Welcome to 3D Printing Energy Network Station Set up And ALL YOU NEED TO GET STARTED:

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THERE ARE 2 X 50 minute videos on this page and they have a tendency to bring you up to speed, They are simply the finest TV I have found : “A real wake me up”.

Please take notes This is amazing Info=Telligencia:

Here are the immediate categories of 3D Printing essentials in the setting up process of the Network Stations:

No matter where you are in the world:

One of the best videos To bring you up to speed on this subject is Steve Sommit putting all things into categories:

So on this basis of my report I have designed it around some of the information shared in this video:

Please enjoy 50 minutes of the finest TV for ages:

Please be aware that the initial idea for any new station is at enthusiast level to begin with and not LLC or company :

Funds can be treated as loans or grants for the experiment and not investments:

This is Key at the beginning as when each station grows they will out perform their initial set up principles as the imagination takes over and other ideas and projects come into the group.

This next video  explains why reprap ?

Probably the most important and advanced knowledge By Alessandro Ranellucci  in this Presentation:

He works for or has set up:

The First International Workshop on “Low-cost 3D Printing for Science, Education and Sustainable Development”.

We will be trying to contact him as soon as possible:

It explains the history of RepRap and why FFF Fused Filament Fabrication which is Reprap Patent and not to be confused with the corporate conglomerate’s version FDS.

May I stress In Supporting and purchasing off the RepRap movement you are supporting Inventors who formed the Rep-rap Community who have now over 400 scientists inventors and almost any important person on the planet who works in this field:

Now just sit and ponder what you have just learnt:

and we can proceed with the Station set up :

Discussions on set up costs, selection process, leads and feeds and more:

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Please send all inquiries for new stations and setting up questions to Addressed to Dave Stewart

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