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A warm Amazonian Peruvian welcome awaits your visit in the finest settings in Tarapoto Peru.

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Tarampoto water highway

Mission I’M Possible 5 : 14th Mar 8.00PM Friday Night Radio : DESTINATION PERU : Outstanding news : 3D Printer HQ to Build the New Wellness Workshop Village in the Amazonia:



10 miles by 4 miles un-spoilt Amazonian Forest:

To be Home for 3D Printing Energy Global Network’s Professional Team :

New Free Energy Workshops & Wellness Center with a Community Health Village with a Giant Aquaponics System .

Called “The Center for Mass Creation” will be the first major development of a New Consciousness City in Peru.

On Expanding U Radio 8:00PM Friday 14th March 2014:

Click on the Picture of Peru to take you to the show :

Expanding U Radio Goes to PERU

Expanding U Radio Goes to PERU

The Centre for Mass Creation, Aguanana Muyuna Village , San Martin’s Amazonia, PERU:

Meets the Owner and discusses Building of the Energy Workshops and Wellness Centre & Geometric Aquaponics Village.

Special Guests > Fernando Vossa, Maite Jainko and From Planeta Libra in Peru and on location:


Jamil Eqb and his team of Global Warriors and Shamanic Villagers.

With Show Host India Irie & Dave Stewart. Expect Spanish Translations with Dialogue with Jamil Eqb.

But here are just some of the Questions we will be posing to Jamil and his Spiritual Team at Proyecto Libra in Peru.

General Arrangement of  The Center for Mass Creation PERU.

General Arrangement of “The Center for Mass Creation” PERU by ALOSHA.

Questions to the Team:

1)  The 3 Story Center Wellness Conference and Edible Office Complex

with in keeping with the main Central hub of the Project and will look like this .

Spiritual Conference Center of Mass Creation.

3 Story Geodesic Edible Office and Wellness Clinic and Conference centre

3 Story Geodesic Edible Office and Wellness Clinic and Conference Center for PERU.

2) 24 Geo-matrix Houses for all skilled staff at 3DPEGN and eventually

visitors to the Wellness Health Complex run by our own skilled Naturo-Practors.

Geo-Matrix Homes for Proyecto Libra PERU.

Geo-Matrix Homes for Proyecto Libra PERU.

 3) Free energy Workshop and Milling area to Make the QEG and spaceship technology.

Ralph Ring Technology Over-unity Device Ship

Ralph Ring Technology Over-Unity Device Ship

4) Giant Energy Aquaponics Farm all around the Central hub of the Sacred Geometric Estate.

Giant Curved Self Sustainable  Aquaponics Greenhouses all around The Center for Mass Creation", Peru.

Giant Curved Self Sustainable Aquaponics Greenhouses all around The Center for Mass Creation”, Peru.

5) Conceptual Decoration and Designs of exceptional Energy and sacred Geometric nature by Architects Fernando Vossa and Alosha Lynov.

Designed by Alosha Lynov

Designed by Alosha Lynov

6) Using the latest in Grey and Sewer Water technology for Regeneration growers.

Human composting

And the latest  Composting Toilet Systems making sure the whole region is soil rich for decades to come.

Water creation works

Outside life will be for bathing and regenerating the body.

Work life will be making Free Energy or Making Models or Pottery or 3D Printing.

pod Models

Or simply modelling and designing your own home to build there for your own use.

PLANETA LIBRE, PERU offers our team the chance to get into The New Golden Age .

We wil be welcomed by Jamil, His family and the team from the ground in PERU. Friday. Enjoy the show.

In Light Dave


New world funders

New Earth Project : Amazing technology with amazing people : Meet the team of Ambassadors:or Jesuits?


Every time I try to get involved and use all of my 30 years building experience in Eco -Friendly projects I become thwarted and disjointed and notice that is has all been hijacked by Agenda 21.

So will New Earth Project be any better?



When I came across New Earth project I used my natural talent and 30 years of natural Building and Project manager experience to  sift New earth vision

through all the designs and even  applied to see if I could be of any service to these challenging looking projects:

After  I applied and I did not get any acknowledgement: Well maybe I expected too much too soon?

Until I stumbled over this new project by Humanitad AKA New Earth Project:


Stand By

Dave 15th Nov 2013





Cobra : Understanding the Resistance Posts and GAIA Portal Posts:

Dedicated to Cobra Followers and those who genuinely have an interest in understanding “The Einstein appearance” of Cobra Resistance Operation Posts: Or Mission Statement updates:

This applies to those of us who are undergoing spiritual re- evaluation of our Ascension awareness and capability.

October 1st 2013 : Cobra PostedPandora in progress. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN stable. PP APR approved. M=5.

October 5th : Project 501 report : updated : Project 501 Update:

Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has a probability of p=0.8. The alternative beta timeline with multiple MVBNs, converging into possible next HVBN before intersection has a probability of p=0.2. 
Beta strategies have been modulated and need to remain strictly classified. 
There are two major intersection probability peaks remaining.
The previous intersection probability peak within RR2-3 intermediate period has collapsed due to incomplete intel about L1 and L0 anomaly.  
The first major intersection probability peak comes shortly after the beginning of the RR3-4 intermediate period, p=0.3. Alpha timeline is partially classified P501 with gradual to fast M increase and with probability of some form of EL contact. This leads to complex interference with existing HVBN on the surface, multiple MVBNs being one triangulation alternative and time compression into the convergence point being another one. Shortly before the omega convergence point this timeline anyway converges into an antarionid RM intersection. Beta timeline comes with declassified P501 with multiple MVBNs and then with RM intersections as soon as possible. 
The second major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection, p=0.7. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.
Antares in Milky way
Translating Cobra mission statements :

CoBra = COmpression BReAkthrough: Which should automatically trigger in your mind: the earth and someone squeezing it with big hands until it goes pop in between your fingers and thumbs. Or Containment is a word that leaps to mind.

So here is a laymans version of what is going on outside our normal line of vision.

Here is what you must consider if you wanted to break up a 20,000 to 300,000 year war with out violence: ( which in essence is what we are trying to do).

Being human and understanding the (RM in Cobra posts) Resistance Movement and what they have to do, One has to step out of the box and look at the world differently: Resistance Movement does not just mean you and I, there are active but placid ground forces here too and those in other planes arriving.
So to visualize what is about to happen and what is actually happening right now. HVBN & MVBN are mentioned covering the incoming visitors and it is clearly stated interfacing with RM’s on the ground. and even Multiple MVBN’s are mentioned.
Visualize the MIA space station with archontic ships all over the place.
What would you honestly do to breakthrough this occupation of alien forces?
Firstly you would put grids up all over the place to keep track on what is going on and where. ( They did this thousands of years ago and is why we see pyramids all over the globe).
Tunguska being a very negative energy point on earth but lets stick to positive energy.
These points could be mapped and introduced  to time lines that extend well beyond the realms of not just this planet but extend those grids out to the planets as well: Just like the second picture below. We live on a mobile travelling planetary system  which passes through Time a space.
Then you would look at your subjects Archontic, Reptilian, Draco, Gray, Hydra’s, Ebens etc: and you would monitor how these folk get around and what stops them functioning:  In the first instance you would not make it so dangerous for incoming Resistance ( VISITORS) people either , So one must understand that this is not like laying mines or a gas or trip wires or anything like that where by everyone can be destroyed, it is far more sophisticated than that and beyond normal human thinking, unless, like me,  you are prepared to stretch your imagination just that bit further.
You will see Cobra reference XYR’s Well in normal geography we reference XYZ and the GPS system locating grids X= N-S. Y=E-W and Z is from below as above just as my Auto CAD system: Zenith and Azimuth I think they called it at my Yachtmaster school in Astral navigational techniques. The Z grid in Cobra speak being broken in to a-z grid reference points in altitude. The X & Y grids he uses on odd occasions but offers more integral grid/ vortex points : It is my consensus that he goes by a code of energy grid formats which are geo-desic Outer and Inner Earth energy swathes, as my best description. What I mean is there is a sectional beehive in a spiders web format in and  around planet earth.
Just a bit more layman shit before we go code cracking:
Just imagine how you would have to think if you had to develop a tool to prevent our consciousness reaching outer space and telling little secrets to the so called enemy imagine how sophistated that would have to be, and On the other hand, what about receiving bolts of energy from the Galactic center ( Called Omega convergent zones) to keep you safe and recharged so that you can carry on with your daily duties.?? That is more like what is going on just now in CoBra’s Mission statements.
The ethereal time planes  and the convergence of the galactic wave of energy pulsing over head right now and controlled grid line vortices are tantamount to making this earth less hostile because of the current situation here on earth having the following:
1)  Alien controlled cabal ( fake humanoids generally of Annunaki/Replitian origin)
2) Humanoids, those like us who live in slavery ( who are very pissed off and too can be aggressive ((ignorant))to the point of canibalistic)
3) negative factions of the Archons who do not land on earth and use other bases on the  Moon & Saturn etc
4) those living beneath earth with over 50 differing species.
5) and most important of all, Those Indigenous forms who date back years,  globally there are many, Too many to name here.
Exercise to try for your self :
For those who have not seen THRIVE the movie ‘ or Nassim Haramein’s Schwarzschild Proton videos Try this simple exercise:
Cut 2 onions open , One across the equator and one from the root to spout and look at the difference: Now draw a line across the centre and put a time line of 20,000 years on each change ring or wavey line. and imagine YOU are receiving one of these new ring lines right now from the Galactic core. This is where we stand today.

The reason for the mission statements having that   Einstein appearance is simple : It is !!


m= matter and is followed by a mile marker as to the height. See diagram below: as in m=15:33

A graph depicts progress through 2013 and as you will see  it is much slower than Cobra or anyone else had envisioned. ( sounds like the financial situation and the global collateral accounts all over).

Ascension graph_n

M=Body Matter Yes Human Body matter: M=2 or last week it was raised to  M=5 which means zone 5 for humanity it has been up to 10 previously indicating we were getting a right royal rodgering ( done over) and need protection.

M= A human  protection layer and the larger the number the more sylphs you may see protecting the skies: Less we forget, You are being bombarded by man-made weather daily and globally. It is nice to know that most of it is filtered before it gets here: This is where the operations are helpful to mankind.

AT THE TIME OF WRITING 3 lines which form star shapes in CHEMTRAILS are right over head and the sylphs are leaping into action as I speak.

The only problem we ( the average lightworker ) have with the relatively simple equation  E=mc2 is filling the letters with substantive material :

“Energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared.”  So what exactly does the velocity of light have to do with it?

For those mathematicians and Quantum leap scientists among us please see this description :


I always have a problem with  filling the the last bit: Velocity of light but I can do the squared bit. ( chuckles)

Have you ever wondered if Cobra is trying to test us with these postings? maybe even is he working for NASA and giving out the latest top secret intel so that dark warlords can go deep undercover and then come out of hiding and zap people with the Death ray ? If so why would he spend all of his time making impossible to understand mission statements available to the people and spending his entire new life going around the globe opening vortexes whilst in the mean time showing people that we live within Frequency energy and light ? Did Einstein not do this ?

Trust me, this took some time to evaluate: But it is worth it if you go back and read older posts and do some basic research.

Here is some breaking down of the codes which will benefit from your contribution in the comments section above the header:
Matthew Wexelbaum: Thanks for your diligence: on Portal 2012: You are very close but help others to look in the right places.

The whole scenario with all of its twists n turns  also explains abnormal zombie behaviour and shape-shifting too and more and more of this will be come evident as the squeeze intensified both on and inside the planet: here is a great article on it :


Try to visualize earth like this :


We often look up to the sky and ask is that Chemtrails? or is that weather manipulation? HAARP or normal weather?

