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“Waiting for the world to Change : Performed Live by Our own : Light worker SXM : Pete Reynolds Narrated by ‘Yours Truly’ Some coordinated Graphics too

Here is Pete Reynolds Performing Waiting on the world to Change Great cover of John Mayer


Really great hearty performance Pete Reynolds and Gian Franco

Please pass this on to all your friends



Music : Stand By Me : Very hearty version by all our indigenous people ; turn the volume high and let your emotion take you

See if you can watch this with out sparing a tear , go on be honest


John Lennon: Occupy SXM at Buccaneer Bar John Lennon gets the message across Thank you all


Thank you all for turning up

The benefits for all that showed up are being weighed up

I met 5 people who wish to make free energy machines with all my Patents

Cheers all

Wish us well


Music:The Lighthouse Family : HIGH We are going to be,You and Me Forever : David Icke & Alex Jones


Music : Oasis : Don’t look back in anger


Music : The Lighthouse Family : Free


Can any one comment on this short clip about music manipulation over the years?? Have a look at the list of stars involved??


All comments are welcome on this

I know nothing about this


Music : Morton hacket that great voice of AHA delivers Ocean of Love


can anyone help I am trying to find the David Icke version of this

it has been removed from Youtube

he has great insoirational words at beginning and end of this great music


Music : Muse : The Uprising played over in the Spanish revolution last year : Superb rabble rouser


gets my vote

terrific Stuff Muse

Music : and great vid: Foo Fighters: Pretender


Good build up great ending


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