Mission Possible Project for Clean New Water supply in

San Roque De Cumbaza: Project Report 14th June 2015.

MISSION STATEMENT : By David Stewart MIP PERU: Projects Coordinator.

To Supply new clean water systems for a town of 1200 people in the Alto Andies of San Martin Region of Peru.

The Quebradas and Rivers of San Roque de Cumbaza is plenty full of water

The Quebradas and Rivers of San Roque de Cumbaza is plenty full of water

In light of the expeditionary works and investigation of the existing water system in San Roque de Cumbaza by MIP Peru over the past 12 months seek to structure a design for a selfsustainable and independant water supply over a period of 2 years for the 1200 villagers.

In order to do this we will need professional help to collate all correct engineering information, GPS locations and heights of components on the whole journey of the water system and draw up schematics to understand the full capability San Roque has to develop a comprehensive  and independant water system and add the possibility of Micro Hydro power to the system along the way.

The vision of the future : Is to have more than 100liters per day for every resident in San Roque of  clean drinking quality water which currently is less than 8 litres of substandard water.

San Roque has a history of pre recorded results held within the clinic of illness experienced by the locals and there is no doubt that the current methods used in tank cleaning could be modernized.

Working closely with the Mayor of the village and various other officials who see the future as Bright for this quiant town which straddles the Cumbaza river.

The Large but mainly Peaceful River we so enjoy in Peru Rio Cumbaza At San Roque

The Rio Cumbaza at San Roque de Cumbaza.

Given that the long term solutions will take time and have research and set up costs attached to the investigation and subsequent design and further to this there are so many unknowns at this moment, it has been recomended that San Roque opt for the smaller immediate short term solutions offered in this project report.

So with no excuses left, lets move into concentrating on the Solutions.

Conclusion for Solutions:

San Roque is abundant in Water from the following sources.

  • The Rio Cumbaza passes the town and is a large wide river and remains unused.
  • The Mountain range that circles around the town of up to 5000 feet in height.
  • The water streams (Quebradas  Bonbonajilla and Yacutoa ) that are sources of water 1000ft above town further up stream.
  • With over 1 meter of annual rainfall there is plenty of rainwater for collection.
  • The Rise of the local peoples consciousness on Water and how simple changes can bring health and wealth to the village.

There is an all round collective effort needed in raising care of water in this town as this document will lay out below.

We thank Nick Bryant, an Hydrogeologist from Australia who has offered so much clarity on this subject for the past couple of months and we intend to utilize much of what design and structure he has laid out for the futuristic system more long term. More can be evaluated from Nick’s work in the subsection under this heading of Long term Mid Term solutions.

Short term solution #1

The Existing Tank cleaning process.

30,000 liter tank just needs some love care and new cleansing technology to benefit the 1200 villagers drinking water.

30,000 liter tank just needs some love care and new cleansing technology to benefit the 1200 villagers drinking water.


The first problem we have investigated is that the current 70,000 litre tank takes on board about 30,000 liters per day from a quebrada 5 kms upstream.

The size of the tank is 4.5m diameter by 3.5 meters in height.

New cleansing protocol for this concrete tank.

Using Effective Micro Organisms and a super antibiotic cleanse with Colloidal Silver fabricated by MIP Peru and open sourced for the people of San Roque.

Effective MicroOrganisms:

EM 1 ready to activate with Molasses for Bokashi Mix sold in Tarapoto

EM 1 ready to activate with Molasses sold in Tarapoto.

at 1 litre for 10m2 cover.

The tank is 50m2 surface area so that is 5 liters of EM and Molasses each month.

Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal silver maker device.

.999 Colloidal silver maker device used with Distilled water Creates electrolosized Nano silver particulates in water.

This will include a spraying of Colloidal silver at $/.65 per liter over the 50m2 surface to fully cleans the tank and the water.

The cost of 5 liters of Colloidal Silver will be $/.325 each month Purchased at MIP peru offices

The new cleansing operations will cost $/.425 per month for 1000 people.

Additionally a Supervision cost for the first 3 months of $/.100 per month.

Supervision of village officials to become auto-sustainable and independant in water supply for a 3 months period.

The supervision will include showing San Roque team how to make their own indigenous brand of Microorganisms and how to make Colloidal silver at the local clinic.

The aim of the campaign will be to train dedicated personnel to take over the open source material and technology on offer in order to become autonomous and self sufficient with in 3 months.

Advantages of cleansing with EM and Colloidal silver.

The advantages of this system will create no loss of water from the cleansing process and the micro organisms get to work on any parasite continuously throughout the pipework delivery process.

This process will have a noticeable health improvement for all those who ingest this new water.

Short Term solution #2

Rainwater collection and purification system.

There are too few rain water roof collection systems throughout all 400 houses in San Roque.

The best seen so far is at the Chirapa Manta self sustainable retreat near the village.

This holds the basic model for a new system that San Roque is well advised to adopt.

With a few additions.

These units are now readily available in Peru

These Nano Silver water  purification units are now readily available in Peru.

EM Ceramics The highest technolgy adition to the tank for the best water supply  in San Roque.

EM Ceramics The highest technology addition to the tank for the best water supply
in San Roque now sold in Peru.

Ancient style of Botija from spain

Ancient style of Botija from Spain.

  • EM Ceramics added to the water system.
  • Nano Silver cleansing units added to the filter system.
  • Botijas in various styles to be made available for Ceramic Water vessels to produce and keep the best water for digestion.
A short explanation of a display model will be conducted at the office for the San Roque project meeting 16th June 2PM MIP OFFICES

A short explanation of a display model will be conducted at the office for the San Roque project meeting 16th June 2PM MIP OFFICES

The Installation Costs for 2500litres of rain water collection and purification $/.3000.

  • Tanque and primary filter $/.900
  • Canaleta and supports $/.400
  • Tubes and Joints taps etc $/. 230
  • Secondary filters and EM Ceramics $/.370
  • Primary cleaning flush units $/.250
  • Preparation works and fixtures and fittings and tools etc $/.350
  • Transport and travel expenses  to San Roque MIP PERU offices $/.200
  • Contingencies and Superivision $/.300
  • Program of Works : Day 1 To purchase Purchase all materials with San Roque team Day 2 take delivery at MIP and make all premades at workshop, Day 3 deliver to site at San Roque , Day 4 Installation Day 5 Commission and test.
  • Total Cost installation $/.3000

Business Bi Products from the new rise in Water Consciousness.

There will be several new businesses available for local people from the new system of water collection and cleansing.

  •  Installation business for tanks, gutters and filters onto the house roofs.
  • Grant collection services from the government to aid the installation process.
  • Sales of water and bottling in local stores.
  • Botija sales of Ceramic water vessels of various styles and sizes.
Senor Rayes de Banda de Shilcayo making the new style (spanish) Botijas

Senor Rayes de Banda de Shilcayo making the new style (spanish) Botijas for MIP Peru.

Water consciousness:

Please could we answer the following questions on life in San Roque?

  • Why does Peru allow the sales of Foreign corporations in local shops whereby all this money leaves Peru?
  • Would it not be more beneficial to show independence and sell their OWN BRAND WATER?
  • What value should we be placing on water quality and local sales of inferior quality corporate water which does not do serve for health and wealth of local people, let alone the damage to rivers at the location of the factory from waste products created by the use of chemical cleaning processes and plastic bottles.
  • Why can we not ask the schools and government offices to collect rain water and keep it purified for personal health.
  • Can the children can ask the shop keepers in town to start replacing the Plastic Bottled water for own brand water and with a little time we can move into the sales of Ceramic Containers (Botijas) This is the best form of water containment.

We call for a meeting with the Towns folk and the Mayor of San Roque so that we can explain this new way of thinking about water.

Immediate Business:

The details presented in the model ask for one Roof source to show how the local townsfolk can collect their own water.

$/.3000 is required for the installation of the first 2500 liter system in either the school or the municiple buildings.

What we will need as a collective?

  • Determine the best  location and build the first Prototype rainwater collection service based on MIP PERU designs and modern intelligence.
  • The $/.3000 soles will be needed to be available on call immediately in order to bring all materials to the workshop at MIP PERU.
  • Find a local ferreteria who will supply all needed plumbing for installation of Rain water collection kits for San Roque.
  • Find a local installer who can carry out the business on local houses as and when needed.
  • This should extend to the supply of Nano Silver filters and EM ceramics.
  • Ask local officials to seek government grants available for rainwater collection.
  • Offer local business a chance to trade in Reyes Ceramic water vessels and own brand water sales.
  • Educate people  in their own value to water and how simple it is to install their own system.
  • Extend the education to the use of EM in waste water procedures and the benefits to restructuring soils using natural and holistic EM materials.
  • Explain the benefits of a toxic free system and how it extends to rivers and terrain.


New Businesses will flourish.