Sadly there is not much good weather these days since they weaponized it in 1992 :

It is more commonly used to get countries to hand over their finances to Rothschild central banks and most country governments know this but they are threatened with it if they brave disclosure:, but good news is on the way. Do you notice these things ? Sylphs ?

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM?

Whose painting in the sky these days in SXM?

These angelic strands change day to day  night to night, have you noticed them?

The Ethereal planes and the Earth as an Galactic playground.

Operations : Phoenix, Pandora, Omega Etc ,  ( isn’t it funny all of the listed operations are related to heavy biblical and historical figurines)

CoBra = Compression Breakthrough and Omega Convergence Point can be assumed to be The Event from a galactic standpoint: As opposed to a financial meltdown which is from a Hue Man standpoint -The Event- leading to  freedom from slavery and the physical take down of the Cabal. Oh and some  decent TV for a change possibly, plus all our best kept secrets given out to us in the form of disclosure of truth science.

Dimensional Timelines  Bobra refers to are Alpha and Beta and they Bifurcate ( fork like: Bi meaning 2 pronged ) Hyper Phasically ( self explanatory ) Dictionary : Frantic genetic/kinetic energy in a Proton Neutron Dark energy: IE : Hyper phasic person/ child changes for the better or worse with an increase or decrease of oxygen. The blending of timelines is not in normal human ways of thinking or conversation just now, however this will become  increasingly likely over the next few years.

Other terms and meanings : in January 2013 this was posted L1CLR and people seem to think that its is Level 1 ( which it is ) and Clear which it is not :

You will also notice in many previous posts L1DNR and L2UPR  after the Level is determined ( L0 or L1 0r L2) The next part which can be defined as Upper, Center or Down leading to RR time lines. So they are Levels and read in context with M= values ( Humanic effects) and m= values in miles or small letter values ( non humane but Planetary  etherical layers).

GAIA Portal posts: have you ever linked these to Cobra Posts?

Hue Man as GAIA portal so often calls it>  They tend to only cover what is happening on a spiritual standpoint on the ground which is very healthy & useful.


But you can see and feel the links between the energies recorded:

Higher D Blue Sphere of Light surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe. Sparkles of point crystals shimmer in this High Atmosphere. Standardized protocols have now faded completely from Gaia intention space. Gaia grids have been cleansed of shadow web structures and are now free to operate as intended, without obstructions or restriction. Global resonance at hu-being levels is felt by all residing there. Hue-Beings now find application in Higher Realms. Inner Strength at individual consciousness points coalesces to the “Global Gaia”.

Back to Cobra:

L1 is level 1 and level zero is Human interface L0 and if you look just recently Cobra posted M(L0)=16:38 Now M= Human Mass as in E=(M)c2 and a good article below  explains that human mass changes in death, decomposure or life as we know it: m=0 declared the all clear of the etherical plane on 28th September is shown in the chart above if you look closely and the previous months had m=15:33 and so on ,,which is graphed out nice and clear as above sketch.

All of what Cobra produces refers to Morphing statuses IE Caterpillar to Cocoon to Butterfly in terms of time and molecular status; the more you look into it the more you will see similarities of life and death being ( well that is what we call it)  recorded; as if we were searching for a mathematical formulae for life and death itself : death being at transformation of Alpha to Beta timelines: Alpha being in the morphing phase at varying stages, Beta being the merging timeline with Alpha (Cocoon): So there is no death, just a shift of paradigm.

We are stranded in 3D on planet earth with 2 strand DNA ; we know that  4th Dimension is Space time : 5th Dimension being Proto-phasic ( the crystalline structural humanic change over ). The secrets of our changing ability of our own DNA are withheld from us in The Vatican Vaults and will be released to us very shortly, Just keep your open eye out on how the Vatican is fear morphing away from the subject each day with this new Jesuit pope: Boy he knows he and the entire Vatican is in trouble: When you hear news from the Vatican Just ask : Where are our secrets? and you can cut through the bullshit diversions much more easily , this is the main reason they own all the major telescopes of the world and name all names on Mars, They control what they know about us.

4th dimension you will notice has little alternative media coverage as most jump straight to 5th Dimension and the reason for that is because the transition 3rd to 4th is less dramatic in terms of Human Consciousness than 4th to 5th or even 3rd straight to 5th due to our human design matrix which is in existence today. Many people are managing to get breakthrough knowledge of this in Meditation, DMT exercises or Salvia sessions and mushrooms & Ayahuasca etc, which I find most fascinating.

5th dimensional Ethereality ( if there is such a word) is not visible to the average 3D human. Where as 4 D is more approachable to 2 strand folk with some inner exercise. We are hearing that kids these days are more often than not, born with 3 strand DNA through these Compressive breakthroughs.

The ethereal plane is reachable by our inner communication devices ( our Consciousness beacon ) Our initial problem appears to be our disconnection from one source to the other…The Mind Matrix and radio beacon ( Pineal gland is a receptor and signals outside our bodies which are in-turn initiated outside our bodies just like radio waves). Just like a dog knows it is walkies time. otherwise known as channeling. Do you honestly think that everything you know is locked up in your tiny mind as a micro processing unit?


To understand modern science of dimensions from a  spiritual   standpoint you have to really understand that they ( all scientists) all know that reincarnate souls is a mathematical certainty despite them keeping it under wraps from us :

Here is an article proving that from Dr Katsman : http://www.cfpf.org.uk/articles/rdp/katsman/ph-m-model.html

Back again to Cobra and the significance or morphing timelines:

Cobra’s timelines are in code too: Matthew Waxelbaum comments and I suggest he could be closest on the block: p=0.3  and RR2-3 and so on referring to the length of Period in a % (0.5 =50%) or length of specific time Months in Caps  etc: is in relation to incoming energies from the galactic core: So yes that means incoming timelines: Just imagine sitting on the edge of the plug hole when the water comes feeding in, you may then grasp the pending black hole phenomena and intense energy that is all around us. This energy only ever happens to be visible when one entity makes a gravitational shift IE water – plug hole: This is certainly not a catastrophic timeline as changing the bath water does not mean the bath water is dead, far from it, It is moving and moving  on ( morphing) . Therefore this is more likely to be a very positive timeline as all events in the world lead us to thinking that way, should we not take mainstream fear mongering on board.

If we think out of the box for a moment and consider us Human Beings =M and the outer etherical plane =m and all the technical mileage of the outer crust of the earth and how it affects Human life , we have also to understand that it affects Earth living Galactic life forms too; I do not expect that for the puppet masters Cameron, Hague, McCain, Kerry and many  others. This timeline may not be the kindest timeline to be in if you are in morph status.

The reason made clear this week as Montague Keen said  ” It is time for these people to exit the stage earth” “they are not going to be able to hide their existence any longer ” Which in plain simple Morph language means : Expect more shapeshifting on National TV from the confined elite as they are pinned down and Earth is now no place for the dark Cabal.


And finally Cobra:

This weeks message also contained PP APR approved which is the Pheonix Project:  Automatic Power Reserve Approved and from what I can understand  M=5 which is a surge of support energy for humans on the surface and out to space, 5 being on a scale of M= 0 to M=10. Ten being further away M=0 meaning planetary surface. IMHO.

In just today Cobra’s Latest Post :

We have already seen that he 2 timelines are Alpha & Beta: and Lets work out the HVBN: I know that some of you out there will nail this :
In this post Cobra gives us many clues : HV (BN) and MV (BN)s as he calls them, try you go back to the original post of Project 501:
Capitol letters are an indication of meaningful words or beings as opposed to small letters which indicate something off a graph.
So if we have HV Beings and MV beings what could that mean. and Interaction with RM’s we know is Resistance movement and the antarionids ( guess where they come from) Antares by any chance?
You only need to go on and look for their containment in the Bulletins and to simplify all of this :
Morphing in and out of time lapses or dimensions is nothing new to Galactics (Good or bad) So HV’s and MV’s having the ability to cross into Alpha and Beta timelines is not without considerable reason : So MV’s Must be Multiple Velocity or vehicles. and High Velocity Being modules which could be translated to Mother ships and Spacecraft in addition to those already in place IE: RM’s and us on the ground. The BN for the purpose of this report will remain unsolved, so I await your interjection and help. A copy of this report will go to Cobra for his comments:
In June 2013 Cobra reported Project 501 status report:
So as Cobra’s intelligence briefings now become little by little more understandable and I hope you can understand GAIA portal briefings a little easier now : and More in the future: It should become common knowledge that we are generally fed by people who do have outer contact with beings with no need for time-travel.
The outer contact from our brothers and sisters is coming increasingly evident, the more disclosure YOU and I do, plus  the more healthier it will be when the time comes, and that time is no better than NOW.

PS : Pandora in progress. Isidic security breach, deflected. HVBN stable. PP APR approved. M=5. Translates to :

More incoming unexpected breaches as this Pandora Project progresses : outer containment has been beefed up due to such breaches: an etheric barrier has now been more than doubled and our founder fathers have accepted a greater power reserve  to be shielded as it is required in these transitional periods during ongoing missions. Isidic sounds like a name for an energy vortex arena.

And a brief breakdown of Project 501 synopsis:

Things not quite going to plan as a revision of current plans are required and need ultimate secrecy regarding Morphing times ahead:

3 Interface points ahead with Resistance movement and Other galactic entities will converge at an undisclosed time which we now know as Omega Convergence point.

The second major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection, p=0.7

Intersection with the craft and visitors on the planet surface is fraught with interference with existing beings, Only until such time as Project 501 is clear can interface with Multi beings take place, that is what we know as The Event.

Still much work to make and do:

This clearly defines one of the RM groups as Antarionids: Antares any one? Seen here :


That Beta timeline is classified and remains so :

In Light Dave


The Moon is Out of Whack : Have you noticed Moon Rise and Moon Set ? : Approximately 34 degrees out of whack and tilted : Please do your own study : 2 videos here : Please report your findings :

Please look at the moon a little closer:

I was looking at the difference in moon set about 2 months ago and was astonished that it was a 1/3 of the sky away from where it was a week before or at least 10 days earlier.

I started taking markers that were fixed and I could retrace my dates and locations of moon sets and it was So FAR OUT:

I then started to get people ask me if i had noticed on my site. and Now a few more people notice the same thing have alerted me to this phenomena So please contribute to this article.

Now I find that this is not normal and below are some explanations but we have not bottomed this out yet.

Please help with your sightings observations and photo or video notifications :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAmxzN5Xf3E?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1jbp7_8Ako?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Here is one from 2010 and one should ask the question Why is this not discussed? Who will ask our mainstream scientists the Question?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfkU7hYL_bo?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

Even  scientists are recording shifts : No wonder it is not on mainstream news :

This is what we DO want our Corporate slander TV’s to report not the nonsense we get fed daily.


Look forward to your comments:

Victory of the light :


The Event Update : 1st September 2013 : The Event-Ometer for August stood at 32% and is deemed Irreversible : Fact based changes of modern day : Hence a new score : August listings and global changes recorded : Please see post:

There appears to be many people and groups talking about the event but nobody really following it who actually label  it as  “The Event”.

This report is unofficial and has no links attached  as it is presumed that YOU the readers ( light- workers-warriors-seeds-showers) are up to date with modern events.

David Wilcock calls it The New Golden Age :


Many others make passages concerning the SHTF and also in financial circles there are many variations of a New Financial situation bearing fruit anytime now. Commonly known as Global Financial Reset  or Global Collateral Accounts  or Revaluation (RV) etc.

Poof and Cobra (not necessarily together)  have been some  of the best up to date resources on the latest news as has David Wilcock, Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fulford. ( before you say I DO NOT TRUST THESE SOURCES please do a background check on each of these individuals before ramming egotistic orientated  thoughts on others).

Be it as it may, The Global Finance is the first item of the Event list to change even before The Event can possibly take place (and yes that means global financial collapse) and is very much a part of the scoring process. This self invented & unofficial’  Event – Ometer scoring mechanism is designed for you and I, to get a better reading of when the S will HTF and has included comments made by many other awakened ones in various collectives on the internet around the world.

I carry out this work as diligently as possible and I try as hard as is humanely (Spiritually) possible without getting too inter-dimensional, My aim is to be understandable to new comers and to be pure  and consult as many lightworkers along the way.  By learning from previous errors, I stay well clear of  forward dates and how much money we are all going to get , so please draw your own conclusions and make your own assumptions with your own dedicated research.

I can say this “There is mounting evidence to suggest that globally  something is about to happen on a galactic scale, and our lives are about to change, an unprecedented  occurrence in any other cosmic worlds ” maybe an understatement. That is why it is simply called The Event.

The previous scoring of 32 % has been derived from earlier positive irreversible actions on the planet and it hovers below the Third 33.3 mark due to the following noted global events having already taken place.

1) Iceland blowing out IMF and Rothschild corrupt banking systems and actually jailing prominent stately figures and operating on a debt free currency basis to its own citizens.

2) Mass arrests, resignations, defections and  killings of prominent banking and corporate figures (Killings are Cabal orchestrated and to be disassociated with any resistance movement or noncompliance group) have to be taken into account for scoring purposes.

3) Release of Spiritual/cosmic/galactic existence and  disclosure in the mainstream and government.

4) Changes at the BIG 3 i) Vatican ii) Corporation of London and iii) Washington DC.

5) Most modern day changes in Mainstream media and blatantly obvious false flag operations.

6) Exposure of the elite depopulation weather programs and global mass poisoning agendas.

7) The release of suppressed ancient intelligence and the secrets of our  natural spiritual capabilities and evolution.

Unfortunately Black ops and the dark side Cabal can  firmly imprint themselves on humanity still to this day with continued bizarre stories like Nestle trying to claim that they own the water and Spain who are now charging people for Solar panels and the suns rays, plus Australia are actually paying hard cash for Carbon tax and UK are paying Bedroom tax. These are all desperate and failing power acts of taking every penny and can be seen as Higher Oligarchical scrapping and in house fighting, they  show the element of control that they still impose on us due to  a largely dumb down mind controlled ( govern-control/ment-mind) society who are in denial.

So what happened in August that would elevate the Eventometer and by means of being irreversible?

1) Well gladly Hungary have now shown IMF the door and all Rothschild banking cartel have been asked to leave the country and so it seems that they may even attempt to leave the Euro, as Iceland they too are now issuing debt free monetary systems.

2) Nothing tops the events this month more than in Egypt. The positive military and the people showing such solidarity which strategically is one of the most important places on the planet and they are now not welcoming any US Cabal influences, weeding  the west out as they continuously attempt to break down this new alliance. Show your support for Egypt and Egyptians in any way shape or form, even if it is merely of light contact with people there, the internet should be used wisely.

3) The NSA and Snowden scandal is a massive pro-event : We all knew that spying was happening on a grand scale but what this exposure has done is huge having highlighted who is spying on who and just how deep and thorough the spying was. The new distrust between nations now is at an all time high and even Germany is now licking its wounds as it now sees  it’s gold having been pillaged, coupled with the growing fact  that everyone from the cabal appears to be covertly spying on all aspects of German government & business.

4) Also most beneficial for a rise in the eventometer is the on goings in the Royal households and the Vatican ( not enough so IMHO) as Princess Diana’s blatant Royal Murder appears to be opening previous closed cans of worms and The Vatican appears to be trying to keep one stage ahead of others who wish to see their demise. The announcements and printing of fictitious papers like the Apostolic letters. These appear great on the surface but under closer scrutiny they are what they are : An international criminal rogue empire writings of it’s own law book and has negative impact on the Eventometer. On a positive note Kevin Annett’s newly formed alliance with the Italian Politicians and The ITCCS can be seen as nothing more than collective global recorded shackles for any future activity of this most evil of empires.

5) The other score point is Syria; not for being Rothschild’s Central Banking Free but for it’s quality of people on the ground being awake and aware, however what is remarkable in the eventometer terms from a score point is how well it devalued all major governments just recently, placing in clear view of the confused public, non stop rhetoric and  lies from national apparent global romeo’s UK and US: Obama and Cameron, Hague and Kerry have done more lightwork than any other this month ,,Nobody could compare the rise in those newly awakened by their blatant stupidity and the ‘go it alone’  global genocide policy. Put plain and simply :


The Syrian Girl explains it best and really puts her country  like Egypt, on the ‘Well Awake and Aware’ map:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP3mXVRd89Y?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

6) David Wilcock reported that anonymous was with  the Positive Military as  Cobra and Benjamin Fulford  so often speak of.  This is tremendous news if proven to be correlated and puts many side issues back on the table for debate. This is probably the reason Fulford & Wilcock often mention that the Military are likewise very awake and aware and will not be ( As Cobra makes clear ) carrying out any  FEMA camp detentions and the killing/culling of USA citizens which  is so often  a favourite in fear mongering  in alternative and mainstream media circles.

7) On a cosmic venture and disclosure note, there is nothing major &  positive to report except for the rise in Energy descriptive Crop circles and positive UFO sightings globally. As for all forms of promises from channelers and even the etherical plain clear up, Cobra so often speaks of, has been ruled out for purposes of scoring for the eventometer. Anyhow these aspects  are seen as  simply incomprehensible to the average Joe: Needless to say The reports from David Wilcock and Cobra and a few others are of an extremely positive nature to those of you who are on the higher spiritual realm.

8) Finally to Finance : Here, one would be mistaken to read all news in the Alternative media sector to think that the inevitable financial collapse is upon us and “we can all go to bed now, It has happened”. Every headline says the ‘collapse is now’ “The RV is released already” , Sorry it has not changed and has not even dented the eventometer, and gets a “Needs to try harder ” or ” show me some more” rating.

