MIP PERU Co-Creation Outline

                   Funds for the MIP PERU projects will be received through Thomas at  H.U.G.S. (Humans Unifying Global Solutions ), a 501(c)(3)           organization that is registered in Florida, U.S.A.

An Example of HUGS and MIP PERU ‘s Works can be seen in this video of one of our projects here.

MIP PERU is working with a Global Group of Light-workers who are focused on creating a Light-workers hub of the latest technologies open to the world and bring them into practical use in projects in and around the Amazonian forests in Tarapoto, Peru.

Stereo Collective The one on the right is a female and the one on the left is a bald man.

Stereo Collective The one on the right is a female and the one on the left is a bald man.

Since April, 2014, our ground crew in Peru has been working with several local communities’ administrations and the President of the Quechua people around Tarapoto. We are now ready to move into the next phase including design and construction of Self Sustainable Healing Communities, Holistic Education and Meta Physics Centers.

Some of our new technologies include the latest Healing Modalities and Free Energy devices that can be made available and brought to the Project Table. These can be combined with freshly learned ancient devices that have been suppressed from our societies over many thousands of years.

In our global group of Light-workers, we have a combined skill set that have come up with practical solutions for the problems we have so far encountered on the ground. As there are more and more Light-workers who have already started, or are in the process of starting their own self-sustaining schooling and communities in the surrounding area, we seek to be of assistance to these groups as well. We are currently meeting our needs through donations and volunteers, however, this is insufficient.

To learn more of what we offer in MIP PERU go here for more information: