Golden Age as David Wilcock Brilliantly explains here

In one of his most special documentary’s

2012 Enigma Prophecies of a golden age [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEyqT2_ricA&w=640&h=360]

12) Every thing we are taught is wrong

Nassim Haramein explains that his science lesson never went well when he was 9 years old and he saw the lies then

as in his great documentary on science here


13)  The Mass Arrests

It has begun already, but not going to my liking

Still Bullshit BBC CNN and mainstream media war mongering and strange distracting stories not worthy of news

Not enough big names arrested for me but here is some more

But I know Timothy Geitner Bill Gates George Bush SNR and Silviano Burlusconi have been temporarily detained for Questioning last month So the process is a large information gathering discipline

The difficulty being dark ones are still very much in control just now , until WE TAKE THEM DOWN

The good news is that Sarkozy is now exempt from Cover and diplomatic immunity now so he may just be next in the cage with Burlusconi where he belongs

14) Cosmic awakening and the masses downloading the light

Any way here is the latest yesterday from the Andromeda Coucil and their representative Tolec and what is really going on and what to expect and who is our true cosmic heritage.


15) What we can do?

Join a channeling group or pass a film on we need people to awaken and it is our duty to do this

No matter how crazy you may think people think of you

I have joined the Ashtar Command Crew and it resonates with me


This does not mean it is for you

What ever you feel is right ,,,,, is right

This is your New Golden Age your 4th and 5th Density shift

Where evil has no place

That is why the Mass Arrests are happening and continue to do so until we can open the box of reality

Here is THRIVE Please pass it on it is in 10 languages now




Jose Escamilla : NASA :”We lied about everything about the MOON” ; Bell Comm NASA Insider ; The video showing the moon in full colour

The main reason Hubble will never photo the moon in it’s glory is because it will show the many Et’s Ed’s structures visible there

Every time a astronaut enters space they get inundated by Et’s


You can get the full film here on Youtube also


Unbelievable stuff But no then again,

very believable

Jose Escamillia best UFO Documentary to-date explaining corporate cover ups on all modern back worked Alien technology

Truly great television and lots of disclosure and education here


Nicholas Sarkozy : Global Research TV : Short documentary on the Corruption and embroidery of politics by Frances US Cabalistic dictator is one of the Committee of 300


Second article on this man who needs to be in the bin The Sin Bin

France wake up and arrest this evil

2012 Scenario Steve Beckow posts: See if you have the balls to sit through this documentary about Deep Underground base reality??


I hope You have what it takes to watch this

True story of Phil Schnieder

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