On an upward note : The new financial system is in the making and is happening , albeit covertly and on the surface it has been stopped, subject to Dark stalling tactics and mega corrupt ‘back n side door’ interference, I feel lucky that those in charge of the release of these funds ( The Chinese White Dragon Society) make decisions on the ‘safe to be sure’ side rather than any knee jerk decisions. We may be very thankful of these cautions taken in the near future.

No surprises if there is much more activity on the Bullion front and the currency markets and a few major Head  Bank Staff being disposed of as more and more, the 195 aligned nations (BRICS) know That The Global Currency Reset button is imminent. Only a fool would plough all their 30 years graft and secrecy back into the pockets of the lurking greedy desperate Cabal.

So for the Eventometer, the impact that August had on the status of the Event-Ometer, as dramatic as it was; will rise by a full 3% to 35% given that other countries have joined the Rothschild rebellion and further irreversible antics concerning the PTW have now exposed them on a grand scale. This is based on notable changes countries have demonstrated in a gutsy shift in financial politics , Russia, Iceland Hungary and a few others like Ireland and Bulgaria are ready to make the move against financial Rothschild tyranny. Also let us not forget the South American countries who are standing up to the violence and International Bullying as in Ecuador and Bolivia. Does anyone wonder why Peru is covered in snow?

The score of 35% would indicate that much more work is required in the waking up of others in this world  and for those that expect everything to happen tomorrow or want to see change over night, Just please ask your self one question.

” Would you feel safe going out in to the streets asking people about the event and recording their comments”?

This does not mean that everyone has to be awake for the event to take place, far from it , however a small percentage of the population is desirable to make the necessary impact, unfortunately critical mass stands at a lonesome micro percentage of the overall global populous.

The Oneness University  suggest that 1,213,000 are awake on this planet and that Those in the Awakened states stand at 510 Million. This has risen drastically over a 12 month period since my following if it is found out to be in some way accurate : Surely Critical Mass is Near:

Look here : http://www.onenessuniversity.org/


If you would like to become involved in The Event and want to know what you can do leading up to and including the time of The Event, then please  join in the activities and keep up to date with all that is going on : You never know when you are needed.


Here is Vossa who can help take you through the positive shift in the build up to The Event.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix-dvPLZngo?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]


Written  with the best intent and without prejudice:




German Weed Bombs : German police are weeds when it comes to weeding out the weeds : Protestors plant Cannabis all over town as an initiative to wake the sheeple that Cannabis IS NOT LEGAL: It is life:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7hlIuPN4Vc?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Kevin Annett : 4 minute video : Ground Breaking News : Meets Italian New Politicians : With a view to take out the Vatican Crime Organization : Welcome to The New Golden Age where Evil has no place:

Please remember all the work we did in March  this year with our Italian colleagues in being instrumental in introducing Kevin Annett to all members of New Italian politics : Kevin Annett suggests that these politicians remain anonymous for now in his short video below, so for that reason we shall not be naming the People who will be teaming up with ITCCS:

What I can personally say is thank you for you people in Italy in March April May this year who really tried to help connect, translate and get with ITCCS and group meetings for May this year with Kevin Annett;

Out of 27 Italian Politicians we spoke to in March 2013 Not one of them had even heard of ITCCS and Kevin Annett and one of them even said is this some kinda joke ? Arrest the Pope?

It does not matter, if by our direct work, lent a direct  hand in this making this meeting or not:

The fact is here at LIGHTWORKERSXM we tried to link ITCCS with the Italian new thinking Politicians  and it worked, because it was to supposed to be. Watch this space. Wish Kevin and the team the best of light energy.

THANK YOU ITALY: and special thanks to OPPT ITALIA:

And a special thanks to 3 hardworking lightworkers Yana and Eleonora and John Biddlecombe  in various parts of Italy for their diligent translations and contact efforts to help doing their part  in bringing this meeting about.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfhdim8ts3M?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

The Event Update Tomorrow morning : “heads up” Obama and the fairy’s are meeting in a biggy financial bash at the white house : Game changer : Eventometer is on a roll ; Stand By


There is simply too much going on: Max Keiser nailed it this week end :

And now look Our lunatics in suits are having a secret boys room chat.


Lots of toilet and sanitary jokes I am sure. But hey the news : It is all on mainstream now we do not need to shop about for the truth anymore.

Plus Diana’s Murder is on the chopping block again as more celebrity stars go down for Peadophilia:

Much more going on as one man made weather catastrophe after another hits globally as the cabal try in vain to cling on to power:

The eventometer is going mad : Hilary and Bill have days to go before they get the chains on :

POOF says no more camp David for them referring to an Ex President.

The time is near as the false flag gassing in Syria backfires on BO and friends as Russia says No more  False Flag USA:

Britain and Cameron have no way to stop fracking in UK as they are shit scared of the bully banksters and corporations so they have taken to being a laughing stock as the buck really hits in London next week.

Plus Germany wants to see gold and there isn’t any and Hungary pulls out of EU:

And Greece is now asking for what does not exist , the bailout of bail outs:

Egypt too is backfiring on the gangsters and weapon sales reps, as the people KNOW the truth now.

Plus with the embassies shutting down and no more funds for egypt’s zionist war machine : There appears an abundance of NO MONEY:

Soros cannot get his criminal head around the QE5 and WW3 has no chance to start now which was the evil final cabal card.

One more major laughable false flag and we are done from this tyranny and we can be free spirits.

The Pope says ,After he gets  caught on cam picking his nose and eating it, whilst waving to the mass hysteria sheeple. ( go on, Google it for your self).

“We own the lot of you and we make the rules :  We can change them when we want”. Thanks Vatican but ,,so sorry WE DO:

I think this is commonly known as the bit before THE EVENT:

Bernanke can be jailed in just 10 days time and so to the rest of them AND THEY ALL KNOW IT>.


