This is the Home of WWOOF in Tarapoto, Peru .

MIP Peru is looking  for WWOOF Volunteers to go to Peru and work on set Projects and gain some,

Real jungle experiences and assist our project at the highest level of consciousness going on this planet right now.

This could ultimately lead to your own personal healing ceremonial Ayahuasca session.

 Mike Waters from Cure For Global Crisis says,

” We have to correct two simple mistakes 1) How we understand energy and 2) What we know about Nature”.

We seek people in all skillsets for training and implementing the technologies we have designed from being in the jungle for 8 months now.

Please come to us should you wish to be a part of the Massive Amazonia Repurposing.

This is where the higher self returns our love to our Mother Earth and begins with learning from her.

The plants have all the secrets and we are open sourcing this intelligence held by all the native tribes who have managed to pass this down to other generations over thousands of years , uneffected by the conquistadores , These shamans and tribes people know what plant heals, what part of the body and they have expressed wishes for our friendly technology in exchange.

The essence of the Mission will be to see how we can ask of conscious local Quechuan people and guides to do the project building  works, now,as so demanding this may appear of new paradigm way of  thinking, we therfore will require a totally collective effort from all members.

Here are just a short list of what amazing technologies we will bring to Tarapoto City As we will literally turn the jungle into a giant museum and “Center of Mass Creation” with Fernando VOSSA From Searl Magnetics.

Quantum Energy Workers.

Bio Energetics Workers. Bio Char, Bio Gas,  Bokashi etc.

Aqua Tele and Aerokenisis Teachers and Biocommunication specialists

The Light Mandala Workers (see top of page for link).

Mechanical Ram pump & Micro Hydro Power designers and builders.

Holistic medical teams of all ilks for Pulsars, Scenars, Pain Genie, Blood analysis.

Clean Water Specialists.

Effective Micro-Organism specialists.

3DPrinting designers and Specialists.

Aquaponics and Aeroponic Specialists.

Environmentalist and Holistic Specialists.

Permaculture teams.

If you think You want to join in in this effort Then go to www.xi4.com and Go To MIP  Tarapoto WWOOF Page and look around.

Contact on Skype mipperu email mipperu4@gmail.com

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