OH please, I could not stand seeing another weeping crisis actor in Egypt  US or UK:

EVENTOMETER update tomorrow I promise and some good reading attached :

As Cobra Fulford Wilcock Montague Keen and many many more all mean the same  : It is TIME THE TICKING STOPPED:

Only you and I can free Bradley Manning now and we will.

Be very very  patient my brothers and sisters and just listen to the birds and watch the skies and you will see the right time.

Consciousness has no problems with the event.



Patient consciousnessn

Dutchsinse Versus Suspicious0bservers ; Planned HAARP Duality? Or genuine bitching from rivals? Take a look at Ben Davidson’s comments ; You make your own minds up:

The only thing I can say about HARRP and Dutchsinse and Suspicious0bservers is this : So one has to ask this:

Is this a cabalistic desperation attempt to break into duality of light circles?

HAARP is real and used every day and is called something else ( EINSCAT in NORWAY AND UK ) in many other countries and the switching off of Gakona scandal reported last month did nothing to it’s cause and would not dent it’s worldwide abuse and what is more will be a great player in the next idiotic false flag planned very shortly.

It is owned by ARCO which is headed by the British Royal family and is very serious in all it’s guises and plays heavily with Chemtrails and the GIANT SEA BASED RIG HAARP SBX has been seen all over the oceans steering the Hurricanes we see today which makes sure the hurricanes hit cities ‘to order’. There is overwhelming evidence of this and you can actually tell where the machine is and  in which oceans ( there are more than one HAARP SBX) due to it’s fingerprinting . This was finely pointed out by DutchSinse ( Michael) over many years to all the novices on the subject.

Also HAARP had a great role to play in the re-election of Barry Soetoro with Frankenstorm Sandy and appeared to be direct interference instructions from the zionists and Lizzie in the Palace to use the hurricane and vote rigging to combine confusion and chaos as Benjamin Fulford well explained in his Mid November 2012 Bullitin. 

 On face value Suspicious0bservers does not appear in any way spiritual as you will see in this clip and sounds very very egotistical which maybe explains why I turned off his bulletins some months ago :

My decision to stop looking at Suspicious0bservers  Broadcasts was personal and my call about 2 months ago, to see this video mmm makes me wonder and stick to my decision protocol on deciding who is right for me or not.

I only see return threats in this video to Dutch’Since’s supposed threats ; This is classic duality at play and totally unearthly spiritual behaviour of our future : This is exactly how the cabal would like us to respond and behave and fall for the tricks.

So I asked that famous (or hopefully getting famous) simple question a lightworker should do in times of duality and confusion.


DutchSince site is OFF line on Youtube : Suspicious0bservers is not.

It appears that Ben Davidson may well be from a family of Hollywood stars and confirmation of this is important so please help if you can find this out.

DutchSinse offers intelligence and has been stopped and it is important to point out that he worked from the heart and even endured a separation from his wife over 12 months ago continuing his lightwork unabated as he believed in what he was doing so much.

From DutchSince I have learned so much and could write a book about it as you may see in my HAARP link to the side of this page.

Any way : think for yourselves please,

The truth is all coming out now and there is nowhere for the cabalists to hide.

Victory of  the light:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpcnTlUphiY?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

The Event Update : 4th August 2013 : COBRA: FULFORD : POOF and more : New Strange Mainstream Silence is Key : Many issues not covered : Clear indications : Change is Irreversible : The Event is in motion :

Many Indicators that something big is happening and is in the mix : Just take one look in the mainstream media and look at the demonstrations that are unspoken of globally. The other indication that is major is the global series of strange orchestrated jailbreaks : Could this be on the side of the light? Thirdly The train crashes phenomena, where if you dig deeply the Spanish crash had a large contingent of Vatican Cardinals on board, As in the Polish Air crash years ago ,,the clear indication that a false flag had been conducted was in the list of passengers.



However The main clue lies with money and gold as always. AKA : The new financial system that is going ahead in the light of dark side interference. The movements of gold and silver just recently and the decisions by certain leaders to lean against the UK US puppets Cameron and Obama, Germany now have split old age close ties (Nazi) of sharing data, having found that their gold has disappeared. We must not forget the man-made weather disasters globally and the meteorites and the space weather in addition to massive global UFO sightings either. All of these subjects are breaking records for sure: The most disturbing of all news is the apparent “free for all” the military are having with drones and the police behavior in many countries are demonstrating that orders from the top appear to order physical violence an just about any human at any age and sex, even animals are not escaping the torture.

The BBC and CNN covered the story of the convicted kidnapper who held 3 girls hostage and allowed the guilty to speak about how addicted to porn he was: Is this what David Cameron is about to change in the UK via stringent new internet controls:

So where do we look to see where we can get some substance that something is definitely going ahead and when should we expect change?

What I have been doing in the past is comparing notes from Fulford, Wilcock, Cobra and Keenan & Poofness. One tends to get quite close to the truth when one does this.

Strangely that is was timely this week that Benjamin Fulford has either decided to, or has been instructed to, stay out of the limelight for a good while , sounds like a month to me and that means ‘all the month of August’ too, September incidentally is when many top Cabalists leave positions which are all finance related, at the beginning of September. Ben Bernanke for one, we all know what satanic significance has on cabalists form many previous false flags. Is this yet another precursor for a watchout?


Poofness posts now by Zap (as she would like to be called) seems to rattle off the same ‘auld same ‘auld, change is on the way which is undeniable for sure, but it gets tedious to hear each week that is will happen soon were no change is visible to us rummaging around in the dustbins.

Then there is the channelling sector Montague Keen, Sheldon Nidle and a few others who say the same and offer some light at the end of the tunnel. Also This weeks release of Keenan tapes do offer more chance change but confirms confusion reigns.

The truth is nobody can tell us what is going on because of fear of tipping off the dark side, The Snowdon scandal has gone from the proverbial ‘Trolls to hero’ debate but the Russian connection is interesting as you will see soon. Manning’s case has now got the attention of the UN and a few other International Organizations that appear not to want to support the stance made by the Cabal these days, indicating that the truth is out at very high levels.

Royalty appear up to their old tricks with an ever-increasing suspecting public that the baby George was a gambling stunt and may not be the baby that will be the Prince George of Cambridge another false flag perhaps? Out of three doctors in the centre control room of birth One Indian Royal doctor reported that Kate could never have a baby back in 2007 which was in mainstream newspapers.


The links to the other doctors and Jill Dando’s death made it all the more suspicious and the suicided Indian Nurse who was in Hospital with Kate when she was first admitted, proves this is yet another Royal scam. but the good news this time ,It is all about money as the Royals themselves are feeling the pinch of austerity or global theft and tyranny.

The Vatican for their part offer the biggest clues that some big change is in the mix is the fact that they declared a gag on reporting peadophilia from offending priests, which was promptly declared by the ITCCS as The Vatican now being a self-confessed Organized Crime Centre and Cult.

The Vatican Bank is sooo under the microscope these days, do expect some news soon. This could be their undoing as we go back to the financial matters.

To understand the structure of what is really going on behind the scenes we may have to date back to articles more than 12 months ago by our favourite reporters of the light , whether you like them or not.

Those of you who are running out of patience are fuel for the dark side and show how easily you waiver from your spiritual self.

Patience is attached to the ego and when we lose it , it is a clear sign that our ego has rebooted.

So just for those whose patience is at thin ends here is some brain food, thanks to Linda Lu on Alfred Webre’s FB site:

“The Ego is impatient because it’s time is limited, The spirit is patient because it knows it is eternal”

Patient consciousnessn

This is so fitting for The Event ‘. You know it is all up to YOU : Change means change and that change comes from the world you want and not the one we know now. Ultimately change is down to all of us as one being.

So for now if you really really want to know when the Event is to happen ? If you really really want to know that The Event is in the mix right now as we speak? and if you really really wish to trust the fact that the Event is irreversible ? Please read Cobra from April 2012 when he burst on to the scene and Told us then about The event. The first time it has been officially mentioned. Comments Welcome:


Due to this back peddling of intelligence and the strange happenings and occurrences and especially the silence in the face of the facts of truth in Mainstream news media that has now been released in general  THE EVENTOMETER here at LIGHTWORKERSXM has been moved up to 32% : It all makes good sense when you read Cobra’s First Post below: Given it was written nearly 18 months ago it paints a perfect picture of Cyprus being the dry run and the Russians link to The Event is now greater than ever. It is the Russians now wanting disclosure and wanting an end to Global Rothschild Vatican Slavery.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIShSPmZN9Y?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Cobra : 28th April 2012 : THE NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM:

Cobra on The Event

Most of this intel comes from sources deep within occult economy and it pertains to the restructuring of the financial system worldwide.
Reset: This will happen at the time of the Event and is actually part of the operation.

Day 1

When the critical mass of pressure is exerted upon the Federal Reserve it will be forced to repay debt that it owes to people due to its fraudulent operations. Since the Fed does not have money to repay that debt, it will go bankrupt. This will trigger a chain reaction of BIS, IMF, World Bank and all central banks worldwide going bankrupt also.

Extreme volatility in markets will result in a worldwide stock market crash. Stock exchanges will close, including NYSE. All financial instruments such as options and credit default swaps will be zeroed out.

All shadow accounts will be closed and zeroed out. All public bank accounts of the Cabal will be seized. All foreclosures will be frozen, as well as all public and private debt (mortgages, loans, credit card debt).

Day 2-7

Banks will be closed and there will be a lot of uncertainty and confusion. Some businesses will be temporarily closed. Some of those that remain open may accept cash, others will only accept gold or silver coins. Credit cards will not be accepted as the system will go down. There might be moderate problems with distribution chain, it is wise to stock up some food and gasoline.

Revaluation (RV)

After about 1 week from the Event

There might still be light problems in the distribution chain.

New financial system will be introduced. It will be backed up with Yamashita gold. That gold will be stored in locations that are not to be disclosed yet. Yamashita gold will not be traded in open markets. Basket of currencies such as US dollar, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan will form the basis of this new system.

Those banks that did not have strong connections with Federal Reserve and did not go bankrupt will reopen. They will not be allowed to charge interest. All their accounting will be fully transparent to the public. Stock market will not reopen.

Revaluation will take place. It means that the exchange rates between various currencies will change, but not drastically They will reflect more truly the real productivity of nations. Iraqi Dinar will not gain much value, contrary to speculations of many people. Federal Reserve notes, Euro banknotes and other banknotes will be widely accepted, until they are phased out in a few months and new money is printed.

All fair business agreements, contracts and responsibilities worldwide will be kept valid and will be respected. Those business agreements that involve criminal or fraudulent interactions with the Cabal will be cancelled, null and void.

In a few weeks

Multinationals will be obliged to buy back their shares and this will effectively force them to go bankrupt. They will be split and healthy portions of those companies will be nationalized in their own countries.

The existence of Global Settlement funds will be then introduced to the public. Those funds include about  $70 trillion from old money patriots connected to the Positive Military, $100 trillion from White Dragon Society and Templar groups, $120 trillion from Resistance Movement and $10 trillion from Saint Germain Trust. Global Settlement funds will also include all money and assets from the Cabal.

Global Settlement funds will be used for many purposes. First, all national, public and private debt will be paid off worldwide. After that, all people will receive restitution for all theft and criminal activity against them by the former Cabal. Then prosperity funds will be released and humanitarian, environmental and new advanced technology projects funded. Part of the money from Saint Germain Trust will go directly to Lightworkers, the rest of it will fund projects connected to the introduction of the First Contact.

This has not changed and this is what is happening” Please stay focussed:

A nice way to stay focussed on what is really going on is listen to more of Catherine Austin Fitts and make your own mind up.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EiMUPdtFXI?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

Fitts served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co.Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing[1]Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., an investment bank and financial software developer.”

Does the video provide truth or disinformation?

Does this article offer knowledge or confusion?





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